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Felix Salmon

Felix Salmon
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TheMoneyIllusion Rortybomb Jared Bernstein | On the Economy | Facts, Thoughts, and Commentary Noahpinion Real Time Economics China’s GDP growth fell in the first quarter to its slowest pace since September of 2012, slipping to 7.4% on-year growth from 7.7% the in the fourth quarter. The increase was slightly higher than economists’ expectations of a 7.3% gain. Authorities released other data that suggested continuing weakness, but not at a quickening pace. Industrial production grew 8.8% on year in March below expectations of 9% but up from an average 8.6% expansion in January and February, combined to limit distortions from the Lunar New Year holidays. Fixed-asset investment, meanwhile, slipped to 17.6% on year in the first quarter from 17.9% growth in the first two months. Markets rose on the data, with both the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets clicking higher. Some economists saw a massaging of the GDP figures.

David Leonhardt - Economix Blog Julian Simon, frustrated by the huge attention that Paul Ehrlich was receiving for his apocalyptic warnings about overpopulation, offered Mr. Ehrlich a bet in 1980. If a selected basket of commodities became more expensive over the coming decade — which would signal scarcity caused by a crowded planet — Mr. Ehrlich, an ecologist, would win the bet. Photo Book Chat Talking with authors about their work. The basics of the Simon-Ehrlich bet are fairly well known. Mr. I had an e-mail conversation with Mr. The predictions of scarcity that environmentalists made in the 1960s and 1970s ended up being spectacularly wrong, as you document so well. I think climate change differs from population growth in two main ways.

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