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25 more ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture

25 more ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture
A while ago we showed you an article called “21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture” where we enumerated a series of original items you could create using pallets. The list was quite long but definitely not exhaustive and since we’ve received good feedback we decided to continue with a second part of the article where we present you even more unique projects you can create with the help of pallets. We tried to come up with new examples, arranged according to the type of product you can create. Shelves. 1. This is an ingenious project created by a couple that opened a wine tasting room and decided to go with a rustic look. 2. Even though shelves were created as a functional way of adding some useful storage space, they can also be used as a decorative space in the form of display shelves. 3. One place where you can never have too much storage space is the kitchen. 4. I personally find this piece very interesting. Sofas and benches 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Miscellaneous Related:  Brico/Custo

How to Build a Picnic Table Out of Pallets — Ana White PDF version How to make a kid's picnic table from a pallet. Recycle what would have been trash into a very useable and cute table. Have you ever been at the point in your life when there is no extra money? Here is from Janae: I thought about taking pictures as I was going, but I was trying to work with my son's nap schedule and didn't have extra time. I found a few pallets for free on craigslist. image from Janae You can see how to build your own pallet shelves for pretty much free here. So anyway, I made this picnic table out of 2/3rds of a pallet, some scrap 2x4s I found, and one or two new 2x4s stud length. The table top is 40" long x 21.25" wide. image by Janae I just cut it at a 30 degree angle to keep it from digging into the kids lap. For the seats, a pallet frame would work, but I had two scrap pieces of 2x4s. I used the same measurements as the big kid's picnic table for the legs. I would have just sealed it, but that would have cost money.

Top 11 ways of turning pallets into furniture for outdoor Wooden pallets keep on coming into our lives as opportunities to create a huge diversity of useful item. Since people can get enough of them we decided to show you a top 10 outdoor pallet designs. After 21 ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture and 25 more ways of turning pallets into unique pieces of furniture you probably imagine that there isn’t much left to see, well you can’t be more wrong. Check this out! 1.Pallet coffee table for backyard. Since we already established that pallets are a cheap way to build extraordinary objects with only two major ingredients: imagination and ingenuity, this back yard setting proves once again the versatility of this amazing object. 2.Balcony small pallet garden. Outdoor space doesn’t necessarily mean a huge back yard. 3.Deposit area in backyard from pallets. People preoccupied about health and nature also uses shipping pallets for their own purposes, like this compost bin for instance. 4.Pallet turned into patio shelf. 5.Pallet sofa.

DIY BLOG | BLOG ABOUT DIY FASHION CRAFTS AND A TRENDY LIFESTYLEDIY BLOG | BLOG ABOUT DIY FASHION CRAFTS AND A TRENDY LIFESTYLE 55 Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls For today we decided to show you these amazing girl’s rooms. This is why we gathered 55 incredible looking young teenage girl’s rooms that are welcoming and not to mention inspiring.As your kid grows up, the old children bedroom theme featuring automobiles, toys, planes, dolls and kiddies elements may not work quite well anymore. Just like the teenage is growing up, his room should also reflect his changing demands and needs. Besides reflecting the teen’s interest, a teen bedroom should also be functional for doing studies and homework, socializing with friends and for resting. Here is a list of teen bedroom decoration ideas to assist you design the perfect room for your teen – Pink is a popular choice for most girls’ and teenagers’ rooms You may consider selecting a theme for your teenage bedroom as it keeps you focused and allows you to work on details. Modern and simple but also bold and striking bedroom interior Even though less common, blue can also be a beautiful color choice

Build Stadium-Style Home Theatre Seating With Shipping Pallets We’ve shared some interesting construction ideas for shipping pallets in the past, including a couch and a workspace, but this new one is easier to tackle. You can build comfortable stadium-style seating for your home theatre on the cheap. You’ll definitely need a fair amount of space to set this one up, and you’ll need about 12 pallets to form the seating and the cushions to make the pallets comfortable. They look like standard shipping pallets, but they’ve been painted to match the intended decor of the space. Plus, once they’re all assembled and attached to one another, you can slide books, magazines and DVDs into the spaces on the side for a little added storage. The whole space is definitely a little “designer chic”, what with the pallets on the wall to mount the TV and everything (not bad), but you get the general idea. Recycled 600 Sq Feet Office Warehouse Has Neat Ideas for Small Living in Brazil [Treehugger]

1001 Pallets, The place for repurposed pallets ideas ! Cat Inspired Project Becomes a Unique House in Japan This next house is a one of a kind project, that was designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects, in Japan, for a couple and two cats. Starting from the idea that humans and cats live together, rather than cats living in a human house, the architects came up with “a house inside which you feel being outside”. The Inside Out House is made up of two volumes. The outer one houses the bedroom and bathroom boxes and above those are the living room and deck. In an area of the inner volume light, wind or even rain could enter. Moreover, living in an inside out house can be quite interesting due to the change of weather. On the other hand, when it rains you have to find the spots where you won’t get wet.This funcky house is a way to stir up ones life, make the most out of the minimal and enjoy outside features inside.

Cork Tree Ornament Today’s DIY is a fun one… and absolutely perfect for the holidays! These little tree ornaments make the best hostess gifts… or just a fun little weekend DIY to help get you into the holiday spirit. While I was home for the Thanksgiving break, my mom and I took to a huge bag of corks (are we the only family out there that imbibes copious quantities of wine?) and dusted off our glue guns. We made quite an assortment of these fun little tree ornaments… getting creative and adding buttons, scraps fo fabric, and even rows of beads. We had all of the materials around our house.

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