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Kindergarten Kindergarten

Kindergarten Kindergarten

PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review To review all of the numbers, colors and shapes we learned as we went through our Letter of the Week curriculum, I made some fun review games! Note: If you missed it, don’t forget to do the A-Z Review also! Number Review: Clothespin Number Review: Write numbers on mini-clothespins and then have your child clip them on to the correct number of dots! It's a Jungle Out There! A Kindergarten Blog: Lots of Classroom Theme Ideas.... Bird Themed Classroom Beach Themed Room Pirate Themed Classroom Penguins!#comment-form I think I'm TOO excited to make a post because my twin had her precious little baby today and that's ALL I can think about, but I will post pictures of our penguin fun this week. Penguins are so much fun to learn about and to teach about! They are one cool animal that God created. Oh, and I must include a picture of'll see why when you see his adorable little face! Huddling together like penguins do to stay warm. Fact book penguins...idea from Kim Jordano at

Daily 5 Math & a FREEBIE! After jumping head first into Daily 5 for my literacy time at the start of school, I decided I would take the plunge with math as well. Using Daily 5 for my reading and writing time has had it's kinks, but has been the very best thing I could have done to create a classroom culture grounded in literacy and reading. Until I starting using the Daily 5 structure for my math time about two weeks, my math block went a little like this...I would teach a WHOLE GROUP LESSON or activity for about 20-25 minutes. Then students would all complete the same worksheet or activity at the same time and when they were finished they would go to either me or my assistant and have their work checked. If they needed to correct any, they would go do so.

DIY: File Crate Seat for the Classroom I have been wanting to make them but haven't found the time. I have been seeing them all over pinterest. With the inspiration from Pre-K Pages, I decided to try it since the plactic chairs I have in my room at the kitchen area are broken. Kindergartners are full of love...teachers are, too! Here is an example of one of our "Valentine Kiddos" we are going to display in the hallway for everyone to enjoy. The title of the bulletin board is....Kindergarten Kids are Full of Love! I hope to get pictures up by the end of the week.

go fish - plus free printable from Tricia-Rennea I saw these adorable little fishies that were free for printing on Tricia-Rennea’s blog and fell in love with them. She had made them to make a fishie mobile (which would also be super adorable), but I thought that I could make a fun fishing game for the kids with them. I was right, the kids LOVED this. If You Take A Mouse to School:Rules and Procedures If You Take a Mouse to School At the beginning of year, I always read the book "If You Take a Mouse To School." At our school we have a staggered entrance for kindergarten. The first day of school we have all the parents come in and we have a meeting with them. The meeting is to let the parents know what is expected in kindergarten. St. Patrick's Day 2011 Mason made a Pot of Gold. Items needed: 1. Template for the pot found at All Kids Network. 2.

Button Snake - Jonah Lisa Land I haven't done anything Cheap & Easy in a while (Unless you ask my husband. Waka Waka.) so when I saw this Montessori inspired project a few weeks ago on my friend's blog One Hook Wonder I knew it would be one of the first things I made when I got home from our big roadtrip. Turns out the mommy blogs are silly with these little things. Check out various other incarnations here, here & here, too. Color me surprised.