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OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video

OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video

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How Music Shields a Child’s Psyche in a Time of War As a documentary of her 2012 presidential run is released, Roseanne Barr talks about political power, mortality, and why a Hillary Clinton win wouldn’t be as symbolic as many hope. The Roseanne Barr of today, sitting in an airless meeting room of a restaurant in New York’s Meatpacking District, looks very different from the Roseanne Barr captured in Eric Weinrib’s intimate and brilliantly observed documentary Roseanne For President! In the film, which follows her ill-fated attempt to become the presidential nominee for the Green Party in the 2012 election (she eventually became the Peace and Freedom Party’s nominee), Barr, 63, sports shoulder-length, straggly gray hair, and hippyish duds. Today her hair is short, dyed blond, and she wears a metallic fitted jacket and tight trousers.

The ZRI Project The ZRI project The Red Hedgehog Tavern, Zum Roten Igel, ZRI was the pub where Brahms drank and smoked, and would have heard the gypsies play. We used the name to represent our aim of learning more about the music we love by re-imagining the place it came from. Although, for the minute, ZRI are concentrating on Brahms, we will apply the ZRI principle to other composers in the future. Musician James Hill Converts a Ukulele into an Entirely New Instrument Armed with a pair of humble wooden chopsticks, a .74 cent plastic comb, and a few other minor modifications, Canadian musician James Hill can convert his ukulele into a ridiculous beat machine. Hill mimics a wide range of rhythmic genres from techno to hip hop in this brief clip shot at a sold-out 2011 show at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton, California. There’s a lot of build-up and preparation, the music starts around 3:45. (via Devour)

Picking musical instrument for kids based on personality and body type Most parents are probably so focused on just getting our kids to play an instrument that we don't give much thought to the question: "What's the right instrument for my child?" Quite honestly, on the list of things I'm supposed to keep in mind as a parent, I never knew such a question existed. Until now. Ron Chenoweth is the band and orchestra division manager for Ken Stanton Music, a Georgia-based music education company with nearly 100 teachers providing more than 1,000 lessons every week. Part of Chenoweth's job includes managing a team that regularly goes into schools to help band directors determine what instrument each student should play. Two things he and his colleagues are always looking at are body type and personality.

100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music UPDATE 12/10/13: We’ve released a follow-up to this post with 100 More Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music. Prepare yourself for another dose of Monday roundup madness! It’s time for another crazily comprehensive, yet carefully curated, look at an entire industry–the music industry to be specific. This if the first in a two-part series on the music industry which will conclude next week. This week’s focus is on the consumer side of music. A New Acoustic Instrument That Creates Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer The Yabahar is a new acoustic instrument designed by Istanbul-based musician Görkem Şen that emits music right out of a retro sci-fi movie, a remarkable feat considering there isn’t a bit of electricity involved. The Yabahar can be played in a variety of different ways using mallets or with a bow, relying on a combination of two drum-like membranes, long springs, and a tall fretted neck to create music. Like any instrument, it’s capable of producing sounds that run the gamut from “beautiful music” to “noise.” Give it a listen! (via The Creators Project)

The best new-school kids' music Traditional nursery rhymes are a fun way to connect the generations, but when you're tired of those, what can you listen to with your kids? There's actually a lot of kids' music coming out that's got a fun, modern sound that appeals to all ages but features kid-appropriate content. Here are some of the best new-school kids' albums available for check out from your local Anythink: Gustafer Yellowgold Since his creation by Morgan Taylor in 2005, Gustafer Yellowgold has become an international phenomenon, acclaimed by The New York Times as “A cross between ‘Yellow Submarine’ and Dr.

51 New Bands That Will Make 2014 Awesome » When The Gramophone Rings First things first. Yes, we are fully aware that not all of the below are bands. But what else to use? ‘Acts’ give the whole thing an unwanted circus feel, ‘groups’ brings to mind X Factor categories and ‘musicians’ gives the whole thing a seriousness that our immaturity just can’t handle. 10 Pieces of Classical Music Your Toddler Will Love Listening to classical music with your toddlers can boost brainpower. Not theirs. Yours. As a parent of a child under the age of 5, I know you can only spend so much time listening to “We Are the Dinosaurs” on repeat before your neurotransmitters suffer irreversible damage. But if you can get your young kids into classical music, you can swap out that Laurie Berkner for some Beethoven from time to time, say during a long summer vacation drive, and earn your brain a musical respite. And they’ll be primed for more interesting musical taste down the road.

Sutures With A Soundtrack: Music Can Ease Pain, Anxiety Of Surgery We all get by better with a little help from our tunes. iStockphoto hide caption itoggle caption iStockphoto We all get by better with a little help from our tunes. iStockphoto Hospitals have a free and powerful tool that they could use more often to help reduce the pain that surgery patients experience: music. Years – Bartholomäus Traubeck A record player that plays slices of wood. Year ring data is translated into music, 2011. Modified turntable, computer, vvvv, camera, acrylic glass, veneer, approx. 90x50x50 cm. A tree’s year rings are analysed for their strength, thickness and rate of growth. This data serves as basis for a generative process that outputs piano music. It is mapped to a scale which is again defined by the overall appearance of the wood (ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to light texture).

More than 4,000 students to be part of West Michigan Symphony's 2015 Link Up concert MUSKEGON, MI - A slew of the Muskegon-area's up-and-coming musical talent will be on display at an upcoming series of concerts. The West Michigan Symphony, in partnership with more than 4,000 third- through fifth-grade students from 50 schools across West Michigan will perform three concerts at the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts in Muskegon on April 15. The free concerts are scheduled for 9:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. They are part of Carnegie Hall's Link Up, a free program brought to the public schools through the educational outreach arm of the WMS. "This concert gives students the opportunity to showcase the musical skills they've learned through Link Up," said Karen Vander Zanden, WMS director of education and community engagement programs. "The students have spent the last year learning to play the recorder, singing, composing, meeting musicians and now will have the opportunity to perform together at the Link Up concert."

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