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Flash Earth - Zoom into satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash

Flash Earth - Zoom into satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash

Your Sky by John Walker Welcome to Your Sky, the interactive planetarium of the Web. You can produce maps in the forms described below for any time and date, viewpoint, and observing location. Independent Online Edition > Middle East 1 Art-house Iranian films by such directors as Abbas Kiarostami and Mohsen Makhmalbaf wow foreign audiences. But the domestic film industry also churns out hundreds of more popular pictures. Last year's big hit The Lizard, drew the clerics' wrath for depicting a convict escaping prison disguised as a mullah. This year's hit was Girls' Dormitory, about a psychotic killer terrorising students.

Star Trek Into Darkness: New Clip Star Trek Into Darkness has dropped yet another uninterrupted sneak preview clip showcasing samples of the film's intense action scenes. While yesterday, we saw a volcano-stuck-Spock ready to martyr himself (again) for "the needs of the many," today's clip comes courtesy of MSN, showing Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and a few unidentified passengers (which is never a good thing to be in Star Trek) strolling along in a defenseless shuttlecraft being pursued by an unknown assailant ship whose enmity towards our heroes is so deep that they're willing to risk a Death Star trench-run-like chase that could easily go awry. (Looks like Kirk may have gotten too friendly with yet another married sexy alien space thing.) The clip actually culminates in a tight squeeze of a scene that you probably already caught in the film's numerous trailers and TV spots. Nevertheless, these clips are like the free sample ladies at Sam's Club/Costco.

The Simpsons: Interactive Map of Springfield Discover Springfield, where live the Simpsons family; Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie. Roll over the places to discover a picture of it. The map of Springfield is based on the Guide to Springfield USA . I made this interactive, the job is not finished, there are allways framegrabs to add and add some functions to the map. If you want to know more about the show or Springfield in particular, check out these links: » Zoom-out opening sequence (animated gif) (in GABF05 & FABF08) » Where is The Simpsons' Springfield? Chinese black helicopters circle Google Earth Top 5 truths about Big Data hype and security intelligence Those among you who like your skies darkened by black helicopters are invited to mosey on down to the remote Chinese village of Huangyangtan which hosts what must be the strangest military installation ever spotted by the Google Earth Community: Zooming in for a closer look, we have what appears to be a 900x700m scale model of a mountainous landscape... ...complete with lakes, valleys and snow-capped peaks: Truly bizarre.

Magic Beauty Of Italian Coastal Cities I think you would not refuse to live in any of these towns in Italy. There’s a calm, picturesque, sunny and these cities are located near the azure sea. Just paradise! search results for 618250,216750 Skip to navigation Map key | Location is at 618020,216678 | Click here to convert coordinates. | Click here to toggle map adverts Search Tips © All Technology Copyright Streetmap EU Ltd 2012 | This data may not be reproduced in any form without permission.This site includes mapping data licenced from Open Street Map, Ordnance Survey & Collins Bartholomew.

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More talk of Ghostbusters 3 It’s been a while since any news of Ghostbusters 3 has surfaced, and we figured it finally just died and we’d never hear anything further about it again. But of course you can’t discount the tenacity of Dan Aykroyd, who is very determined to bring Ghostbusters back, even after over a decade of effort. So after a little bit of silence, Aykroyd talked again about what has to be one of the longest in development comedy sequels in history. As Giant Freakin Robot reports, Aykroyd told ABC he feels "re-encouraged" about tackling Ghostbusters 3 again.