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Occupy Wall Street: List and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events and Facebook pages

Occupy Wall Street: List and map of over 200 U.S. solidarity events and Facebook pages
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Declaration of the Occupation of New York City This document was accepted by the NYC General Assembly on September 29, 2011 Translations: French , Slovak , Spanish , German , Italian , Arabic , Portuguese [ all translations »] As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies. 1000 Americans Spell Out "TAX THE 1%" on San Francisco Beach CONTACT: Brad Newsham, 415-305-8294, Chuck Collins, 617/308-4433, Andrew Boyd, 347-228-7416, On Saturday over 1000 Americans laid their bodies down on a San Francisco beach to spell out “TAX THE 1%.” This protest was just the latest, and possibly most spectacular yet, in the wave of protests that have swept the nation since protesters occupied Wall Street, launching the “We are the 99%” movement. (Photos courtesy: ©2011 John Montgomery) – Click to view in high resolution. “I work hard every day,” said event organizer and Bay Area cab driver, Brad Newsham.

Occupy Tampa Filmed January 20, 2012. Chris Hedges, Lawrence Lessig, Virginia Rasmussen on the eve of the 2nd Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision “Citizens United v. Occupy Wall Street Movement Births Newspaper New America Media, News Report, Michael Levitin, Posted: Oct 04, 2011 Last Saturday, prior to the thousands-strong march of Wall Street protestors attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, which ended in some 700 arrests, the first edition of The Occupied Wall Street Journal hit New York City’s streets. Within three days, all 50,000 copies had been snapped up and distributed by volunteers throughout the five boroughs, leading to another print run Tuesday ahead of the paper’s second edition, which comes out Friday.

Dreaming Big: The Occupy Movement and The Media There is a kind of hysteria brewing in Canadian media these days. The Occupy movement has been going on for three weeks in Toronto, for several months in New York, and it's driving some conservative Canadian media pundits -- like Andrew Coyne of Maclean's magazine -- crazy. In a recent article, he declares that the Occupy movement is a "phony class war." He quotes statistics on dishwashers and microwaves, proudly declaring that 90 per cent of Canadian homes have the ability to nuke their food. Writes Nick Fillmore of Vancouver Observer: "Nowhere in the article does Coyne address many of the key issues Canadian Occupy supporters are angry about, such as the cost of student education, a lack of employment for young people, a real unemployment rate of some 13 per cent, high household debt, a lack of savings, and the undermining of our pension system." But it's always interesting to compare different national media.

Occupy Wall Street: Eight ideas for making the protests even more successful Photograph by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images. This is the question frequently—and properly—asked of Occupy Wall Street and its fans. Those of us who have written and spoken vigorously in support of OWS and for its capacity, almost unparalleled in today’s political environment, to shift our political focus, have an obligation to contribute our answers to the question of what OWS should do. We should answer not because there is any reason for this organic movement—which has done just fine without advice from outsiders—to listen to any of the advice rendered, but because it will help those of us outside the movement clarify our own political ideas. So here are my answers:

Occupy Wall Street The joyous freedom of possibility. Dissent can be personal, collective, creative — whatever you want it to be. Revolt can be physical or spectral, a blackspot on a corporate logo or a digital mindbomb posted online. Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 2 On Saturday, October 8, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Lower Manhattan handed out the second issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. You can download the PDF from Google Docs (official, login might be required), and Scribd (unofficial, login might be required). Or you can see the paper embedded below (HTML 5-compabile browser required). Previously: Issue 1 of The Occupied Wall Street Journal. Update, 10/25/11: There’s now an official website where you can read The Occupied Wall Street Journal:

#N17 Global Day Of Action! Sixty days into the struggle #OccupyWallStreet was violently evicted by the NYPD, who leveled our homes at Liberty Square to the ground. Our movement, however, is stronger than it has ever been. In these sixty days we have brought about a massive awakening, perhaps the largest one in the country since the Civil Rights Movement fifty years ago, and certainly the first global one in modern history. People around the world, from Spain to Australia, from Chile to the U.S. have opened their eyes together to the decadence and injustice of the common system that exploits us.

Occupy Wall Street supporters buy tv ad time By Muriel KaneSunday, November 6, 2011 21:37 EDT A commercial promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement has been running on mainstream TV stations this weekend. The 30-second ad, which was filmed a month ago but is only now gaining wide exposure, is not intended to sell anything or to solicit donations but to improve the image of the movement. It shows a variety of cleancut, sincere occupiers, ranging from students to a man in a business suit and a worker in a hard hat, proclaiiming their desire for peace, democracy, and economic justice. According to MSNBC, the ad is currently running on Bloomberg News, ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox News, and other networks. It was produced by filmmaker David Sauvage and funded by donations.

Journal Square History[edit] Hudson County Boulevard Bridge Today[edit] General Assembly Guide We encourage the public to participate and collaborate with each other using and other digital properties established by the New York General Assembly. Be advised that all postings, including any links to 3rd-party sites, shall be subject to limited monitoring for violations of this and any other policy. The following types of content are considered inappropriate for posting on NYCGA digital properties:

How Israel’s Tent Cities Influenced Occupy Wall Street « Green Prophet - a sustainable voice for the Middle East Inspired by the Arab Spring this past summer, Israelis from a rainbow of different ethnicities, political leanings and backgrounds banded together to form a protest movement unlike any in recent history. Their tent cities influenced the Occupy Movement in the world. As the Arab spring spawned protests by the disenchanted across the Middle East, Israelis took to the streets and boulevards across Israel to express their disenchantment with social issues and the high cost of living. They did this in a very simple yet effective fashion. Many left their homes (in some cases they didn’t have homes) to occupy major thoroughfares across Israel by pitching tents and camping out. Social Media, the mainstream media and word of mouth were the primary promoters of the movement that inspired Israelis to take action.

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