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Educational Resources and Teaching Supplies

Educational Resources and Teaching Supplies

Classroom Paper Recycling | TryEngineering Lesson Focus Lesson focuses on how engineers and others have developed and improved the manufacturing of recycled paper. Students work in teams to recycle and manufacture their own recycled paper while learning how recycled paper is manufactured on a larger scale in paper facilities. Student teams evaluate current processes for creating paper and develop improvement to the procedure. Age Levels: Objectives Learn about recycled paper manufacturing.Learn about re-engineering.Learn how engineering can help solve society's challenges.Learn about teamwork and problem solving. Anticipated Learner Outcomes As a result of this activity, students should develop an understanding of: paper recyclingmanufacturing processesengineering designteamwork Lesson Activities Students learn about how chemical engineers and others work together to create recycled paper. Resources/Materials Teacher Resource Documents (attached)Student Resource Sheet (attached)Student Worksheets (attached)

Classroom Display Resources (HD) - Available on the App Store NOW!!! Teacher's Pet launched in 2010 and is one of the most popular classroom resource providers in the world! Now you can browse our resources on the go with our brilliant new iPad app! Built from the ground up to bring our huge collection of unique resources to your iPad's big, beautiful screen! Get It Now For FREE!Never be without Teacher's Pet again! How To Install Invisible Shelves (Creating Space & Removing Clutter) Pimp out your pad on the cheap! This is a great way to start conversation about your favorite books and how cool you are for making books float on your wall! AMAZING! Step 1: You will need 1 "L" Bracket1 Carpet Knife1 Drill1 Phillips Head Screwdriver5 Small wood screws (flat-head)3 Large wood screws (flat-head)1 Tape Measure1 Elmers Glue Bottle (filled with glue)5 Books To Shelve1 Big Book That You'll Never Read Again Step 2: Where's The Middle? Open the sacrificial book's back cover and use your tape measure to find the halfway point. Step 3: Cut The Book Use your utility knife to cut into the pages of the book, following the outline of the bracket. Step 4: The Book Screw Get your drill out and drill through the holes in the "L" Bracket. Step 5: Glue Cover the inside back cover of the book in glue and close it. Step 6: Sleep It Off We know you're excited, but just wait. Step 7: Mounty Hunter Figure out where you want the books to go and find the stud. Step 8: Stack 'Em High

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