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Design - Creative Vision

Design - Creative Vision
We focused the design of Android around three overarching goals, which apply to our core apps as well as the system at large. As you design apps to work with Android, consider these goals: Enchant me, Simplify my life, and Make me amazing Enchant me Beauty is more than skin deep. Simplify my life Android apps make life easier and are easy to understand. Make me amazing It's not enough to make an app that is easy to use.

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Google Maps Top Free App On iPhone Screenshot That didn't take long. Just hours after launch, Google Maps for iPhone has skyrocked to the number one slot of Apple's App Store. Also of note, Google's YouTube app is number four. So that means Google Maps and YouTube, two formerly native Google-powered iPhone apps that Apple killed, are two of the most popular apps on iOS. By the way, you can download Google Maps for iPhone here. “No Small Thing”- HumanaVitality Recipe Refresh Challenge: Part 1 Six food bloggers from around the country travel to Chicago to trash The Chopping Block, and finish the cooking competition with a burpee. At least that is what the headlines should have read. Wink. I love this shot! While strolling along the East Side Gallery in Berlin back in October, I happened upon this African Wisdom quote painted by Muriel Raoux and Kani Alavi on the remains of the Berlin Wall. Last week HumanaVitality hosted a Recipe Refresh Challenge in which six food bloggers, from around the country, were flown to Chicago and tasked with refreshing a Comfort Food Meal in an “Iron Chef” style cooking competition. No Small Thing“140 million people grocery shop in Walmart every week,” quoted Lisa Sutherland Ph.D. during our Recipe Refresh Meet and Greet at Sable the night before our big competition. WHY? Many small people who in many small places, do many small things that can alter the face of the world. HumanaVitality sponsored my entire trip to Chicago.