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Article: Keeley Fuzz Head

Article: Keeley Fuzz Head
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Fuzz comparison This page is not intended to be a thorough and deep analysis of each of these pedals, but might help you get a overall view of what different pedals sound like in the same environment with the same input sample. The samples are recorded straight through a Line6 Pod XT, so no amplifiers, microphones or studios were used. Therefore, the samples will not give the best achievable sounds that can be achieved from each of these pedals, but since all are in the exactly same environment a comparison can be made. The recording equipment and method as evolved during the few years of the pedalarea existence, thus not all pedals are recorded in an equal way. Some pedals only contain one sample which was recorded with different input samples, so straight comparison is not quite justified, but I have left these samples since they might give some vague impression of the sound the pedal offers.

Devi Ever FX BIT Legend Of Fuzz | DiscoFreq's Effects Database Various Devi Ever The Bit is an intense saw tooth shaping fuzz that creates tones reminiscent of C64, Atari, and other old video game consoles. More words are not necessary because there are sound samples and videos galore below! Devi Ever (2007) The BIT is a combination of the 33 and GZ, which together create an interesting sawtooth shaper, turning your guitar into a classic video game sounding synth. triangle wave resonation fuzz tone strange decay : brittle : intense : love An analog saw tooth style fuzz pedal with a cool retro sound. The Bit Legend of Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal is an intense sawtooth shaping fuzz that creates tones reminiscent of C64, Atari, and other old video game consoles. Controls: Volume knob: lots of gain on tap Control knob: changes fuzz intensity and texture Most recent forum threads No forum threads about this effect yet. Link to this page Here's some code to post a link with image on forums, eBay, websites,...

Fuzz Central -- FAQs I personally do not think that wiring up PNP transistors (Silicon or Germanium) as negative ground is one of the best ideas. The PNP transistors are simply not meant to function with a negative ground and osciallation and "motorboating" sounds are common results of wiring a Fuzz Face with PNP transistors as such. Here's some more information from R.G. While in theory, the negative ground conversion for FF and other PNP circuits ought to work every time, there are a significant number of times where it causes oscillation, motorboating, etc. So, in my opinion, I would always leave PNP transistor-equipped circuits as positive ground. Sybil - The Ultimate Germanium and Silicon Fuzz A Retroman Original! We all dig the early Fuzz Face tones .... Germanium .... GET BOTH! Channel 1 – Silicon: A complete FF style circuit, only tweaked for better response and output. Channel 2 – Germanium: Featuring New Old Stock AC-188 transistors. NOTE - NKT275 are available as an option! PLUS….you get this – Tone Control: These are NOT passive, after the fact, roll-off controls. On the Sybil "Classic" .... you get a "Parallel / Series" switch Parallel Mode – Choose what you use - ONLY the Si side… or ONLY the Ge side… or BLEND your favorite mix of a Ge and Si Fuzz. Series Mode - Sheer insanity! On the Sybil "Two Switch" .... you get a "Routing" switch. Other Goodies: Tone Control doubles as a power switch! DC Power adapter jack – I prefer to use a battery, but maybe you want to use a power supply …. that’s why every Retroman pedal includes a DC power supply jack.

Top Finds of 2009 / Skincontrol Pedals The killer gear just keeps on rolling through! My dearest of friends, I'd like to introduce to you SkinKontrol Pedals. This talented little outfit I came across just a few months ago, and from that first encounter I was hooked to the gills. SkinKontrol Pedals Temple City, CA Builder: Jason Marshall Years in the Game: Skinface AC128 Fuzz Pedal * 2 AC128 Germanium Transistors * NOS Carbon Comp Resistors * NOS Illinois Capacitors * 3PDT Cliff Footswitch * 9V Battery or 9Vdc Adapter * Hammond Die Cast Aluminum Box * Handbuilt One at a Time (current lead time is approx two weeks) The fuzz pedal. I noticed from the first few runs I put it through that this pedal wasn't going to mind which kind of guitar pickup I played it through. Germanium Push/Pull Octave Fuzz * Germanium Design * Neutric Jacks * Cliff Footswitch * 9V Battery or 9Vdc adapter * Signed and Numbered (current lead time is approx two weeks) There isn't much to say other than this pedal is absolutely stunning.

fuzzboxworld — DenTone 900 Pound Violin fuzz pedal 900 Pound Violin by DenTone Electronics -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New upgraded design, more pedalboard friendly, same classic circuit! The name speaks for itself. Yes, it can get that "electric kazoo" lead sound. Santana is in there, so is Jimmy Page, so is every garage band that ever dreamed of the big time. I made a short youtube demo video so that you can see how it sounds. Here is a link to Harmony Central review: Recent email from a 900 Pound Violin owner:Here is a recent comment from a 900 Pound Violin owner: "The 900 pound violin is definitely every bit of 900 pounds. Again, Great job on this pedal. Pedal comes standard with unique, relic finish and raw graphics. As in all DenTone pedals, only the finest components are used throughout.

fuzzboxworld — DenTone Neptune Fuzz Rocket DenTone Neptune Fuzz Rocket Powered by Old Germanium The DenTone Neptune Fuzz Rocket is powered by old stock germanium transistors. Hand built, one at a time in the USA in a one man shop. Each pedal is signed and dated. This pedal is a replica of the ultra rare germanium transistor version of the Mosrite Fuzzrite. Ultra high end construction: -Virtually indestructible aluminum enclosure -Alpha potentiometers -Neutrik jacks -Electro Harmonix true bypass footswitch -Solid core 24 gauge wire -Assembled by hand on veroboard and wired point to point. Short Youtube demo:

fuzzboxworld — Burns Baldwin Buzzaround fuzz pedal clone Baldwin Burns Buzzaround Clone ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master Volume knob plus DC jack friendly!! For your consideration, a clone of the famous, obsolete and amazingly rare Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz pedal. Note: This is a new version which is more pedalboard friendly. It can utilize either a 9v battery or a Standard Boss-style 2.1mm adaptor (not included). The originals have sold recently for as much as $3000 on ebay! My build uses vintage NOS PNP germanium transistors, 1% metal film resistors and mylar capacitors and is in a rock solid, bulletproof build. Here is a youtube demo (older version, no master volume) so you can get an idea of the sounds available. Please take some time to read the feedback that many, many satisfied buyers of my pedals have left over the years. "amazing pedal and unbelievable tone. without a doubt, FRIPP IN A BOX!!!!" And another: "Hey Dennis, I got the Buzzaround today.

Fuzz Detective:The Case of the 12 Germanium Fuzzes - As threatened, the Fuzz Detective video: WHAT: Twelve germanium fuzz circuits compared and analyzed. These represent the sounds of almost every fuzz pedal introduced between 1962 and 1968. WHY: A tool to help players identify the circuits most relevant to their musical needs. This isn’t about particular brands of pedals, but the circuits they employ. HOW: I tried to establish a “level playing field” by removing as many sonic variables as possible. Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz ToneSola Tone Bender Mk 1Hornby-Skewes Zonk MachineSola Tone Bender “Mk 1.5″ (similar to Vox Tone Benders)Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz FaceWEM Pep Box RushSola Tone Bender Mk II (same as Marshall Supafuzz)Mosrite Fuzzrite (germanium version)Orpheum Fuzz (germanium version)Selmer Buzz ToneSola Tone Bender Mk III (same as Park Fuzz Sound, Carlsbro Fuzz)Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround. WHEN: Like, now, man! Tech details: In Pt 1, you hear all 12 circuits through the same signal chain: The is the longest, most ambitious video I’ve attempted.