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Big ideas worth pursuing

Big ideas worth pursuing

IconsReview - Review of professional stock Andreas Kleiberg identity and web - bleed – agency blog We are Bleed — a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo Norway and Vienna Austria. We create identity and experience through concept development, art direction, graphic design and service design. Representing a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today’s conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity. Nedregate 5, 0553 Oslo, Norway +47 993 06 000 / Otto-Bauer-Gasse 24/27, 1060 Vienna, Austria +43 650 6000 901 / We are proud to show off the new identity and web for photographer Andreas Kleiberg. Filed under — + , Identity , Interactive , Work Share — FB , Tweet , G+ loading

Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds The US Election 2012. With burgers & fries The debate on foreign policy as a plate of fries? Campaign spending as burgers? See it here. In less than a day, the Americans will know if Barack Obama will stay in Office for another 4 years or if Mitt Romney will be the 57th President of the United States. Naturally, many visualizations were created about the 2012 election. But there’s always room for more, especially when it’s made with creativity and…hamburgers & fries. The result is ‘binders full of burgers’: (image: Lisa Rienermann and Anna Lena Schiller | binders full of burgers) Visit the Tumblr blog for more of these tasty visualizations.Links: ‘binders full of burgers – visualizing the US Election 2012. with burgers & fries.

The Logo Homepage, the homepage of web 2.0 Free Premium Domains Open to All Customers Access to free premium domains until now had only been available to top executive domain name and web hosting account customers. Now these premium domain names will be available to all existing customers. If you would like to speak with a business support manager, Please call 1.480.664.3700 The premium domain names in our inventory are very old and contain keyword rich benefits that we felt should be made available to all customers whether they are successful or just starting out. Search Free Premium Domains A - Z Index | 0-9 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z Branding Domains Half of the battle to success is based on your branding and how easy it is for people to remember your domain name. Keyword Domains The benefits of a keyword rich domain is for multiple reasons. Old Domains The age of premium domains also plays a strong role in the ranking potential of a domain name.

Infographics Static infographics. Our bread and butter. We are creating more static infographics on a daily basis than we can possibly count anymore. The reason for this is that companies have begun to fully embrace the power of infographics, and HOW they can be used. We create static infographics for blog content, revamped powerpoint presentations, tradeshow posters, brochures, email campaigns, annual reports, investor decks, posters….You name it, we’ve created a static infographic for it. The question then becomes, Why Infographic World?

The Motley Roots of Data Visualization in 19th Century Census Charts - Design The U.S. Census has long been a lightning rod for controversy. Does it wildly undercount minorities? Wildly overcount minorities? Or—as Michelle Bachmann warned us—is it a liberal plot orchestrated by ACORN? But no one has ever accused our Census Bureau of being a hotbed of…graphic design. A Handsome Atlas celebrates Uncle Sam’s data chops by reproducing three Statistical Atlases from the latter decades of the 19th century. Soma unearthed the Atlases by chance. Soma organized the 384 plates into eight topics—from manufacturing to mortality—and eight "visualizations" including bar graphs, maps, and pie charts. One plate is so handsome, Soma actually un-digitized it. Of course this stuff isn’t just suitable for framing. Curious footnotes in American history pop up everywhere, as Soma discovered when he spotted an apparent flaw in a U.S. map. The first Statistical Atlas of the United States of America was published in 1874 to coincide with the nation’s centennial.

Be A Design Group: Graphic Design as a Gro Visualising Data Information is Beautiful Awards – The Results! Last night, at a packed party venue in London, we announced the winners of the inaugral Information is Beautiful Awards. Thank you to all our amazing judges, supporters, staff and our ever generous sponsors Kantar. And the biggest high-five to the 1000+ talented people who courageously entered their work. Below are the categories winners. See the complete list here.Data Journalism Gold: CNN Home & Away, Stamen Silver: Government Spending, Guardian data and graphics teams Bronze: Metallica on Stage, Deniz Cem Önduygu, Amaç Herdağdelen, Eser Aygün Interactive Visualisation Gold: Notabilia, Moritz Stefaner, Dario Taraborelli, Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia Silver: The American Energy Spectrum, Hyperakt, Deroy Peraza, Eric Fensterhei Bronze: Evolution of Web, Hyperakt, Deroy Peraza, Eric Fensterhei Data Visualisation Gold: Information graphics in context, Peter Ørntoft Silver: Look at the sky, Carla Fernandez / Arce Bronze: Lunar calendar, Dimitre Lima Infographic/Infodesign Motion Infographic