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What is the MMMA and What You Should Know

What is the MMMA and What You Should Know
Michigan’s Online Community and Library For Medical Marijuana Members of the community, including caregivers, patients, and legal experts like attorneys, can share their experiences and engage in discussion through the MMMA’s forums. Meanwhile, the blogs compile a host of different stories and perspectives, from legal cases and statistics to interviews with medical professionals. Meanwhile, the Medical Marijuana Library is a comprehensive resource of information for patients, caregivers, and physicians helping them stay above the law. It contains information on qualifying conditions for the MMMP, how to acquire medical marijuana, how to become a caregiver to assist with a patient’s use of medical marijuana and much more. The Latest MMMA News and Updates The MMMA also regularly produces and publishes content that can offer further information and a deeper look at the evolution of the legal debate around medical marijuana. Compassion Clubs The MMMA Legal Defense League

Cannabis Prosecution Policy Shift AG Sessions Removes Obama Administration Policy Regarding Prosecution of Federal Marijuana Laws. On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a policy which directs local U.S. Attorneys to prosecute federal criminal offenses for marijuana law violations, even in States where recreational and medicinal marijuana use has been approved by the voters. The new policy directive is problematic for a number of reasons, and should cause concern for people who use medical marijuana in Michigan, or to those who dispense it. Criminal Law Consequences. The policy change could pose serious challenges to the Marijuana industry, which has been steadily growing over the past decade.

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