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The silver lining impact of putting on braces?

The silver lining impact of putting on braces?
Posted on 9th May 2020 in Orthodontics When patients think about orthodontic treatments, they’re often preoccupied with some of the less attractive side effects. They’re so worried about how they will look and how they will eat that they miss out on some of the positive aspects of braces. The obvious positive side effect of getting braces is that you’ll be left with a stunning smile. But there are a few other unexpected side effects which deserve some attention. If your teeth are misaligned, you might be wondering if it is severe enough to warrant treatment. Dental braces are required in the following situations: Your teeth are crooked or crowdedYour jaw makes a clicking sound or hurts when you open and close your mouthYou often bite your cheeks.You struggle to chew food because of a jaw misalignment Positive side effects of braces There are many different orthodontic treatments available. 1. 2. Proper chewing technique is essential to the digestion process. 3. 4. Problems to look out for

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