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European Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2.0. INP Toulouse Theses - NASA Exoplanet Discoveries | NASA Exoplanet Discoveries . Exoplanet HD 189733b | NASA Exoplanet HD 189733b LOADING... NASA - What are Exoplanets? What are exoplanets? NASA PlanetQuest Historic Timeline This timeline will continue to update with the latest exoplanet milestones, so check back to see how the story continues... click here to download. ... NASA's Kepler Mission Finds Three Smallest Exoplanets over 2 years ago Astronomers using data from NASA's Kepler mission have discovered the three smallest planets yet detected orbiting a star beyond our sun. NASA Hubble Finds a True Blue Planet | NASA [PDF] Exoplanet Fact Sheet3 - NASA Previous123456789…99100Next

Community Innovation Survey The Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) [1] are a series of surveys executed by national statistical offices throughout the European Union and in Norway and Iceland. The harmonized surveys are designed to give information on the innovativeness of different sectors and regions. Data from these surveys is used for the annual European Innovation Scoreboard and for academic research on innovation, with over 200 papers using the CIS data published. Surveys[edit] In the 1980s, a series of individual surveys on innovation was carried out.[2] Thereupon, the member states of the European Union decided to coordinate their efforts, and they laid down a common methodological approach to innovation research in the Oslo Manual. As of 2009, five CIS surveys have been carried out: CIS1, 1992CIS2, 1996CIS3, 2001CIS4, for the reference period 2002-2004CIS 2006, for the reference period 2004-2006 CIS 2008 is currently in the field, while planning is underway for CIS 2010. Methodology[edit] References[edit]

Tinnitus: Ringing in the ears and what to do about it Constant noise in the head rarely indicates a serious health problem, but it sure can be annoying. Here’s how to minimize it. Tinnitus (pronounced tih-NITE-us or TIN-ih-tus) is sound in the head with no external source. For many, it’s a ringing sound, while for others, it’s whistling, buzzing, chirping, hissing, humming, roaring, or even shrieking. (To get an idea of what people with tinnitus hear, go to The sound may seem to come from one ear or both, from inside the head, or from a distance. Almost everyone has had tinnitus for a short time after being exposed to extremely loud noise. Most tinnitus is subjective, meaning that only you can hear the noise. The course of chronic tinnitus is unpredictable. While there’s no cure for chronic tinnitus, it often becomes less noticeable and more manageable over time. What’s going on? Most tinnitus is “sensorineural,” meaning that it’s due to hearing loss at the cochlea or cochlear nerve level. Managing tinnitus

ESO France La recherche de planètes situées hors de notre Système Solaire s'impose comme l'un des piliers de ce qui est peut-être l'interrogation la plus fondamentale de l'humanité : y a-t-il de la vie ailleurs dans l'Univers ? Les observatoires de l'ESO sont équipés d'un arsenal unique d'instruments pour la recherche, l'étude et le suivi de ces planètes appelées « exoplanètes » ou planètes extrasolaires. Grâce au VLT, des astronomes ont été capables de détecter pour la première fois la faible lueur d'une planète extrasolaire, prenant ainsi la première photo d'une exoplanète. Ce nouveau monde est une planète géante, environ cinq fois plus massive que Jupiter. Cette observation constitue un premier pas majeur vers l'un des objectifs les plus importants de l'astrophysique du XXIe siècle : déterminer la structure physique et la composition chimique des planètes géantes et éventuellement, de planètes de type terrestre.Voir le communiqué de presse eso0507.

Pro-inno During 2006-2012, the PRO INNO Europe® initiative has been the focal point for innovation policy analysis and policy cooperation in Europe, aimed at learning from the best and contributing to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe. The ultimate objective was to help European enterprises to innovate better and faster and to optimise and leverage complementarities between the various innovation support measures in Europe, be it at regional, national or European level. To achieve this, PRO INNO Europe® has given a prominent role to national and regional innovation policy and innovation support actors. The initiative comprises 5 building blocks that provide an integrated policy approach to develop new and better innovation policies. Together they provide analysis, benchmarking and development tools and activities to enhance the performance of innovation policy and support measures and to further cooperation between innovation policy makers across Europe. 1. 4.

PubMed Central, Figure 1: PLoS One. 2009; 4(10): e7396. Published online Oct 9, 2009. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0007396 ESA 22 oct. 2012 ... La mission Cheops – pour CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite, ou satellite de caractérisation des exoplanètes – s'intéressera aux étoiles ... CoRoT, le détecteur d'exoplanètes, en phase d'essais / France ... CoRoT, le détecteur d'exoplanètes, en phase d'essais. Montage de la charge utile sur le satellite CoRoT. 28 avril 2006. Le satellite français CoRoT prend forme ... 23 oct. 2008 ... L'ESA part à la chasse aux planètes avec la mission PLATO / France ... 19 févr. 2014 ... ... concepts de mission en lice pour l'occasion de lancement M3 étaient les suivants : EChO (observatoire de caractérisation d'exoplanètes), ... De Mars à Vénus, avec Spicam et Spicav / France / ESA in your ... 5 oct. 2006 ... De l'eau, de l'eau partout... sur la planète HD 189733b / France ... Transiting exoplanet HD 189733b. COROT découvre sa première exoplanète et prend les scientifiques ... 3 mai 2007 ... EuroNews - COROT / France / ESA in your country / ESA 7 mars 2008 ... 13 janv. 2010 ...

AlphaLabs : Découvrez la Simulation EIS® ! A implant that trains your brain to stop tinnitus Is that ringing in your ears bad enough that you would install a brain implant just to be rid of it? For thousands of Americans, the answer seems to be yes. A series of clinical trials for an implant made by company called MicroTransponder has demonstrated that its new device, which sits by your vagus nerve on your neck, is up to the job. Amusingly enough, though, as with a lot of bleeding-edge neuroscience, the device makers aren’t entirely sure why or how it works. The implant targets the vagus nerve, also known as cranial nerve X. One refinement used by MicroTransponder methodology is to pair different kinds of auditory cues with the electrical stimulation to identify the triggers of the tinnitus. Much remains to be understood regarding how tinnitus occurs. For now, vagus nerve implants seem to be the best hope tinnitus suffers might have.

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