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30 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools - Ditch That Textbook

30 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools - Ditch That Textbook
4. Shared presentations Create a presentation with one slide per student and give students permission to edit it. Then assign an activity — some quick Internet research, a writing prompt, an image search to find an example, etc. When they’re done, show the presentation on a projector. It’s student work instantly on display. 5. This goes for any creative student work — poetry, video, visual art, etc. Kick this assignment up a notch with a Google Earth and Slides appsmash! 6. When you add a speech bubble or thought bubble to an image, you let students speak or think for the subject of the photo. Select a set of pictures that either introduces your current lesson focus or is key to your subject for the lesson and let students caption them as a group. 7. This idea comes from Jennifer Scott, an English teacher, and technology leader in California. To create a unified look, students create Layouts with Image templates. A layout like this… …becomes this. 8.

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Embed Google Docs – Strikingly Help Center Google Docs is a free service from Google which allows you to manage and store your documents online. If you'd like your site viewers to view them through your site, you can copy the embed code of the document and place it in a "HTML section" (for Pro users). This is also applicable to other Google Drive services such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. You can do that by following these steps: Set your document's privacy to public so your site viewers would see it. You can do that by clicking the "Share" button at the top right corner of the document page.Click "Get shareable link" and select "More".

100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators Google Classroom allows teachers to easily manage student work and teaching with Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets and anything Google. This handy tool has opened up the doors of blended learning and collaborative classrooms like never before. Teachers wanting to implement Google Classroom can use these resources to get started, level up their learning, or become a pro at all things Google.

Google Docs improves importing PDFs with images, tables Opening a PDF uploaded to Google Drive provides a basic preview. You’ve long been able to edit PDF files by selecting the “Open with Google Docs” option, and the import experience is now offering improved support. Google cites a “range of updates that will make PDFs converted into Google Docs better.”

You can take it with you! Transfer your Gmail and Drive with Google Takeout for Schools Change is a part of life:Maybe you are a high school senior or a college student and you are graduating.Or perhaps you are a student who is moving to a new school.You might be a teacher who is taking a job at a new school district.Or maybe you are an educator who is retiring after many years of service. In each situation it is very possible you may have a Google account. G Suite may be used at your high school, your college, and any one of your jobs. So what happens to your Google account when you graduate high school, graduate college, move from one job to another, and eventually retire? You will have built up years of emails, documents, slideshows, and much more. 11 Creative Ways to Get the Most Out of Google Hangouts These days, a lot of us are spending a lot of time online. We’re spending time indoors and in front of the screen, perhaps unwillingly. As such, Google Hangouts has become one of the main programs that helps you connect with friends and family through video and chat. Advertisement While Google is phasing out its classic Hangouts app, the program still offers some bells and whistles that make it useful for online conversations.

Our 2020 Google Resource Roundup Every year, I gather all the fabulous Google resources from our blog. This year, we have had so many amazing posts on topics ranging from Google Meet to Google Classroom. Check out this incredible list of Google blog posts from this past year categorized by topic/tool. Accessibility Assistive Writing Features in Google Docs – Take a look at two assistive writing features in Google Docs that are sure to help your students.Grackle Your Google Docs – Are you sure the Google Docs you create are accessible by all your students?

Hangouts Chat vs Hangouts Meet vs Classic Hangouts Updated: March 3, 2020 It’s a bit difficult to keep with Google’s various iterations of chat and Hangouts products. However, Google has been honing its strategy and has come up with two well-thought-out business productivity offerings that complement G Suite’s core offerings. Here is a roundup of the current Google Hangouts and Chat products, including the newest kid on the block.

How to Whitelist in Gmail Gmail's spam function works well by identifying messages that are likely to be spam and sending them directly to a Spam folder, so you never have to see them. But, this function can become problematic if it works too well, such as when Gmail identifies a message as spam that really isn't. When that's the case, you might continue to miss email messages from a certain sender because they always end up in your Spam folder. If Gmail keeps sending messages from a certain sender to the Spam folder, you can make it stop by telling Gmail the email address is safe. This action, called whitelisting, puts the address on your safe sender list and allows those messages through the spam filter and into your inbox. Start With Filters and Blocked Addresses

20 ways Google MyMaps can enhance lessons in any class - Ditch That Textbook Maps cross all content areas and grade levels. By creating custom MyMaps, students can see the content they’ve studied in a new light. (Public domain image via Pixabay) Maps are a fundamental part of everyday life. Even if we don’t pull paper maps out of our car glove compartments anymore, we still rely on GPS and digital directions. Without maps, we’re lost. Google Will Now Delete Your Data Automatically Advertisement You can now force Google to automatically delete your data after a set period of time. This should save you from having to delete said data manually. Initially, Google’s auto-delete controls are available for your Location History and Web & App Activity. How to Auto-Delete Your Google Data In a post on The Keyword, Google explains how and why it’s introducing auto-delete controls for your data.

10 Neat Ways to Create Beautiful Google Documents Do you remember when Google Docs was known as Writerly? Yeah, that was a long time ago, but since then Google Docs has gone from a simple word processor to a powerful tool to make creative Google Docs. Google is constantly adding new features to its word processing suite, which also consists of Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google Drawings, and App Script. This turns it into a professional tool that can compete with the best word processing programs out there. In fact, with the help of add-ons and templates, you can turn your Google Docs suite into a powerhouse. Redefining annotation: Ditch That PDF and hyper-annotate [callout]Today’s post was written by Joe Marquez, a tech coach from Clovis, California. Find Joe on Twitter at @JoeMarquez70 or on [/callout] Learning how to read and annotate text is an important skill all our students need to truly understand stories, articles, and *GULP* textbooks. This is a skill that can be learned over time.