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55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo

55+ Questions to ask when designing a logo
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Download free vector images, illustrations, files Logo Design by LogoTournament ™ 40 Retro and Cool Pop Cultural Vector Resources Retro(ism) is a cool, cultured and at times humorous representation of pop culture design from the 1930s through to the 1980s. Whereas design trends come and go, retro as a style has remained and will always be “evergreen” (ironic that), and will always be popular with designers due to its distinctive and bold representation of a by gone era. In this article we have collected the best retro and popular cultural Vector resources for your next design project. 1985 – Your Favourite 80s Icons Download 1985 – Your Favourite 80s Icons Amazing Retro Rainbow Curves Download Amazing Retro Rainbow Curves Vespa Silhouettes Download Vespa Silhouettes Vintage Music Download Vintage Music Vector Pack TV Vectors Download TV Vectors Vector Office Furniture Download Vector Office Furniture Bottle Caps Vector Download Bottle Caps Vector Pack Dirty VectorPack V.1 Download Dirty VectorPack V.1 Dirty VectorPack V.6 Download Dirty VectorPack V.6 Oldies But Vector Download Oldies But Vector Vector Tape Cassette Discostuff Vector

10 Shirts and Shorts A style once reserved for cubicle jockeys and gas station attendants, the short sleeve button-down has picked up speed in the menswear market in recent years. And shorts? Well, they've always been popular. To celebrate the recent uptick in temperature most of the Northern Hemisphere is finally experiencing, we've pulled together a selection of short sleeve shirts and shorts from 10 brands we've been eyeing this season. Brooklyn Tailors Spring 2013 marks the first season Brooklyn Tailors has introduced short sleeve button-downs to their collection of finely constructed men's clothing. Kaptain Sunshine Another Japanese brand that does Americana better than most American brands, Kaptain Sunshine references vintage garments to make sure every detail is accurate. Beams+ A collection firmly rooted in classic Americana from one of Japan's most acclaimed menswear shops, Beams+ can't be argued against. Engineered Garments Norse Projects Unis Brixton Maiden Noir M.Nii Folk

40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs  Home » Uncategorized » 40 Free Vector Graphics for your Print Media Designs Most of graphic designers preffar vector graphics use for print media designs because Vector images have not fix resolution, that means they can be boost up to any dimension without loosing the image quality, designers always loves freebies that make life easier and help them create higher-quality work. Free vectors are useful, free vector packs even more ss. These free vector graphics are great for print ads, flash animations and designers loved them because it gives great flexibility. we know these of all listed freebies graphic helpful for all kind of designing. Using vector graphics on printed flyers can be great for promotional efforts. Business cards also look classy when these free vector images are added. Note: Before you use any of the freebies, be sure to check the license designated by the creator to stay within the stated guidelines. dinpattern Abstract Blobs and Bursts Free Vector Pack 15 Sampler Circles

Vector graphics Example showing effect of vector graphics versus raster graphics. The original vector-based illustration is at the left. The upper-right image illustrates magnification of 7x as a vector graphic. Overview[edit] Computer displays are made up from grids of small rectangular cells called pixels; the term comes from "picture elements". A vector-based image of a round four-color swirl. Modern displays and printers are raster devices; vector formats have to be converted to raster format (bitmaps – pixel arrays) before they can be rendered (displayed or printed). In computer typography, modern outline fonts describe printable characters (glyphs) by cubic or quadratic mathematical curves with control points.[4] Nevertheless, bitmap fonts are still in use. Standards[edit] The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard for vector graphics is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). There is also a version of SVG for mobile phones. Detail can be added or removed from vector art. Applications[edit] Formats[edit]

Print Templates | Download our Free Templates! If you’re having trouble setting up your own design files, then you can use our setup templates. UPrinting’s print templates help you set up proper bleeds and margins for your single-page prints, folded cards, multi pagers, large format prints, and mailers. Categorized per product and file type, our print templates can be downloaded for free. They’re available in all standard sizes and major products like business cards, brochures, postcards, posters, catalogs and more! It’s easy to download our free templates online.

Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography? I have a confession to make. There was a time, many years ago, where I thought that typography was fashion by another name. I didn't really appreciate how different typefaces function, and how the discipline evolved over time, under pressure from aesthetics and technology. And it makes me particularly red-faced to remember that I once flaunted that ignorance, going so far as to tell a noted creative director that bit about type as fashion. Created by someone who only calls themselves Noodlor, it does a pretty superb job laying out the basics of typography, such as the common types of faces, ranging from regular to condensed, and the anatomy of letterforms. From there, we get into more subtle territory: The basic principles of layout, which begins with the basics of direction, contrast, and rhythm: "Don't try to be original, just try to be good" — Spoken, originally, by a master of typographic clarity, Paul Rand.

46 Excellent Free Vectors by  Home » Freebies » 46 Excellent Free Vectors by Today we offering a creative resource for share something provides free vectors which are free to use for both commercial and personal projects. All vectors are absolutely free! Boys Set #1 Floral Set #6 Women Formal Dresses #1 Tissue Box Set #1 Food Vectors Set #2 Twitter Set #1 Banner Set #1 Business People Set #1 Tea Sets #1 Ballet Dancer Set #1 Floral Set #5 Sofa Vectors Set #1 Floral Name Card Set #1 Wedding Vector #1 Pot Vectors Set #1 Palm Tree Vectors Set #1 Food Vectors Set #1 Robots Set #2 Floral Set #4 Musical Instruments Set #1 Girl #1 Mix Vectors Set #1 Fire Fighting Equipments Set #1 Chairs Set #1 Floral Set #3 Makeup Set #1 Bottle Silhouette Set #1 Doodle Creatures Speakers Set #1 Office Stuffs Set #1 Hair Style Set #1 Umbrella Set #1 Kitchen Stuffs Set #1 Sportsmen Set #1 Bride and Groom #1 Trees Set #1 Floral Set #2 Insects Set #1 Fruit Set #1 Package Design #1 Lamp Silhouette #1 Beach Girl #1 Sport Stuffs #1 Floral Set #1 Related Posts

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