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Welcome to the Group Pattern Language Project

Welcome to the Group Pattern Language Project

Visualizing Light at Trillion FPS, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab Home | News | Join Us | People | Projects | Publications | Talks | Courses Femto-Photography: Visualizing Photons in Motion at a Trillion Frames Per Second Team Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab; Project Director (raskar(at) G. Femto-Photography MembersNikhil Naik,Otkrist Gupta, Andy Bardagjy, MIT Media Lab Ashok Veeraraghavan, Rice U. Abstract We have built an imaging solution that allows us to visualize propagation of light. The device has been developed by the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group in collaboration with Bawendi Lab in the Department of Chemistry at MIT. The new technique, which we call Femto Photography, consists of femtosecond laser illumination, picosecond-accurate detectors and mathematical reconstruction techniques. Download high-resolution photos and videos References A. "Slow art with a trillion frames per second camera", A Velten, E Lawson, A Bardagiy, M Bawendi, R Raskar, Siggraph 2011 Talk [Link] Frequently Asked Questions Related Work

Generative Dialogue - Dene Rossouw - In his book, Dialogue and the art of thinking together, William Isaacs introduces the concept of a container that is essential for dialogue to take place. “Dialogue….is a conversation with a centre, not sides. It is a way of taking the energy of our differences and channelling it toward something that has never been created before. “William Isaacs The container is a place of psychological safety. We say a lot when we truly listen One of the most powerful tools for generative and deep dialogue is committed listening, which involves a set of interrelated skills: open-ended questioning, paraphrasing, acknowledging feelings, non-verbal encouragers and summarizing. It’s the commitment to listen to the unique experiences of another person by hearing not only the words but sensing and responding to the underlying feelings, and unexpressed meanings behind the words. Generative dialogue Generative dialogue creates something new. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dene Rossouw Did you enjoy this blog post? Google+

:::::CYBERSYN/Cybernetic Synergy:::: “Dear friends, I should like to greet you personally to this place, in the development of which I have taken enormous personal interest, and for this reason I am asking you to take a special interest in it. What you see is the outcome of 18 months of hard work on the part of a group of extremely professional Chilean engineers who have devoted their efforts to solving corporate management problems. They have created for us a series of tools to help us in the task of controlling the economy. Modern science, and specifically electronic computer science, offers the Government a new opportunity to address modern economic problems. We have seen that the power of this science has not yet been used in the so-called developed countries. Stafford Beer

New Paradigm Economics | The Visionary Commons We’ve been enculturated to think of economics as a cold, boring, academic subject devoid of connection to humanity’s heart and soul. In fact it is intimately connected and potentially one of the most juicy, alive, rich ways of understanding and evolving our humanity, our purpose and our future. Economics is one of the most essential fields of agreements on how we hold our collective self-image, how we develop our collective self esteem. It is how we agree to take care of each other – how we hold every other human being on the planet in relationship. To start to understand a new paradigm for economics, money and value and how we interact with the world, I invite you to “spend” some time with these videos. Many more to come soon! First Charles Eisenstein captures the essence of new paradigm economics in this 12 minute video: And watch the latest from Bernard Lietaer – this says it well! and to understand this new currency world: When in doubt look to the younger generation! Global Dynamics Processes: the Pattern which Connects from KaliYuga to Tao: Metalogue: what is the instinct of Tao? Definition of insinct: in animal psychology and ethology, “nervous mechanism hierarchically organized, with innate action patterns, sensitive to certain environmental stimuli that arouse it, put it in action and direct it, to which it responds with well-coordinated movements which have as their purpose the preservation of the individual or species". The animal instinct (which leads for example the birds to build nests) is more complex than reflection; does not change either during the life of the individual or through several generations of individuals of the same species, and become less rigid or preformed and so much more connected to learning as going up in the zoological scale.. Definition of Metalogue: A metalogue is a conversation about some problematic subject. This conversation should be such that not only do the participants discuss the problem but the structure of the conversation as a whole is also relevant to the same subject. D: But what does it explain? D: Don't be silly.

BBRT Online Knowledge | The best source of information about Beyond Budgeting matters MAGAZINE - Future-Ready Now! We created the FUTURE-READY NOW! magazine in order to get to the bottom of some things: We want to learn more about leadership in a time where old ways of leading are rapidly becoming obsolete. We want to arrive at an understanding of strategy and design that is not anti-human and anti-planet. We hope to deepen our understanding of just how people at work are creating, navigating relationships, communicating and surviving the massive complexity in the 21st Century organization. And most importantly, we have designed Future Ready Now to be a voice for the unseen and unrecognized; for the opportunities hidden everywhere overlooked by common sense. At the center of our publication is one provocative question: That’s a great question, with a lot of open explorations. In that spirit, the design of Future Ready Now is tied to the idea that people, platforms, purpose and planet can converge in unique ways so that everyone can thrive in their places of living and working.