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Why "Infographic Thinking" Is The Future, Not A Fad

Why "Infographic Thinking" Is The Future, Not A Fad
We get a lot of infographic pitches. Almost all of them suck. Why? Because while they may well be "information plus graphics," they often lack what designer Francesco Franchi calls "infographic thinking." This isn’t just "how to make some numbers and vector graphics look clever together." It’s a narrative language--it’s "representation plus interpretation to develop an idea," to quote Franchi. Franchi issues a lot of wisdom we’ve heard before--"If we don’t have content, we can’t have design," "You have to be informative but also entertain the reader," etc. "Infographic thinking" doesn’t let designers to interpret a narrative visually; it lets them invite the viewer [to] join in the process of interpretation, too. [via Stellar Interesting; Image: Jakub Krechowicz/Shutterstock]

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9 Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics - DATA VISUALIZATION Powerful Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Infographics Infographics are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them! Business - Megan McArdle - Ending the Infographic Plague Now that Obama's dog has won the War on Christmas, or something, it's time to get down to a war that really matters: the war on terrible, lying infographics, which have become endemic in the blogosphere, and constantly threaten to break out into epidemic or even pandemic status. The reservoir of this disease of erroneous infographics is internet marketers who don't care whether the information in their graphics is right ... just so long as you link it. As a Christmas present to, well, everyone, I'm issuing a plea to bloggers to help stop this plague in its track. Below the break, a tour of some of the more egregious examples, and some thoughts on why they've become so prevalent. For those of you who can't sit through all that boring writing, however, I will first deliver my message in--ahem!

Christopher Donohue: Information in a multi dimensional and empowered way By Christopher DonohueIt is such an exhilarating time in which a significant number of the global collective now have access to an abundance of information via the web and social platforms. However, some suffer from information overload. Many also think that information can only reside in books, online text or in documents (Word, Excel, presentations, and databases). But imagine information graphically represented, to help you break through the information flood and enable you and your team to focus on what information and tools are truly needed.

Pinterest Allows Websites to Block Pinning Pinterest may be an Internet hit — especially with U.S. women and Facebook CEOs. But not all companies want to ride the pinboard wave of referral traffic. Now Pinterest has released code for companies that want to block the pinning of content from their sites to personal pinboards. Integrating Infographics into the iClassroom So TechChef4U has caught the Infographics Influenza! Being a bit of a Pinterest fanatic, I have found an easy way to support and feed my Infographics Habit. Continuing to stock pile Educational Infographics on my Pinterest board, I waited until I found an app-ortunity to share these resources with one of my teachers and create a delectable lesson.

The Don’ts of Infographic Design Written by Amy Balliett of Killer Infographics, the post in question is basically tips for how to create linkbait that doesn't work. Or at least I hope it doesn't. Let's take it from the top. Infographics are visual representations of information, or "data viz" as the cool kids call it these days. The term "data viz" comes from "data visualization," which implies that sets of data will be displayed in a unique way that can be seen, rather than read.

Power Pinterest User Chosen to 'Live Pin' Event for Fashion Label Fashion blogger Christine Martinez, the fourth most-followed Pinterest user in the world, has been busy packing for an island adventure and documenting on a Pinboard what she's stuffing into her travel bags. But Martinez isn't pinning to any of the 41 Pinboards on her profile, which nearly 1 million users follow. She's posting on a board created on fashion label Calypso St. The history of distance learning [Infographic] The world of snail-mail, shorthand typing and correspondence courses is a far cry from today's range of certified online courses, Skype language lessons and mobile app-based education. Distance learning once meant completing assignments via post, or homework-based lessons in conjunction with weekly or monthly seminars. Now, exams can be taken online, students can communicate effectively through online platforms, and lab sessions can be attended through live streaming. MIT is one of the latest course providers to offer online alternatives, and the concept of digital learning has expanded across the globe -- taking root more recently in China.

10 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year – 2010 Data visualization and all things related continued its ascent this year with projects popping up all over the place. Some were good, and a lot were not so good. More than anything, I noticed a huge wave of big infographics this year. It was amusing at first, but then it kind of got out of hand when online education and insurance sites started to game the system.

World Intellectual Property Organization The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation. WIPO Translate WIPO has developed a ground-breaking new “artificial intelligence”-based translation tool for patent documents. WIPO Translate is free of charge and available through the PATENTSCOPE database. Twitter Actually Increases Your Overall Grades There is a common perception in the world that Twitter, Facebook and every other social networking site is bad for us. The main argument is that when we first try it out, we will probably get sucked in, and a lot of our more important tasks during our day suffer from it. The addiction level of social networking has been widely discussed, but there has been little proof that it either increases productivity or decreases our ability to learn and get things done. However, there are people who are looking into this to settle the score once and for all. It isn’t very easy to come to a solid enough conclusion, but Master Degree Online certainly did their part in trying to untie the mystery of social media.

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