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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 * Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Web Help Welcome to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 Help on the web, part of the Adobe Community Help environment. Adobe specialists update web Help regularly, and comments from users and expert moderators provide additional tips and solutions. You can search, browse, and comment on web Help content. When you are not connected to the Internet, a subset of Help opens. Community Help Community Help brings together Help, instruction, support articles, videos, blogs, and examples from Adobe and community experts around the world. To access Community Help, go to To learn more about Community Help, see Help and support.

Cross-domain policy file specification | Adobe Developer Connect A cross-domain policy file is an XML document that grants a web client—such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, etc.—permission to handle data across multiple domains. When a client hosts content from a particular source domain and that content makes requests directed towards a domain other than its own, the remote domain would need to host a cross-domain policy file that grants access to the source domain, allowing the client to continue with the transaction. Policy files grant read access to data, permit a client to include custom headers in cross-domain requests, and are also used with sockets to grant permissions for socket-based connections. For complete details, download the cross-domain policy file specification below. Read the specification: Cross-domain policy file specification (PDF, 129 KB) Schemas Schemas describe the structure of a document. Table 1.

zeh - portfolio version 12 AS3 101: OOP Inheritance, Setters & Getters – Basix When last we talked, we had a Button class that could be used to quickly create a button of a certain style. However, I also asked you to ignore certain aspects of the code. We're going to start this session off with a little resolution: it's time to explain what extends does. Over the course of this tutorial, we'll expand that Button class, gain a deeper understanding of what's actually going on, and learn a few more Object-Oriented Programming terms and techniques, namely inheritance. The Button class will get better and more useful. Step 1: Inheritance One of the powerful features of OOP is inheritance. In a nutshell, inheritance enables a given class to take an existing class and do everything that it can do, but with modifications and/or additions. A practical illustration will help explain this. Step 2: E.g: The DisplayObject In ActionScript 3, there is a class named DisplayObject. There are a number of classes that extend DisplayObject. Another subclass of DisplayObject is Bitmap.

25 Helpful Tutorials for Lighting Effects in Photoshop Photoshop allows designers with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creative effects, including lighting effects. There are plenty of different ways to create lighting effects in Photoshop, and there are equally as many different possible uses for them. If you’re interested in learning more about how to create awesome lighting effects in your own work, here are 25 tutorials that can help. Looking for hosting? How do I fix this cross-domain ActionScript 3 error? - Stack Ove Using pixel fonts - Flash, Flex and ActionScript Resources This user is yet to take control of their account and provide a biography. If you are the author of this article, please contact us via support AT actionscript DOT org. View all articles by Andre Assalino Written by: André Assalino, , Difficulty Level: beginner Requirements: Flash MX and higher. Topics Covered: Pixel fonts, Embedd, Font symbols. Pixel fonts can be used to give a more clean look to the site, or just to avoid Flash's antialiasing. If you are going to use a pixel font, then you must have the textfield in Dynamic Text and embedd all characters. For that you have the option "characters" (in the properties panel) where you must choose wich characters you want to embedd. If you don't have lots of text, just do Auto Fill, otherwise if you do have a big text or if it's loaded from outside of the swf, i recommend picking the options who will make the text display properly. Don't forget that each pixel font has a proper size! If you?

Classes and MovieClips, Page 1 by kirupa | 28 May 2007 In Flash CS3, you have support for creating ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) projects. Besides allowing you to write code in the new AS3 language, there are some subtle differences that may go unnoticed unless you are actively looking for new things. One such difference is what happens when you create or convert something into a new movie clip. With AS3 projects, when you convert or create something into a movie clip, you specify the name of your movie clip like you always did. By accessing the class and writing code directly inside it, you can bypass adding code using the timeline. The actual code is defined inside the class itself. In this article, I will explain how to take a movie clip, create a class file for it, and write some code inside the class file to create the animation you see above. First, you will need to create a movie clip. The following instructions explain how to setup your movie and specify the blue circle: [ draw a blue, solid, filled circle ]

50 Photoshop Tricks for a Fast-Paced Work Environment Are you a designer on a deadline? If you are, then I’m sure you can recall the last time you thought to yourself, “if I had a little more time, I could…” what? Polish that button? The truth is, however, that we designers will always be looking for more time to polish the one pixel that got away. Of course, since our go-to design tool in the office is Photoshop, we thought we’d share with you 50 simple Photoshop tricks and shortcuts we love using that can help trim excess spent time in your workflows. Important Note: The following require Photoshop CS5 and a Mac OS X. The Usual Keyboard Shortcut Suspects Memorize these shortcuts. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Keyboard shortcuts for flipping foreground and background (X): Use this to switch between your current foreground and background colors located in your toolbar. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Customized Must-Have Keyboard Shortcuts These are a few useful customized keyboard shortcuts that for some reason didn’t make the cut when coming out in CS5. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Controlling access to scripts in a host web page To view/add comments, you must enable JavaScript in your browser. ActionScript 3.0 APIs Outbound scripting and URL access (using HTTP URLs, mailto:, and so on) are achieved through use of the following ActionScript 3.0 APIs: The flash.system.fscommand() function The method The function For SWF files running locally, calls to APIs are successful only if the SWF file and containing web pages are in the locally trusted security sandbox. The AllowScriptAccess parameter in the HTML code that loads a SWF file controls the ability to perform outbound URL access from within the SWF file. The AllowScriptAccess parameter can have one of three possible values: "always," "sameDomain," or "never:" When AllowScriptAccess is "always," the SWF file can communicate with the HTML page in which it is embedded. When AllowScriptAccess is "sameDomain," the SWF file communicates with the HTML page it's embedded in only when the SWF file is from the same domain.