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Israelite Heritage Analysis Intelligence - Open Source Intelligence Analysis & Government Analysis, Clever Analysis Techniques Baghdad War Diary -- Wikileaks At 5pm EST Friday 22nd October 2010 WikiLeaks released the largest classified military leak in history. The 391,832 reports ('The Iraq War Logs'), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009) as told by soldiers in the United States Army. Each is a 'SIGACT' or Significant Action in the war. They detail events as seen and heard by the US military troops on the ground in Iraq and are the first real glimpse into the secret history of the war that the United States government has been privy to throughout. The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 'civilians'; 23,984 'enemy' (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 'host nation' (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 'friendly' (coalition forces). The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period.

“MAJORITY OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS ARE DESCENDENTS OF THE JEWS” FROM AMERICAN POLITICS FORUM.COM « BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! from Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews Bumpy(The author) Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:23 pm Post subject: Majority of African Americans Are Descendents of the Jews The original biblical and Hebrew Jews were a black African people. …The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an ethnic group. A New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as “a lost tribe that has kept its identity for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of Africa.” Roman historian Tacitus wrote that many of his time believed that the Jews “were a race of Ethiopian origin.” The word Semite is from semi which means half. African Americans are largely descendants of the original Black Jews, and genetic testing has proved this fact! As predicted by Jesus, in this war Jerusalem was overthrown, the Temple was destroyed and the Black Hebrews were scattered. If the original Jews were Black, where did white Jews come from? References: Like this:

Intelligence Analysis index History of U.S. Military Interventions since 1890 by Dr. Zoltan Grossman The following is a partial list of U.S. military interventions from 1890 to 2014. Below the list is a Briefing on the History of U.S. The list and briefing are also available as a powerpoint presentation. This guide does not include: mobilizations of the National Guard offshore shows of naval strength reinforcements of embassy personnel the use of non-Defense Department personnel (such as the Drug Enforcement Administration) military exercises non-combat mobilizations (such as replacing postal strikers) the permanent stationing of armed forces covert actions where the U.S. did not play a command and control role the use of small hostage rescue units most uses of proxy troops U.S. piloting of foreign warplanes foreign or domestic disaster assistance military training and advisory programs not involving direct combat civic action programs and many other military activities. Versions of this list have been published on,, and numerous other websites.

The Thirteenth Tribe This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. . . The Khazars' sway extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain. In the second part of this book, "The Heritage," Mr. -oOo- What the Critics have to say! Finally Available To ALL - Absolute Historical Proof : Jews are not Israelites! Research Proves "Jews" are non-Israelite Asiatics! "Mr. "You do not have to be Jewish to be interested... "Koestler marshals the evidence in a clear and convincing way.

Africa Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies Follow us on Africa RSS feed Research projects Africa This programme examines a region that is fast becoming a global feature in the defence and security landscape. More Events Is There a Right to Humanitarian Intervention? Contacts Adrian Johnson Subscribe to our Newsletter Analysis » Africa Africa Research and analysis on Africa and sub-saharan Africa. Analysis by region Featured analysis Crisis in Syria Counter-Terrorism UK Defence Filter content by type RUSI Newsbrief: Twenty Years On: Rwanda at a Crossroads 25 Mar 2014 Beneath the impressive progress made by Rwanda over the last twenty years lie increasingly pressing questions over governance and the country’s role in the turbulent Great Lakes region Africa RUSI Newsbrief: The African Solution: AMISOM and Somalia 15 Jan 2014 Whilst the gains made by AMISOM in Somalia have been significant, without sustained international commitment the progress could be reversed International Responses

Kabul War Diary -- Wikileaks Sunday, July 25 5pm EST. WikiLeaks today released over 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan. The Afghan War Diary is an extraordinary secret compendium of over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. The reports describe the majority of lethal military actions involving the United States military. They include the number of persons internally stated to be killed, wounded, or detained during each action, together with the precise geographical location of each event, and the military units involved and major weapon systems used. The Afghan War Diary is the most significant archive about the reality of war to have ever been released during the course of a war. Most entries have been written by soldiers and intelligence officers listening to reports radioed in from front line deployments. Each report consists of the time and precise geographic location of an event that the US Army considers significant. Afghan War Diary - Reading guide