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Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board — Emerging Education Technologies

Apple TV In The Classroom – The New Smart Board — Emerging Education Technologies
An iPad and Apple TV can combine to provide an advantageous alternative to more expensive, traditional interactive white boards. Guest writer and High School Principal David Mahaley is using this approach and offers his insights, and observations from educators in his school. With the integration of the iPad into the instructional environment, teachers and students have discovered many new ways in which the device can expand and enhance the learning environment. With the iPad, the Apple TV can offer a flexible, complete, and cost efficient alternative to the traditional interactive boards populating our classrooms. As a school administrator and teacher, I have explored the Apple TV and its offerings as an alternative to one of the many types of interactive whiteboards currently available to instructors. Image by K.Walsh, Apple TV logo source: I recently asked my instructors who were long standing Smart and Panaboard users in my school to come give the Apple TV a try. Related:  thinksmart

10 Emerging Education and Instructional Technologies that all Educators Should Know About (2012) — Emerging Education Technologies Naturally, as author of EmergingEdTech, I’m always keeping an eye out for education and instructional technologies that are emerging from the seemingly endless array of tools and concepts that are out there – which applications and ideas are rising to the fore and best positioned to enhance engagement and impact learning? This year I’ve also been working with constituents at The College of Westchester to develop a Strategic Technology Plan for the next 3 years, so it’s never been more important for me to be aware of those impactful education technologies and concepts that are on the horizon or are already in use and pulling ahead of the pack. Since this listing is more pointedly focused on emerging technologies and looking out over the next few years than the list I published at this time last year, it should not come as a surprise that there are a lot of new entries here (edging out six technologies that remain prevalent and potent, but are more ‘established’ than ’emerging’).

17 Signs Your Classroom is Behind the Times 1.) Your students turn in their homework on printed paper...instead of digitally. 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) 16.) 17.) What would you add to this list? Share this post with your friends and colleagues: A Coder's Blog - Unity3D Indie (Free) Portal Effect Project Sources Hello everyone! Due to popular demand finally I’m releasing project sources of the Unity3D Indie Portal Effect. In two words, the technique is based on using multiple cameras (3 in this case) and then selectively drawing just Z-values of the portal gates in the 1st pass so that they leave opening in the rest of geometry due to Z-test. This is followed by the 2nd and 3rd passes which clear Z-values of the portal gates and allow the scene to be drawn in the openings from 2 other cameras. The order of drawing things is managed by camera ordering and render queues ordering. Enjoy! Binary (Win32): Project Sources:

6 Free Online Interactive White Boards — Emerging Education Technologies An update to last April’s post about free web-based IWBs. Last April, I wrote a post about a few Online Interactive Whiteboards that I had checked out. That post remains one of my most popular posts, so obviously this is a topic of interest to a lot of people. [Note to readers: There is now an updated version of this post, with new links added, and apps that are no available removed, here: “6 Free Online Collaborative Interactive White Boards – 2012 Update“. – KW 11/5/12] I figured it was time for an update, to check out new tools, and to see if there have been any changes with the apps I reviewed last year. ——————————————————————Click here for a PDF version of this article,which provides a clean, uncluttered copy for printing or e-mailing to friends and colleagues! Comparative GridHere’s a table comparing some of the features and functions of these different tools. ConclusionsScribblar and Dabbleboard are both pretty solid tools and I recommend them both. Next? About Kelly Walsh

Home Page | Skills Workshop Automated Employee On-boarding Employee On-boarding Design, deploy and automate custom employee on-boarding workflows. Involve relevant stakeholders across all stages and maximize efficiency by taking paper out of the equation. New Hire Contracts Centralized employee document repositories integrate with HR workflows, and e-signature providers (Adobe Document Cloud and DocuSign) creating a seamless end to end automated process. Candidate NDAs Send out instant NDAs or Approval based NDAs relevant to the any candidate requirements. New Hire Paperwork Let your new hires complete paperwork in their own time with wizard based workflows and forms including I-9 verification, tax forms and any other required documentation. Offer Letters Have your offer letters sent out automatically based on workflow triggers and stakeholder approvals and actions. Transparency Real time visibility across all stages in the process with automated alerts and notifications driving processes to completion.

10 Creative Ways to Use Interactive White Boards in the Classroom — Emerging Education Technologies Over the last decade or so, Interactive White Boards (IWBs) have proliferated in schools in the U.S. and across much of the world. Some teachers have embraced them, and others, well … not so much. Unfortunately, some schools did not offer the professional development necessary to help teachers become familiar with these systems and get the most out of their availability. In this blog entry on, a few specialists stated their views on the topic. Image Source: In this article, we offer a number of creative approaches to using Interactive White Boards. Google Earth Once installed, it can be helpful not only during geography lessons, but in almost every class. Team Competitions Teachers have to remember that fun is an essential attribute of a successful lesson in the eyes of their students. Teach Students Basic Image, Sound and Video Editing Spelling Competition Take A Virtual Tour

Embedded Learning Portal Welcome Welcome to the Embedded Learning Portal home page. This site contains the online versions of the Skills for Life Materials for Embedded Learning. These embedded teaching and learning materials are designed for use by teachers: vocational teachers and trainers, Skills for Life teachers, teachers working in community, employability and health settings and employability programmes. Skills for Life Materials for Embedded Learning aim to help learners to improve the literacy, language or numeracy skills they need to succeed at work, in community-based and health-related activities or as part of vocational training programmes. Click here for a list of the vocational, employability and community materials and how to access them. Click here to visit the Skills for Life Improvement Programme website and to learn more about the training opportunities available How to use this web site To search for Materials for Embedded Learning, click on 'Embedded learning’ or ‘Skilled for Health’ above.

Transaction Automation Platform | Automated... Follow us on:twitter ·facebook · Change language: Learn more About · Get in touch: Register for free · Already a member? Login Page details First discovered on: 11:34pm, 07/16/15 All tags for this page: business process automation 0%0 folks Transaction Automation Platform | Automated Digital Transactions - ThinkSmart - Details Thinksmart123 : ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform (TAP), provides a single interface for optimizing transaction automation. to tags: business process automation Save this page to your bookmarks. Tagged and described by the following users: Thinksmart123 saved this page on 09/03/2015 01:30am ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform (TAP), provides a single interface for optimizing transaction automation. Tags: business process automation This URL was also folkd by: by About · Social Search · Social Bookmarks · Features (VIDEO) · Download Browser Buttons

Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Try It Out) — Emerging Education Technologies There are some nice free Digital Whiteboards apps available for the iPad. Free rocks. I found myself wondering how the iPad might work as a Digital Whiteboard, to project, as well as to use collaboratively. I also wondered if there might be some free apps that provide this kind of functionality (there are so many decent free apps for the iPad). Call for Presentation Proposals for TLIPAD 2015 Conference is Now Open! Come Joins Us and Present! First step, hit the App Store and search for “whiteboard”. Four recommended free digitial white board apps: ScreenChompThis TechSmith app was rated (an average of) 4.5 by hundreds of users. This app is a great example of combining a few simple features to make a tool that is very useful. ZigZag BoardZigZag Board had one unique offering among the free tools I looked at, which is the ability to select and resize things you draw (as well as move or delete them). Unlike most of these other tools, Zig Zag requires the user to create an account. Jot!

Tarsia With this software you will easily be able to create, print out, save and exchange customised jigsaws, domino activities and a variety of rectangular card sort activities. The activities created using this software can be presented in printable form, ready to cut out. Formulator Tarsia known earlier as Formulator Jigsaw is an editor designed for Teachers of Mathematics creating the activities in a form of jigsaws or dominos etc for later use in a class. It includes the powerful equation editor for building the math-expressions for the activities. Formulator Tarsia installation package contains samples kindly offered by: Hermitech Laboratory highly appreciates these contributions. Creating learning activities with Formulator Tarsia Formulator Tarsia contains the following interface elements: Bottom navigation bar This navigation bar is located under the 'Document area' and allows you to switch between different views of an activity. Right hand navigation bar Document area 1. 2. Related products

8 Steps To Implementing Digital Transaction... Follow us on:twitter ·facebook · Change language: Learn more About · Get in touch: Register for free · Already a member? Login Page details First discovered on: 03:11am, 08/04/15 All tags for this page: enterprise digital transaction management digital transaction management 0%0 folks 8 Steps To Implementing Digital Transaction Management - Kofax Advisor - Details Thinksmart123 : Customer retention is more challenging than ever as customers demand instant information and response to their ever-changing needs and requirements. to tags: enterprise digital transaction management digital transaction management Save this page to your bookmarks. Tagged and described by the following users: Thinksmart123 saved this page on 08/04/2015 03:11am Customer retention is more challenging than ever as customers demand instant information and response to their ever-changing needs and requirements. This URL was also folkd by: by

Catching up on Today’s Top Interactive Whiteboard Brands — Emerging Education Technologies Digital whiteboards have been a part of education for well over a decade now. When they were first introduced, these large, interactive displays allowed teachers to deliver — and their students to interact with — content in a completely new way. As tablets and other portable technologies became more sophisticated and affordable, however, some edutech experts began to question whether the digital whiteboard revolution was over before it really began. In 2012, Danny Nicholson, author of The Whiteboard Blog, told Education Week that there is still a place for interactive whiteboards in the classroom. SMART Board Image from (click to access source) Of course, some brands are faring better than others. Leaders of the pack: Top brands and products Which manufacturers are leading the charge, and how? SMART Technologies “It’s sturdy, holds up well, and has lots of software,” said Wright. Key Products. Promethean Key Products. Key Products. About Aimee Hosler Print This Post