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Dev Bootcamp - Learn Ruby on Rails in 9 weeks.

Dev Bootcamp - Learn Ruby on Rails in 9 weeks.

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Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities These NEH grants support national or regional (multistate) training programs for scholars and advanced graduate students to broaden and extend their knowledge of digital humanities. Through these programs, NEH seeks to increase the number of humanities scholars using digital technology in their research and to broadly disseminate knowledge about advanced technology tools and methodologies relevant to the humanities. The projects may be a single opportunity or offered multiple times to different audiences. Institutes may be as short as a few days and held at multiple locations or as long as six weeks at a single site. For example, training opportunities could be offered before or after regularly occurring scholarly meetings, during the summer months, or during appropriate times of the academic year. The duration of a program should allow for full and thorough treatment of the topic.

collaborates with Microsoft to Launch IT Development Courses EdX collaborates with Microsoft to Launch IT Development Courses Program is Microsoft’s first initiative with a major MOOC provider Cambridge, MA – March 10, 2015 – EdX, the nonprofit online learning initiative, welcomes Microsoft Corp. to Through this program, Microsoft will offer the edX global learning community courses to acquire the core development skills needed to be successful in the cloud-first, mobile-first world. Taught by Microsoft experts, these first courses focused on in-demand skills feature interactive coding, assessments, and exercises, and are now open for enrollment.

The Ultimate Guide to Coding Bootcamps: The Exhaustive List [Editors Note: This is a fully updated list of coding bootcamps as of May 2015] Our ever growing list of coding bootcamps is updated again. There are over 70 in-person bootcamps throughout the US and Canada. Association for Computers and the Humanities The annual Digital Humanities conference is an opportunity for the ACH to pursue in-person many of the initiatives that we support more virtually during the year. We hope you’ll be able to join us for some or all of our events at DH2013 in Nebraska! ACH Annual General Meeting, Jobs Slam, and Pedagogy Lightning Talks Sure, there may be some sub-committee reports and even an important vote or two, but you haven’t really experienced an annual general meeting until you’ve been to an ACH Jobs Slam! This is a lively event where prospective employees and employers have 30 seconds of floor-time to woo each other.

Picmonic for Medicine We’ve taken all the high yield info you need to know in Medical School and turned it into 800+ Picmonics covering eight major subject areas. We follow the most popular and latest editions of Medical textbooks like First Aid, Robbins, and Goljan – organizing our subjects similarly to the chapters in these books. Pharmacology Drug Indications & Side Effects Mechanism of Action Contraindications

Curriculum — Coding Bootcamp in San Francisco. JavaScript focused programming school. Our program builds expertise in a curated suite of technologies and concepts, each selected for their workplace utility and relevance to modern software engineering paradigms. Students learn about something new, then immediately reinforce that knowledge by using it to build and test real software. Each lesson builds up to the next, as students grow into Software Engineers with a robust technical and professional skillset. The Hack Reactor education begins with the Pre-Course material, which ensures that every student begins the program with a strong handle on the JavaScript fundamentals necessary to master the language and pick up more advanced skills during the the program. Throughout the course, students learn through a finely tuned sequence of targeted lectures, structured assignments, and collaborative projects designed to emulate life on a real-world engineering team.

The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture » Updates Announcing Our Summer Schedule of Scalar Webinars April 17, 2014 The Scalar development team will be offering a series of free online webinars this summer. 10 Best Coding Bootcamps for Those on a Budget Lauren Mobertz is a New York-based freelance writer and editor who specializes in startups, labor, and digital nomadism. When she’s not writing about the career moves of gutsy millennials, Lauren is usually running in strange places or trying to dance Brazilian zouk. You can find more of her work on Medium. Web and software developers are among the most sought after on the job market today, so it’s no wonder that learning to program can pay off big.

The Definitive Guide To The Best Coding Bootcamps Over the past year, we’ve amassed hundreds of alumni reviews and gathered thousands of data points to bring you our list of recommendations and guidelines. The amount of public, third-party information on these programs are limited, but we've tried our best to aggregate and evaluate all the information, reviews, and data out there. What follows is Part 1 of our comprehensive 2014 guide to the coding bootcamp: our list of the top programs in 2014, our list of research questions for interested applicants, and even a brief explainer on the history of bootcamp education. In Part 2, we'll talk about assessing whether a software career is the right fit.

Digital Humanities Humanities Day 2012: Digital Humanities Forum by UChicago 449 views How is the digital changing the way that humanities scholars look at the past? This forum showcases several ongoing projects by faculty that utilize network visualization, text-mining, geo-spatial mapping, and other digital techniques to augment and/or reframe more traditional lines of humanistic inquiry. HTML Frames Tutorials - How to Make Web Page Layouts Using Frames Although this is not advisable (I would never do it), you can divide your web pages into what's known in HTML coding as frames. A frame layout allows you to separate each component of your web page into its own separate box. One or more of these boxes remain the same while another box containing content gets swapped out for different content as the viewer interacts with your website.

Techendo - Ratings and Reviews For All Things Tech™ Edit: We have now built a site for grading bootcamps. Rate and let others know about your experiences with your dev school. The growing demand for engineering talent has created a market opportunity for trade schools billed as "development bootcamp" or dev bootcamps. These schools offer 6-12 week intensive courses wherein you pay and they tell you that you'll land a good job at the end, or at least you'll know how to code -- or will you?

Attend An ODH Funded Institute Digital Humanities Data Curation As the materials and analytical practices of humanities research become increasingly digital, the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of information science, librarianship, and archival science- which come together in the research, and practice of data curation - will become more vital to humanists. The three-day workshop will provide a strong introductory grounding in data curation concepts and practices, focusing on the special issues and challenges of data curation in the digital humanities. How to Build Responsive Websites Responsive design is a foundation of the modern web. This class is a beginners guide that explains what you need to know to make your site look great on all devices. Download the exercise files: