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Was AJ Really Grace’s Son on Greenleaf?

Was AJ Really Grace’s Son on Greenleaf?
(Courtesy of OWN Network) Ever since AJ arrived on the scene, there have been some people who have believed that he was not really Grace’s son. Even with the series being over I still see a few people questioning if AJ was the real son. I can understand why people may have questions about AJ’s identity. For one thing, we never heard about Grace’s doing a DNA test. Clearly, a DNA test would have satisfied those in the audience who thought AJ was an impostor. Number two, we still never got any concrete information as to who the AJ look-alike was and what he was doing on the Greenleaf property. Number three is this past season we found out that Rochelle was the one who gave AJ, Noah’s contact information. My personal opinion is I believe AJ is Grace’s son. What’s your opinion?

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