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Many Michigan Communities Planning to Ban Commercial Recreational Marijuana Facilities

Many Michigan Communities Planning to Ban Commercial Recreational Marijuana Facilities
The procedures surrounding such ballots and when they should take place or when they can take place is very murky to say the least. Some believe that they can’t occur until the next general election in 2020, but communities opposing the law aren’t happy with that delay. It remains to be seen how this plays out as parties on each side make their case. Potential Restrictions If a community does manage to pass a local ordinance, there is a variety of outcomes of that process. For example, one restriction might involve marijuana businesses operating in the local area having to obtain a local license before they can start trading, on top of the state license they already have. The Towns Looking to Opt Out & Why They’re Doing So Monroe was among the communities to first take action and voice its opposition to the new marijuana laws. Causing Increased Costs? The procedures surrounding such ballots and when they should take place or when they can take place is very murky to say the least.

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How to Start a Marijuana Business in Michigan As this was something that was highly illegal until recently, it makes sense that the licensing and regulations are strong. Become familiar with them all as soon as possible, and you can then later work on acquiring them from the relevant authorities. Create the Business’s Structure The business’s structure you put in place will dictate how you move forward as an organization and how secure your business becomes. Complete a Business Plan Just like with any other business, you’ll need a business plan that you can follow and that can guide you in the months and years ahead. Find a Location It makes sense to set up a location from which you can operate. Set Up Your Supply Chain There’s always some sort of supply chain in place when you’re operating in this industry, and you will need to build yours up and find the right suppliers and other contacts that will help your business to function in the way you want it to.

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Make your own DIY ant repellent throughout isolation times The Covid-19 lockdown means that some services which you may have taken for granted before will no longer be easily accessible – and for some problems that will be more of an issue, such as pest control. While staying home, you certainly don’t want to be sharing your space with household pests. Ideally, on discovery of an insect invasion you would normally be able to call in a professional pest control service or nip out and pick up a deterrent – which is not so easy under lockdown. There is hope, however, thanks to DIY methods that can help to keep problems such as insect invasions at bay. Ants tend to be a problem that emerges at the start of the summer months – so that could be anytime soon. Once in your home ants can get everywhere and become a real pest. The good news about ants though is that while they may be a real nuisance, they are not known to cause harm or spread disease. As with most household pests, ants are looking for food and shelter. How to stop ants in their tracks

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Chronic Whiplash is a Medical Mystery The thing is, “whiplash” is not really a medical condition. It’s a term people use to describe neck pain and other symptoms thought to stem from an “acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck,” according to the Quebec Task Force on whiplash-associated disorders, which came up with a classification system for whiplash injuries in 1995. The task force also used the term “whiplash” for the force that causes the injury, not for the injury itself. A whiplash injury according to this classification can range from a muscle sprain to spinal cord contusions to a fractured vertebra. That people can experience neck, head, and back pain after a car accident, or some other kind of neck “energy transfer” is not in doubt. The typical diagnosis for someone presenting with neck pain after an auto accident is a sprain. “Why should neck and back sprains fail to recover when sprains in other parts of the body usually heal without trouble?”

After September 15, Can I Still be a Caregiver? Traditional Model The old model for registered caregivers was pretty simple. You were allowed to grow up to twelve plants for each patient. You could have five patients, other than yourself. If the caregiver was also a patient, they could also grow twelve plants for personal use as well. Under the emergency rules, marihuana dispensaries that were operating with municipal approval, but that had not received a State license were permitted to continue operating and buying from registered caregivers. After September 15, 2018 The problems for registered caregivers only begins on September 15, 2018. Further, the unlicensed facilities to whom caregivers have been continuing to sell to, even during the licensing process, will be shutting down. New Administrative Rules Conclusion For better or worse, the State is doing everything it can to eliminate caregivers under the new administrative scheme, even prior to the planned elimination in 2021 contemplated by the MMFLA.

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