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Child Custody Motions – Requirements and Pitfalls

Child Custody Motions – Requirements and Pitfalls
What is Child Custody? While this may seem like a simple or stupid question, it means something very specific in Michigan law, and is often misunderstood by both litigants and attorneys who practice in this field. In Michigan, the term “custody” is used as the colloquial for what family lawyers know as “legal custody.” The term “legal custody” in its simplest iteration means, who gets to make major decisions for the child, such as where they go to school, should they have a major medical procedure, or where does the child go to church and in what religious denomination should they be raised. Evaluating Changes in Child Custody. First, litigants need to know what they are asking the Court to do. Custody Hearings Require Process and Patience. Telling the Court that the other party is bad and won’t agree with you about anything is not going to be enough to change legal custody, even if that is true. Best Interests of the Child Standard. Bottom Line. Custody motions are complicated.

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October 31, 2018 Deadline for Caregivers and The Changing Marihuana Dynamic in Michigan What was the “Caregiver Model?” Under the old “Caregiver Model,” a Registered Caregiver could grow up to seventy-two (72) marihuana plants, if they had five registered qualifying patients (the most you were allowed) and they were a registered patient as well. In some cases, multiple caregivers would gather at one location and grow their crops together, separated by paint lines on the floor, or in more sophisticated circumstances, with each having a secured locked space within the larger enclosed, locked facility. The State’s Response The State of Michigan, however, had other plans for the upstart cannabis industry. Results and Repercussions Some may argue that there are still licensed or unlicensed facilities that are going to continue buying from caregivers, despite the State mandate. However, the State has demonstrated a commitment to enforcement and inspection. What was the “Caregiver Model?” The State’s Response Results and Repercussions

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After September 15, Can I Still be a Caregiver? Traditional Model The old model for registered caregivers was pretty simple. You were allowed to grow up to twelve plants for each patient. You could have five patients, other than yourself. If the caregiver was also a patient, they could also grow twelve plants for personal use as well. Under the emergency rules, marihuana dispensaries that were operating with municipal approval, but that had not received a State license were permitted to continue operating and buying from registered caregivers. After September 15, 2018 The problems for registered caregivers only begins on September 15, 2018. Further, the unlicensed facilities to whom caregivers have been continuing to sell to, even during the licensing process, will be shutting down. New Administrative Rules Conclusion For better or worse, the State is doing everything it can to eliminate caregivers under the new administrative scheme, even prior to the planned elimination in 2021 contemplated by the MMFLA.

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