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10 jQuery Transition Effects: Moving Elements with Style

Whatever content you have to present, you can present them in a more interactive & more responsive ways. In this article we’d like to present 10 Brilliant techniques using some jQuery magic to grab the attention of your users with a simple, rich user experience that gets them excited about your website. 1. Learn how to create a menu that appears like a standard menu bar in it’s default state, but which on rollover pulls down an information area that covers both the original menubar item and has an expanded section containing the text we want to display. 2. Roundabout is a jQuery plugin that converts a structure of static HTML elements into a highly customizable turntable-like interactive area. 3. A simple image slider using HTML/CSS/Javascript. 4. jQuery Quicksand Plugin With Quicksand you can reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. 1. 5. jQuery Magic Line Sliding Style Navigation 6. 7. jDiv: A jQuery navigation menu alternative 8. 9. 10. Author: Noura Yehia Related:  awesame javascript

How to Create a Nifty Dynamic Shadow with jQuery | Graphic and W First I want to welcome you to my very first article for 1stwebdesigner. Today I’ll show you how to create a very nifty looking dynamic shadow with a few teaspoons of jQuery, a pinch of CSS and some transparent PNG’s as Base. I’ll explain every line of used code, so you can easily follow along and create your own awesome looking dynamic shadow powered by jQuery. Introduction When I first published my jQuery shadow experiment, I got a huge response from the community and a lot of people asked me, how I achieved this effect and if I’m going to write a tutorial for it – So here it is now! If you want to follow along with the source files, you can download them by clicking here (*.zip archive). Step 1: Creating the transparent PNG’s First we need to prepare all PNG files we’re going to use. We’re going to use the CSS sprite technique for reducing HTTP requests. 1st PNG Image: The Light-Switch Sprite 2nd PNG Image: The Light-Bulb Sprite 3rd PNG Image: The Logo Sprite First our stylesheet file:

AutoSuggest: An AJAX auto-complete text field : CSS . XHTML . Javascript . DOM, Development : Brand Spanking New kk said Jeffrey Ropp said Nicely done. For some reason, my results dont appear within a scroll area? I copied most of your CSS and still can't get it to work. I've also found that my results aren't always qualified by the first character provided. Try an "S" first. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Jeff Robert said Very interesting. peter said Hi, is it possible to submit the form after clicking on some of the results? Josh said I tried that, I can't seem to get it to respond right. in order for the dropdown to be clickable you must change the code above from: this.fld.addEventListener('blur',function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() },false); to this.fld.addEventListener('blur',function () { setTimeout(function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() }, 300) },false); I figured out how to make the autosuggest show on when focused and clear when the field loses focus. replace line 24: this.toID = setTimeout(function () { pointer.clearSuggestions() }, this.oP.timeout); with return element; } Enjoy

13 Awesome Javascript CSS Menus Oct 31 2007 Every web designer tries to be creative when it comes to designing the main navigation of the website. Now we present you with 13 awesome Javascript CSS menus that will be very handy and easy to modify to suit your needs. Lets take a look at recent examples of these … 1) Sexy Sliding Menu – Andrew Sellick decided to use mootools due to the smoothness of their effects, however, he developed a sliding menu using . Demo: Mootols Version Demo: Script.aculo.usVersion 2) FastFind Menu Script – This script allows for nested menus, based on dynamic “AJAX” responses. Demo: FastFind Menu 3) Webber 2.0 Dock Menu – Great example of a dock type navigation. Demo: Webber 2.0 Dock Menu 4) Phatfusion- Image Menu – Image menu using javascript, onClick event keeps selected item open and to close it again. Demo: Phatfusion- Image Menu Demo: Mootools version with XML parser 5) Drag and Drop ordering in a TreePanel – This example shows basic drag and drop node moving in a tree. Homepage

30+Beautiful jQuery Menu Navigation - jQuery Menu In this showcasing, we have pick up beautiful jquery menu navigation plugins and tutorials that you can also download free. In fact, menu is useful navigation link that you will see on every websites, it is an important part of website to show visitor about your website purpose and also easy for user to find information on the website. All those jquery plugin menu types such as jquery slide menu, jquery vertical menu, jquery menu dropdown, jquery context menu, jquery sliding menu, jquery tree menu, jquery menu button, jquery top menu, jquery menus, jquery menu bar, jquery floating menu, jquery accordion menu, jquery horizontal menu, jquery expanding menu, jquery hover menu, jquery popup menu…etc. You may like this post: jQuery Mouseover Effects 3-Level Responsive Drop Down Navigation Menu with jQuery CSS3 Demo Tutorial Drop Down Responsive Menu with CSS3 and jQuery Demo Tutorial Responsive Drop Down Menu jQuery CSS3 Using Icon Symbol Demo Tutorial jQuery Over Animation Menu Demo | Download Demo

24 CSS (in some cases with jQuery) Navigation and Menu Tutorials For the most of us, the most difficult aspect of building a responsive layout is the planning and coding of the navigation. As there is no truly tried and tested universal solution, the style of the menu you use will depend on the type of site you are building. If it is a small site, a <select> drop-down menu or a basic “three line” toggle menu will probably be suffice. But if it is a larger site (an e-commerce store for example) that relies upon a mega-menu for navigation on its desktop version, then a drawer-style navigation or an animated side panel menu will most likely help you. So, no matter what type of site you are building, in this post we will hopefully have the solution for you in the form of these free responsive navigation jQuery plugins. Sidr Sidr is an easy to use plugin that will create a responsive Facebook-a-like side menu. Sidr →GitHub → Navgoco Navgoco → FlexNav FlexNav is a mobile-first example of using media queries and jQuery to make a robust drop-down menu. FlexNav →

jQuery Spritely | Spritely jQuery Before/After Plugin About a month ago I was reading the New York Times online and they had an article which showed a road in Brooklyn that had been reconstructed to make it safer and more pleasing to the eye. To show the difference in the reconstruction project, they showed a before and after picture using Flash that let the visitor drag a slider over the images, which were sandwiched with one on top of the other, so that you could easily see how dramatic the changes were. I immediately thought that this could be done in JavaScript using jQuery, so I set out to do it. Pretty slick no? Download Go to the Before/After download page What’s So Great About this Plugin? Slick effect, no Flash neededIt’s just 7K (4K compressed)Reusable on multiple containersDegradable. How to Use First, your before and after images must be the same size. All images *MUST* have the width and height declared otherwise the plugin won’t work in Safari, Chrome, and any other webkit-based browsers. That’s it! Options Enjoy! Demos Related

16 Amazing jQuery Tooltips Collection This will be a most wanted list of jQuery tooltips collection for every web designer.When you surfing the web you can see different types of tooltips effect in web sites.Here I listed more popular jQuery tooltips collection in these days.I hope to update this article with new tooltips effects in future.So bookmark this article for your future preference if you like this post.Use the links given below for the tutorials,demos and downloads. The tooltip or infotip is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a tooltip may appear — a small "hover box" with information about the item being hovered over. jQuery (mb)Tooltip Article : Demo : Download: qTip TipTip jQuery Tools

100 Awesome CSS/Javascript Plugins and Coding Techniques Writen by Bogdan / Comments Off on 100 Awesome CSS/Javascript Plugins and Coding Techniques If you know how to use CSS and Javascript, you can create some impressive websites. Not only that you can do some awesome stuff with them but they also ease you work. Use CSS3 to Create a Dynamic Stack of Index Cards You will learn how to create a dynamic stack of index cards solely with HTML and CSS3 and use such CSS3 features as transform and transition (for the dynamic effects) and @font-face, box-shadow and border-radius (for the styling). Dynamic PNG shadow position & opacity You will learn how to create a movable object using javascript. How To Create A Sexy Vertical Sliding Panel Using jQuery And CSS3 So, what about a vertical sliding panel that would act as some sort of drawer instead of the usual top horizontal sliding panel that pushes everything else down when it opens? Awesome Overlays with CSS3 How To Create Depth And Nice 3D Ribbons Only Using CSS3 Sweet AJAX Tabs With jQuery 1.4 & CSS3

Image Menu with Jquery - Design Tips &amp; Techniques - Maui Blo I have always thought that imagemenu sliding effect is really cool and that it would be nice if it worked with jQuery. Introducing a Mootools image menu ported to Jquery. If you have ever seen the image menu javascript for mootools by phatfusion and liked what you saw well here is a Sliding Image Menu alternative I've come up with using the power of jquery javascript. Functionality Checklist for our Sliding Image Menu for Jquery. Here is what we need our Jquery horizontal sliding image menu to do: Jquery compatible script. Let's take a look at the XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript that makes it all work. Jquery Image Menu Version 1, View Demo, Download Source. Here is the HTML for just the jquery Image Menu itself: <div class="jimgMenu"><ul><li class="landscapes"><a href="#">Landscapes</a></li><li class="people"><a href="#">People</a></li><li class="nature"><a href="#">Nature</a></li><li class="abstract"><a href="#">Abstract</a></li><li class="urban"><a href="#">Urban</a></li></ul></div> View CSS...

jQuery test // set constants var $pageheight = 189; // our single page height var $pagewidth = 146; // our single page width var $pageYpos = 0; // current Y position of our bg-image (in both pages) $(document).ready(function(){ // When the page is ready /* left page turner */ $("#leftpage").click( function() { $pageYpos = $pageYpos + $pageheight; // update Y postion $("#leftpage").css("background-position", "0px "+$pageYpos+"px");// move the background position setTimeout ('$("#flip").css("background-position", "top center");', 200); setTimeout ('$("#rightpage").css("background-position", "146px "+$pageYpos+"px");', 200); }); // close leftpage click function /* right page turner */ $("#rightpage").click( function() { $pageYpos = $pageYpos - $pageheight; // note: minus page height $("#rightpage") .css("background-position", "0px "+$pageYpos+"px"); }); // close rightpage click function }); // close doc ready

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