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CSS Syntax

CSS Syntax
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Making Adhoc Analysis Template, Images, and CSS Work I think I've seen a recurring theme since the new adhoc analysis template came available in 1.3 - And it's related to CSS, Images and/or icons and how to get them working properly outside of Local Mode. I'll walk you through how I got it working in my scenario, click-by-click: First and foremost, make sure you are running in the right mode, and let's also grab an important folder path along the way. Go to Tools -> Preferences, and check the following 2 items: After making sure you are running in BI Platform Mode, create a New Application, selecting the 'Template AdHoc Analysis' template. Alright, let's next configure the template to point to an OLAP system in our environment - This will of course be customer-specific, but below is where to click to set that up. Next, I was able to leave the Data Source blank (and in another case, I wasn't - It's kind of quirky) - However, just get to where it accepts the data source change from blank to whatever your connection may be: .EOT File details:

HTML / XHTML Standard Event Attributes Générer des boutons en CSS Générer des boutons en CSS Si vous développez vos petits sites vous même, sachez qu'il existe un site qui s'appelle Button Maker et qui permet de créer des boutons de toute beauté, entièrement en CSS. Vous spécifiez vos couleurs, votre texte et en cliquant sur le rendu, vous obtiendrez le code CSS qui va bien pour mettre ça sur votre site. Maaaa kéééé c'est beauuuuuu ! Attention quand même sous IE car là, ça coince un peu...pas de dégradé, pas de coins arrondis... [Source] Vous avez aimé cet article ? Nobody got our costume & we didn't care. Playing your childhood hero for a night is awesome 40 CSS3 Button Tutorials For Designers In this article, we will go through some hand-picked, awesome tutorials for wonderful buttons you can put on your site using only CSS3. Some of these buttons play with colors, gradients or shapes while others are programmed to animate with hover or click actions, giving effects like it’s being pushed down; extending, shrinking or switching frames to reveal more information. Anything you can think of to do with buttons, there’s probably an example of it here. So without further ado, here are 40 Awesome CSS3 button tutorials for web designers. Recommended Reading: CSS3Tutorial: Create A Sleek On/Off Button Animated Buttons with CSS3 [Demo | Tutorial] Pin it Fancy 3D Button with CSS3 [Demo | Tutorial] Just Some Awesome CSS3 Buttons [Demo | Tutorial] CSS3 Social Buttons [Demo | Tutorial] Pretty CSS3 Buttons [Demo | Tutorial] Download Me! Add to Cart Button in CSS3 [Demo | Tutorial] CSS3 Github Buttons [Demo | Tutorial] CSS3 Animated Bubble Buttons [Demo | Tutorial]

Lumira and Design Studio Updates Roadmap from A... This is part 2 of Latest News on Design Studio - ASUG Annual Conference Part 1 from last week's ASUG Annual Conference, co-located with SAPPHIRE NOW. This part of the session mostly discusses interoperability between Design Studio and Lumira. Note the usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change (Figure 1 from part 1 applies). Figure 1: Source: SAP Figure 1 shows Design Studio is for designers while Lumira is for business analysts (and now decision makers too). Figure 2: Source: SAP We first heard this message last year at conference but we are hearing more and more that HANA is the new target BI Platform. More BI clients will be native to HANA, like SAP Lumira and Design Studio currently are. Figure 3: Source: SAP Figure 3 shows the Lumira Server, which is already GA and more information can be found at SAP Lumira Figure 4: Source: SAP Figure 5: Source: SAP Figure 6: Source: SAP Figure 7: Source: SAP Figure 7 shows the latest roadmap.

CSS Margin Properties Button Maker Natural Selection 2 How To Make Your Own Sticky Header Bar Like MakeUseOf About a month ago, we introduced a new interface element to MakeUseOf – a floating navigation and search bar. The feedback we’ve been getting is almost entirely positive, internal search traffic has rocketed, and some readers having been asking about how to make one for their own site, so I thought I’d share. We’ll use jQuery to stick the bar to the top of the screen – but only past a certain point. I’ll do all this in the default WordPress theme – Twenty Eleven, though of course it can be applied to any theme or website which you sufficiently understand how to modify. The HTML First up, open the themes header.php and identify the navigation bar that we’ll be making sticky. Firstly, add a new DIV container surrounding this entire NAV section. <div id="access_container"><nav id="access" role="navigation"> ... Also, let’s move that default search bar into here. The CSS Open up the main style.css file and find the section for the search form: #branding #searchform { ... } jQuery Summary:

Showing/Hiding Crosstab Columns with 'Measures' with CSS and Scripting In this blog post I will demonstrate the possibility of hiding crosstab columns with the combination of css and scripting. Use case: The same 1 datasource is used in several different crosstabs, but in each crosstab different measures should be shown. As of DS 1.3 this is not yet possible the desired way. The desired way would be a straightforward way with very little scripting involved similarly as it is currently possible to display different measures in different charts by using only 1 datasource by using the "setDataSelection(selection)" method (available only for the Chart component). One could create several copies of the same datasource in Design Studio which use only the needed measures, but this is not good for the performance of your bi app. First some gif image demonstration (click on the image to see the gif animation): Using radio buttons to display 1 specific measure column or all columns: Using checkboxes to display any combination of measure columns: Properties: Items: Cheers

DIV/LAYER MOBILE COMME UNE FENETRE , Source N°16225 Javascript / J'ai monté ce script avec plein de bout de code trouver ici et la. ce script permet de creer une fenetre deplacable avec la souris avec les leyers. le script est compatible ie4 et + , ns4 et + . pour deplacer cette fenetre utilisez la barre marron (barre de titre, meme deplaement qu'une fenetre OS). pour afficher une image dans cette fenetre liquez sur un lien image1.gif ou image2.gif. pour cacher l'image chargée, cliquez sur O ds la barre de titre (idem pour la faire reaparaitre) le script n'est pas commenté mais le bloque est tres facilement utilisable pour tout vos sites. le style de la fenetre est modifiable via du code html assez simplement. Source / Exemple : Conclusion : un ptit zip est dispo et fonctionnel. perso jai testé sous IE5 et ns6 et ca marche impec (ce dont je suis plutot content). voila voilou.

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