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Identifying the Pathways for Meaning Circulation using Text Network Analysis By Dmitry Paranyushkin, Nodus Labs. Published October 2011, Berlin. Abstract: In this work we propose a method and algorithm for identifying the pathways for meaning circulation within a text. Attack Tools Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Bishop Fox’s attack tools for Google Hacking level the playing field by allowing our clients to find information disclosures and exposed vulnerabilities before others do. Arm yourself with our arsenal of attack tools that leverage Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. SearchDiggity SearchDiggity v 3

Avoid selective hearing with 20 top social media monitoring tool You hear that? … What about that? … Still can’t hear it? What you’re probably not hearing is the sound of people talking about your brand online. Web Scraping How To Date last modified: Mon Oct 27 2014 8:56 AM About This Page This page is a record of my adventures with what is sometimes known as web scraping. Confusingly, this goes by many names such as web/form acquisition/capture, web/internet/data harvesting/mining, or screen scraping.

Spreadsheet converts tweets for social network analysis in Gephi EDIT 05/15/13: I’ve posted two scripts, one in PHP and one in Python, that overcome the main limitation of this spreadsheet–they pull in all mentioned names rather than just the first one. Download one or both here. If you’ve ever wanted to visualize Twitter networks but weren’t sure how to get the tweets into the right format, this spreadsheet I’ve been using in my classes might be worth a try. It prepares Twitter data for importing into Gephi, an open-source network visualization platform.

Firesheep The extension was created as a demonstration of the security risk of session hijacking vulnerabilities to users of web sites that only encrypt the login process and not the cookie(s) created during the login process.[3] It has been warned that the use of the extension to capture login details without permission would violate wiretapping laws and/or computer security laws in some countries. Despite the security threat surrounding Firesheep, representatives for Mozilla Add-ons have stated that it would not use the browser's internal add-on blacklist to disable use of Firesheep, as the blacklist has only been used to disable spyware or add-ons which inadvertently create security vulnerabilities, as opposed to attack tools (which may legitimately be used to test the security of one's own systems).[4] Note that even if they did, it wouldn't actually prevent anyone from using Firesheep, as Firefox contains a hidden setting to disable this blacklist.[5] Countermeasures[edit] HTTPS[edit]

Best Tools to Analyze, Aggregate, and Visualize Twitter Data Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Estimates of the number of daily users vary as the company does not release the number of active accounts. In November 2008, Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research estimated that Twitter had 4-5 million users. A February 2009 blog entry ranks Twitter as the third largest social network (behind Facebook and MySpace), and puts the number of users at roughly 6 million and the number of monthly visitors at 55 million. Find below a collection of the best tools to analyze, aggregate, and visualize twitter data. Please add a comment if you’d like us to look at additional tools.

Using Metadata to find Paul Revere - Kieran Healy London, 1772. I have been asked by my superiors to give a brief demonstration of the surprising effectiveness of even the simplest techniques of the new-fangled Social Networke Analysis in the pursuit of those who would seek to undermine the liberty enjoyed by His Majesty’s subjects. This is in connection with the discussion of the role of “metadata” in certain recent events and the assurances of various respectable parties that the government was merely “sifting through this so-called metadata” and that the “information acquired does not include the content of any communications”. I will show how we can use this “metadata” to find key persons involved in terrorist groups operating within the Colonies at the present time. I shall also endeavour to show how these methods work in what might be called a relational manner. Rest assured that we only collected metadata on these people, and no actual conversations were recorded or meetings transcribed.

Unicode fun All Unicode characters in the range 0x0000-0xFFFF which have a visible glyph in Windows's Arial font. Copy-paste to build fun smileys ! ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? Free social media monitoring tools The importance of knowing what people are saying about you online, shouldn't be underestimated. By now, you should all be using Google Alerts to receive updates of your latest Google listings, or running searches on Twitter. But this is by no means extensive and there are many (free!)

  Google Developers Including structured data markup in web content helps Google algorithms better index and understand the content. Some data can also be used to create and display Rich Snippets within the search results. For example, the Rich Snippet at the right shows search results for a movie, including review stars, an aggregate rating value, and vote count — very useful to anyone searching for information about this movie. To make your pages eligible for Rich Snippets in search results, add structured data of the appropriate type to your content. Exploring Hollywood values through IMDB genres and tags A typical Hollywood story always portraits life in a twisted way. Movies are infused with values. There are typical stories: justice always prevails in the end, even if it means the death of a good guy; the coming-of-age story, in which hero becomes a man, the revenge story, in which the hero is wronged in the beginning, and must regain his life and justice in the course of the film. In American movies, family values are all-important, and so on. These values are interrelated in the movie world, but what is their importance relative to other values?

Facebook friends network mapping: a Gephi tutorial Gephi is a powerful social network modelling tool. It also has the great advantage of simplicity: there is no need of any special skills to use it, except curiosity! This tool is used in a large number of contexts, which is why it took us to heart to propose a guide, fit to a wide audience. We offer a tutorial based on your own data from Facebook, which obviously can be used with various kinds of data! Cliquez ici pour afficher la traduction française ! Table of contents: