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Ressources en anglais pour l'école primaire B.O. - Hors-série n° 3 du 19 juin 2008 - Horaires et programmes d'enseignement de l'école primaire - Sommaire + Hors-série n° 3 du 19 juin 2008 - Programmes d’enseignement de l’école primaire - A. du 9-6-2008. JO du 17-6-2008 Clic images 2.0 - une banque d'images libres et gratuites - Présentation + Visite guidée (CRDP de Bourgogne) 2011-2012 - 1ère LVA - Maus - Beginning of… - Jamie Oliver's… - Maus - Art… - Masterchef -… - Sex Predators!… - I'm the next Master… - Recording your… - Banksy + Imitating… - Banksy - Your… - Banksy - Is… - Drama - Your Parts - Who has the best… - Drama - Monday 6 february 2012 1 06 /02 /Feb /2012 18:45 - Posted in: 2011-2012 - 1ère LVA Hey guys, today we started a new sequence about cooking.

Planète Enseignant Un site pour que les élèves retrouvent leurs leçons et pour que les professeurs puissent suivre des progressions. Notre nouveau jeu de plateau sur l'Inde et le Sri Lanka. Ce jeu invite les joueurs de plus de 8-10 ans à parcourir ces deux pays de manière virtuelle. Les règles sont en français et en anglais. Les descriptifs correspondant à chacune des cartes le sont aussi. Liste de sites utiles pour les enseignants d'anglais Un article de Wiki Agreg-Ink. Le Café Pédagogique, toute l'actualité y est et vous pouvez vous inscrire à la lettre mensuelle pour les profs de langue ou aux flux RSS! Rescol, site de Michelle Henry, professeure retraitée de l'académie Nancy-Metz, à l'origine pour le collège mais peut servir au -delà. Planète Enseignant: le site Internet ressources de la collectivité éducative de France et des pays Francophones SAES, site incontournable pour les anglicistes, notamment pour ceux préparant les concours, ils peuvent y consulter annales et bibliographies universitaires. ESL About Site américain fourni en rubriques utiles pour les personnes désireuses d'apprendre l'anglais.

Classroom Materials » UUEG Teacher-Created Worksheets contributed by ESL/EFL teachers everywhere Azar-Hagen Grammar Series: Understanding and Using English Grammar, 4th edition Our Teacher-Created Worksheets were contributed by fellow teachers. Worksheets are available as Word documents or PDF files. Find Free Images Quickly With Compfight Creative Commons licensed photos are a sort of internet miracle: By providing an easily-understood syntax for attribution and permissions, they make it possible to add visual interest to blog posts, web sites, syllabuses, presentations–anything you like, really. They also facilitate remixes and other forms of creative adaptation (or deformation), which can be useful in a wide variety of teaching and research contexts. We’ve written about Flickr & Creative Commons before: I explained how to do creative-commons limited searches, and Julie suggested integrating creative commons-licensed material in your classroom.

iPad EdResources As 2011 winds down, I have spent a good deal of time thinking about all of the online resources and tools that have helped make this past year a successful ‘Year of the iPad’ in my school district. And with an upcoming winter vacation ahead for many educators next week, I thought it might be nice to share out some of my favorite resources for using iPads, iPods, and iPhones in the classroom. Although there are many, many fantastic resources available online, the list below are the ones I have come to rely on… I hope you find them as useful as I have! IEAR: The IEAR community is a solid resource for locating and discovering appropriate educational apps for the classroom. Why You Need To Use Storytelling For Learning SumoMe I’m sure you’ve heard by now that storytelling can make learning more effective. Stories help us process and remember information. Perhaps they even touch a part of our consciousness associated with the magic and creativity of childhood. In my desire to become a better storyteller, I attended a session on the subject while at the Presentation Summit, a conference where the topics overlap surprisingly well with the interests of training professionals and learning specialists.

Short history of English literature Introduction This study guide is intended for GCE Advanced and Advanced Supplementary (A2 and AS) level students in the UK, who are taking exams or modules in English literature. It should be most useful right at the start of the course, or later as a resource for exercises in revision, and to help you reflect on value judgements in literary criticism. 3ème - New York City : A… - NEW YORK CITY :… - HELEN PARKS : A… - Present perfect and… - WALES : Listening… - USED TO - WALES - The passive voice - Link-words ( les… - Is fashion… - How to keep fit-… - Dr Martin Luther… - /ɪˈregjʊlə vɜ:bz / - IT'S A NEW D Lundi 24 novembre 1 24 /11 /Nov 21:10 I went asleep last night Tired from the fight I've been fighting for tomorrow All my life Yea I woke up this morning Feeling brand new 'Cause the dreams that I've been dreaming Have finally came true It's a new day It's a new day It's a new day It's a new day It's a new day

History : The USA Buffalo Bill "In 1886, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show played to over one million people in New York city. It was one of the most elaborate shows on earth: there were cowboys and Indians, sharp shooters including the famed Annie Oakley, hundreds of horses, buffalo, elk and donkeys, and more than two hundred cast members, all moving about in a sweeping western landscape of mountains and plains. Soon after the show's stunning success in New York, it would go on to dazzle crowds in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona, cementing the legend of the Wild West in the minds of people around the globe. Behind the extravaganza was one man -- a meager plainsman turned international celebrity and frontier hero, whose meteoric rise to fame was made possible only by his genius, and his hucksterism. His name was William Cody,better known to the world as Buffalo Bill." (PBS) Buffalo Bill (1846-1917) He "was an American soldier, bison hunter and showman."

Bear Grylls About “Better Drink My Own Piss” is an image macro series featuring a photo of Edward “Bear” Grylls, the host of UK’s wildlife survival series Born Survivor, also known as Man vs. Wild in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. While some macros use captions parodying the ridiculous and oftentimes unnecessary stunts Grylls performs on the show, they typically focus on the consumption of his own urine. Origin Since the on-air debut of Man vs.