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Dev Bootcamp - Learn Ruby on Rails in 9 weeks.

Dev Bootcamp - Learn Ruby on Rails in 9 weeks.
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EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center Learn, teach, and share online video lessons | The Ultimate Guide to Coding Bootcamps: The Exhaustive List [Editors Note: This is a fully updated list of coding bootcamps as of May 2015] Our ever growing list of coding bootcamps is updated again. There are over 70 in-person bootcamps throughout the US and Canada. Coding bootcamps are months-long intensive experiences. Ada Developers Academy Seattle This bootcamp is a non-profit organization that was assembled in cooperation with Seattle’s Technology Alliance Incubator. Angelhack San Francisco Angelhack is 33% hackathon organizer, 33% accelerator and 33% educator. Anyone Can Learn to Code Chicago / San Francisco The majority of bootcamps require students to quit their job and devote weeks of their lives to the program. App Academy New York / San Francisco This is a laboratory-style coding program intended to prepare students for an entry level web development job. Apprentice Austin / Boston / New York / San Francisco / Stockholm / London Apprentice is a specialized program for intermediate developers with previous coding experience. Wyncode Miami

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example book and screencasts by Michael Hartl DHSI | Digital Humanities Summer Institute collaborates with Microsoft to Launch IT Development Courses EdX collaborates with Microsoft to Launch IT Development Courses Program is Microsoft’s first initiative with a major MOOC provider Cambridge, MA – March 10, 2015 – EdX, the nonprofit online learning initiative, welcomes Microsoft Corp. to Through this program, Microsoft will offer the edX global learning community courses to acquire the core development skills needed to be successful in the cloud-first, mobile-first world. Taught by Microsoft experts, these first courses focused on in-demand skills feature interactive coding, assessments, and exercises, and are now open for enrollment. “We are pleased to welcome Microsoft to edX,” said Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX. “Microsoft has a long history of working within the community to make coding and app development more accessible and rewarding to the growing number of people who want to help shape the technology industry,” said Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Developer Experience (DX) at Microsoft.

Curriculum — Coding Bootcamp in San Francisco. JavaScript focused programming school. Our program builds expertise in a curated suite of technologies and concepts, each selected for their workplace utility and relevance to modern software engineering paradigms. Students learn about something new, then immediately reinforce that knowledge by using it to build and test real software. Each lesson builds up to the next, as students grow into Software Engineers with a robust technical and professional skillset. The Hack Reactor education begins with the Pre-Course material, which ensures that every student begins the program with a strong handle on the JavaScript fundamentals necessary to master the language and pick up more advanced skills during the the program. Throughout the course, students learn through a finely tuned sequence of targeted lectures, structured assignments, and collaborative projects designed to emulate life on a real-world engineering team.

Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities These NEH grants support national or regional (multistate) training programs for scholars and advanced graduate students to broaden and extend their knowledge of digital humanities. Through these programs, NEH seeks to increase the number of humanities scholars using digital technology in their research and to broadly disseminate knowledge about advanced technology tools and methodologies relevant to the humanities. The projects may be a single opportunity or offered multiple times to different audiences. Institutes may be as short as a few days and held at multiple locations or as long as six weeks at a single site. For example, training opportunities could be offered before or after regularly occurring scholarly meetings, during the summer months, or during appropriate times of the academic year. The duration of a program should allow for full and thorough treatment of the topic. Program Statistics Questions? Contact the NEH Office of Digital Humanities via e‑mail at .

Picmonic for Medicine We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in Medical School and turned it into 800+ Picmonics covering eight major subject areas. We follow the most popular and latest editions of Medical textbooks like First Aid, Robbins, and Goljan – organizing our subjects similarly to the chapters in these books. Pharmacology Drug Indications & Side Effects Mechanism of Action Contraindications Microbiology Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology Parasitology & Treatments Biochemistry Nutrition & Metabolism Genetic Disorders Enzyme Defects Nutrition Anatomy Bones & Muscles Nerves & Vasculature Organ System Anatomy Social / Behavorial Screening Developmental Milestones Biostatistics Organ Based Physiology Pathology Treatment Pathology & Physiology Cardiovascular, Endocrine, GI Hematology & Oncology Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Neurology, Psychiatry, Renal Reproductive, Respiratory

The Definitive Guide To The Best Coding Bootcamps Choosing a code school can be difficult, even overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back and narrowed it down to the top 34 bootcamps in the world.. Coding bootcamps are immerse training programs that help students from all backgrounds transition into a tech career. Since 2012, these private education courses have been training software engineers with industry job placement records averaging above 65%. Over the past year, SwitchUp has amassed thousands of alumni reviews and data points to bring you our list of recommendations. Interested in a school not on this list or just want to see your options? Rankings of the 34 best code schools in the world: 1. Startup Institute is located in domestically in the US as well as internationally. Recent Review: “To me, Startup Institute was less about learning hard skills than about working on soft skills that are key to thriving in Startups. Read All Startup Institute Reviews on SwitchUp. 2. This program is absolutely awesome. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Writing History in the Digital Age imgur Guy Spent $11,000 On A Coding 'Bootcamp' And Doubled His Salary Digital Historians | for people who do more than use The Google