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Zoom en las imágenes de satélite y aéreas de la Tierra

Zoom en las imágenes de satélite y aéreas de la Tierra

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Mapa Art Project Albertina, ViennaVienna, Austria153 Items, 82 ArtistsArt ProjectArbeia Roman Fort & MuseumSouth Shields, United Kingdom26 ItemsArt ProjectArchaeological Survey of IndiaNew Delhi, India60 ItemsArt Project, World WondersBagatti Valsecchi MuseumMilano, Italy52 Items, 3 ArtistsArt ProjectCa' Rezzonico - Museum of the 18th century VeniceVenice, Italy48 Items, 1 ArtistArt ProjectDoge's PalaceVenice, Italy137 Items, 30 ArtistsArt ProjectFideMadrid, Spain79 Items, 7 ArtistsArt ProjectFundación Alberto Jiménez-Arellano Alonso - Universidad de ValladolidValladolid, Spain50 Items, 42 ArtistsArt ProjectHillwood Estate, Museum & GardensWashington, DC, United States53 Items, 23 ArtistsArt ProjectHudson River MuseumYonkers, NY, United States82 Items, 17 ArtistsArt Project Instituto Moreira SallesRio de Janeiro, Brazil199 Items, 13 ArtistsWomen in Culture, Art ProjectIsabella Stewart Gardner MuseumBoston, United States52 Items, 36 ArtistsWomen in Culture, Art Project Sort View ShareCompareSaved0

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Thesis Proposal: Issue In order to propose a new low-rise housing typology for the public, there is a need to understand the people I am designing for. Who are them? What are the existing facilities and environment like?

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