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The Atheist Experience TV Show

The Atheist Experience TV Show
Watch us on ustream, or you can directly stream Public Access Ch 16 from Channel Austin's server without IRC here. We are on 4:30 to 5:30 pm Central US Time. See the clock below. Join us at El Arroyo for the after-the-show meetup at 1624 W 5th St around 6:00pm. Atheist Experience #860: Spirituality and Health Care What is the Atheist Experience?

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Cartoon, "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" Norris said that if people draw pictures of Muhammad, Islamic terrorists would not be able to murder them all, and threats to do so would become unrealistic. Within a week, Norris' idea became popular on Facebook, was supported by numerous bloggers, and generated coverage on the blog websites of major U.S. newspapers. As the publicity mounted, Norris and the man who created the first Facebook page promoting the May 20 event disassociated themselves from it.

Removing the linchpin of Christian hate People hate each other for all kinds of sinful reasons. In my life, I’ve hated people unfairly before, usually out of some sort of envy or paranoid presumption about what somebody else thought of me. It’s different when people hate out of devotion to God. Two nights ago, when I took a look at Way of the Master evangelist guru Ray Comfort’s account of his airplane evangelism, it was jaw-dropping to see the contempt he held for the people he was witnessing to. I don’t think that Comfort is an evil person; I think he genuinely believes that God wants him to hate ungodly people. Merseyside Skeptics Society Skeptics with a K Skeptics with a K is the official podcast of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. Each episode features Mike, Marsh and Alice chatting about stuff that interests them, often with a skeptical angle. Subscribe via RSS |Subscribe via iTunes InKredulous

The Atheist Experience on USTREAM: The Atheist Experience is a weekly, live, call in talk show discussing issues related to Atheism. The show is sponsored Watch without ads Ustream © Search Log in / Sign up Richard Dawkins and male privilege Over the weekend, a full-blown scandal erupted in the skeptical movement atheist and skeptical communities* over sexism and attitudes about sexual harassment. It started with a fairly straightforward story about a clueless man putting a woman in an uncomfortable situation. The conversation about it was interesting, to say the least.

Quackcast A podcast review of Quacks, Frauds and Charlatans. Oops. Thats not right. That should be Supplements, Complementary and Alternative Medicine i.e. Richard Dawkins, your privilege is showing Thankfully another Pharyngulite said exactly what I was thinking: Did you just make the argument that, since worse things are happening somewhere else, we have no right to try to fix things closer to home? And that's when you tried to backpedal with a clarification, but just ended up digging your hole even deeper. No I wasn't making that argument. Here's the argument I was making. The man in the elevator didn't physically touch her, didn't attempt to bar her way out of the elevator, didn't even use foul language at her.

Mitt Romney's Mormon faith in the spotlight - - Waterfox Mitt Romney wants voters to see him as the man to save the economy and right the country, the redeeming American hero riding in on the proverbial white horse. Just not that White Horse. Continue Reading That’s the one in the old Mormon prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith, which predicts that after the banks fail and when the Constitution is nearing collapse, Mormons flush with wealth — the White Horse, in the prophecy’s metaphor — will rise and lead America back to greatness.