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Wellness Worksheets

Wellness Worksheets

The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet | Belly Bytes The following is a "healthy food hot list" consisting of the 29 food that will give you the biggest nutritional bang for you caloric buck, as well as decrease your risk for deadly illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Along with each description is a suggestion as to how to incorporate these power-foods into your diet. Fruits 01. Apricots The Power: Beta-carotene, which helps prevent free-radical damage and protect the eyes. 02. The Power: Oleic acid, an unsaturated fat that helps lower overall cholesterol and raise levels of HDL, plus a good dose of fiber. 03. The Power: Ellagic acid, which helps stall cancer-cell growth. 04. The Power: Stop aging, live longer and keep your mind sharp with blueberries. 05. The Power: Vitamin C (117mg in half a melon, almost twice the recommended daily dose) and beta-carotene - both powerful antioxidants that help protect cells from free-radical damage. 06. 07. The Power: Lycopene, one of the strongest carotenoids, acts as an antioxidant.

Is Your Business Stuck? Use Your Two Most Important Resources Wisely | 42function If you have been at your startup for a few months, or even longer, and you’ve seen a halt in growth, do you know why? Were things going well, only to stop abruptly and make you feel stuck? Just about every business owner goes through it as a result of not adjusting accordingly. Sometimes a way of doing business works great for awhile, but just as business grows, so must our habits and ways of doing business evolve as well. If you are in a phase of your business where things were going great, but you feel stuck, then you probably need to re-adjust. Do you realize what the problem likely is? You don’t use your two most important resources efficiently: time and money. The two main resources of any business is time and money. How much to you spend on advertising costs or other ways of investing in your business? How much time do you spend actually doing work? Re-evaluate what you have to invest in time and money, and where each should go. Example #1: The Freelance Feast or Famine Cyle

How to Build Muscle: The Definitive Guide to Building Muscle If you would like to build muscle, then here is how I’ve gained 43lb of muscle in Belgium, and how you can gain as much muscle in America (or elsewhere). The secret to gaining muscle is to get stronger. The stronger you get, meaning the more weight your can lift in the gym, the more muscular you’ll be. This is especially true if you’re a natural drug-free lifter with average or, worse, lousy genetics like I am. More strength is more muscle. Before you continue reading how to build muscle, watch this free video in which I reveal the most effective way to gain muscle fast. Are You Making This Muscle Building Mistake? Go to any gym and you’ll find most guys doing body-part split routines. Many guys think they’ll build muscle with these body-part split routines because that’s what they read in some muscle magazine. In reality, most guys will never build muscle with body-part split routines. And I don’t care how pumped or sore you get. And You Don’t NEED To Be AFrigging Bodybuilder! 1. 2. 3. 4.

16 Tips to Survive Brutal Criticism (and Ask for More) “You suck.” Everyone encounters criticism, whether it is a boss pointing out falling performance, a bad review for your book, or even self-criticism after an embarrassing slip-up. Your ability to digest that criticism and make use of it says a lot about your character. Even better is to be the kind of person who can take a sharp, verbal critique, stand up and ask for more. People are Too Nice Most people won’t tell you what they think of you. I believe it is because most of us have shied away from getting honesty our whole lives. Honesty is a Good Thing, Here’s How to Survive It Here are some tips for surviving the floods of good intentions that might crash upon your ego: Balance Yourself - The salience effect is a cognitive bias where we tend to focus on the most recent or memorable piece of information, ignoring the collective. Now that you have some pain-killers for the attack, here’s how to ask for more:

How To Sleep Your Way To Big Muscles | MuscleHack byMark McManusonJanuary 28, 2008 Warning! You are hampering your muscle gains if you are not getting enough sleep. Of the following components of an effective muscle building strategy: The last, rest and sleep, get the least attention. Yet sleep is a critical component in the muscle building process and should not be overlooked. Here’s why: The release of growth hormone reaches its peak during deep sleepYour metabolic rate slows which is perfect for muscle tissue repair and growthIncreased blood flow to the muscles Here’s a quick list of some of the effects of sleep deprivation: It’s enough to keep you awake at night isn’t it? But in terms of bodybuilding the main effect is this: Inadequate Sleep = Smaller Gains In Lean Muscle How Much Sleep Is Enough To Build Muscle This varies from person to person and I admit, I don’t sleep a whole lot. The acceptable range is usually 4 – 9 hours per night and you need to do what’s right for you. Most people are going to need 7 – 8 hours every night.

5 Ways to Change Someone's Mind An expert recently claimed that knowing--and using-- a few simple rules can help you change the minds of other people. The first rule of changing minds is to keep your message short, sharp, and simple. People tend to respond less well to long convoluted arguments, according to Kevin Dutton, Ph.D., author of Dutton's book isn't itself a short or oversimplified how-to book. Dutton, a psychologist and research fellow at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at Cambridge Univesity, fills out each of his points with numerous clarifying (and often amusing) examples and anecdotes from every nook and corner of social psychology. The crux of Dutton's message is contained in his five elements, made easy to remember with the acronym . IMPLICITY: Keep your message short, sharp, and simple to convince people it's true. ERCEIVED SELF-INTEREST: Con men agree it's the key to getting us to do something we didn't think we wanted to. As I read , I had a question about good versus evil .

Power to Change – 10 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills Do you ever need someone to listen to you? Our mentors are available. Listening makes our loved ones feel worthy, appreciated, interesting, and respected. Ordinary conversations emerge on a deeper level, as do our relationships. In our love relationships, greater communication brings greater intimacy. Listening skills fuel our social, emotional and professional success, and studies prove that listening is a skill we can learn. The Technique. While the ideas are largely intuitive, it might take some practice to develop (or re-develop) the skills. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Have you tried and tried but your best is still not good enough? 8. 9. 10. As you work on developing your listening skills, you may feel a bit panicky when there is a natural pause in the conversation. Ironically, as your listening skills improve, so will your aptitude for conversation. Keep your relationship growing: 4 Keys to better communicationHelp!

Leadership DynamiX – Executive Coaching, Workshops and Forum What Are MindSkills Techniques? These short carefully crafted techniques are about ‘HOW’ to run your business brain to get better results, learn skills faster and make lasting life changes. Based on accelerated learning, applied behavioural modelling research (NLP) and advances in management psychology. These next (3G) generation techniques stretch from ‘remedial’ (past) to ‘mindful’ (now) to ‘generative’ (future). Clusters - Families of techniques (‘protocols’) - eg. decision-making, delegation, visioning, power, creativity, assertiveness, time management, networking, strategic visioning, gravitas, deep calm, trust, collaboration, and so on). Models - Chaining of ‘clusters’ and ‘protocols’ - eg. How to Join There are four levels of membership for MindSkills Techniques. 1. Boost Results with Some Basics Practice Unless you are very familiar with the approach this basic skill-builder section will help you squeeze more juice out of each pattern. Protocols are the new exercises.

NLP Learning Strategy In the previous section we looked at the presuppositions of NLP and introduced the learning strategy around which this entire website is built, a simple metaphor which we labelled the building blocks of NLP. As you're now familiar with the concept of building block upon block, base skill upon base skill we are ready to move on and begin looking at other tools that will assist in learning these skills quickly and easily. A good way to ensure success when rising to meet a challenge such as learning a new skill is to follow these five principles for success:- Know your outcome Take positive action Have enough sensory awareness to know if you're being effective Have behavioural flexibility Operate from a physiology and a psychology of excellence These five principles for success will be explained in more detail on the next page. ^Top | •Home | Next >>

Destroy Limiting Decisions Did you make a limiting decision as you were growing up? Maybe one that said you couldn’t do something that basically everyone else could do, but you decided you were too short, too tall, too rich, too poor, too fat, too skinny, too cute, too ugly, etc. Well, you’ve grown up and you’ve definitely changed since then, but you still seem to *think* that way. Maybe you are still too tall or whatever, and aren’t able to change that fact, but you *can* change the way you think about it. Here’s what you do. Now, visualize yourself backing out of the event, just slowly backing out, and then turning around and looking forward toward the future. Now, come back to the present and go about your life. Author's Bio: ~~~~~~~~~ Copyright 2002, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide --------------------------------------------------------------- Having problems?