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World War II

World War II
World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, though related conflicts began earlier. It involved the vast majority of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. It was the most widespread war in history, and directly involved more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. In a state of "total war", the major participants threw their entire economic, industrial and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. World War II altered the political alignment and social structure of the world. The United Nations (UN) was established to foster international co-operation and prevent future conflicts. Chronology Others follow the British historian A. The exact date of the war's end is also not universally agreed upon. Background

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Donald Broadbent Donald Eric (D.E.) Broadbent FRS[1] (Birmingham, 6 May 1926 – 10 April 1993) was an influential experimental psychologist from the U.K.[2] His career and research bridged the gap between the pre-WWII approach of Sir Frederic Bartlett[3] and what became known as Cognitive Psychology in the late 1960s. Broadbent's Filter Model of Attention[edit] Broadbent's Filter Model of Attention proposes the existence of a theoretical filter device, located between the incoming sensory register, and the short-term memory storage. His theory is based on the multi-storage paradigm of William James (1890) and the more recent 'multi-store' memory model by Atkinson & Shiffrin in 1968.

World War II: The Invasion of Poland and the Winter War - Alan Taylor - In Focus In August of 1939, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty. One week later, Germany invaded Poland and World War II began. The first attack of the war took place on September 1, 1939, as German aircraft bombarded the Polish town of Wielun, killing nearly 1,200. Five minutes later, the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on a transit depot at Westerplatte in the Free City of Danzig. World War II Facts, information and articles about World War II, 1939-1945 USS Arizona Pearl Harbor World War II Facts Dates September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945 Anne Frank A Project About Human Rights And To Do What Is Right - Lessons I'll begin from the moment I got you, the moment I saw you lying on the table among my other birthday presents. (I went along when you were bought, but that doesn't count.) On Friday, June 12, I was awake at six o'clock, which isn't surprising, since it was my birthday. But I'm not allowed to get up at that hour, so I had to control my curiosity until quarter to seven. When I couldn't wait any longer, I went to the dining room, where Moortje (the cat) welcomed me by rubbing against my legs.

How to Get Smarter Every Day - Motto You might be under the impression that intelligence is a fixed quantity set when you are young and unchanging thereafter. But research shows that you're wrong. How we approach situations and the things we do to feed our brains can significantly improve our mental horsepower. That could mean going back to school or filling your bookshelves (or e-reader) with thick tomes on deep subjects, but getting smarter doesn't necessarily mean a huge commitment of time and energy, according to a recent thread on question-and-answer site Quora. Information theory Overview[edit] The main concepts of information theory can be grasped by considering the most widespread means of human communication: language. Two important aspects of a concise language are as follows: First, the most common words (e.g., "a", "the", "I") should be shorter than less common words (e.g., "roundabout", "generation", "mediocre"), so that sentences will not be too long.

Military History Online - D-Day June 6, 1944 D-Day, Normandy, France June 6, 1944 by Brian Williams and John Barratt The Atlantic Wall After the invasion and subsequent fall of France in 1940, the German army controlled the entire coast of Northern France. Following the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk, Hitler had hoped that Britain would agree to settle the war. But, because of British determination and Germany's inability to carry out an invasion of England, Germany was forced to maintain a defensive posture along the coast. In 1944, the German war machine was still very powerful despite the many setbacks on the Eastern Front. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - World War II My TV provider is not listed. Why not? We are currently working on adding more TV providers.

Sonderkommando – Google Cultural Institute The following tasks relating to the murder formed part of the duties of the Sonderkommando: • in the undressing rooms of the gas chambers: the Sonderkommando members assisted the deportees and tried to put them at ease as they undressed for what was called ‘the bathing’. Moreover, on the orders of the SS, they led people showing symptoms of anxiety behind the building, where they held them during the execution. Later, after the last people had entered the gas chamber, they took out the personal belongings of the victims from the undressing room to lorries in the transport column standing nearby; • in the gas chamber: after completing the ventilation of the premises, they rinsed the corpses of waste body fluids, searched the bodies for hidden valuables, removed precious metal teeth and prosthetics. Moreover, they cut off the hair of the dead women;

Be Productive: How I Became a Morning Person - Motto Five years ago, I decided to become a morning person. It didn’t come naturally to me. When I had to wake up early—for a meeting, an event, or class—it was like the vignette above. I struggled to get out of bed. Often I barely made it to my engagement on time.

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