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The Interactive Whiteboard for iPad.

The Interactive Whiteboard for iPad.

Freedom to Teach Name: Toni Weiss School: Tulane University State: New Orleans, Louisiana Job Title: Senior Professor of Practice, Department of Economics; Associate Director, Tulane’s Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching How do you use Doceri? Let me start by saying that I have never used PowerPoint when I teach. Having content up on the screen makes it significantly easier for all students to see the material, including those who might have a sight impairment. As a check for understanding, I can hand my iPad to students and ask them contribute to solving a problem. of graphs so I have the students draw different parts of the graphs and then “pass the iPad.” students the graphs form and everyone else can see mistakes as they happen. I can further support my students by being able to save the notes an upload them to Canvas so students who have more difficulty taking notes don’t miss any information. What have been the reactions of your students, other staff, and admin, to your use of Doceri?

Frozen Planet: Explore the polar regions Click on the image below to start exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. You can access geographic information provided by Arctic and Antarctic experts, watch videos of the wildlife in each region, and see important historical events as people explore the polar regions. Copyrighted image Credit: The Open University Launch Frozen Planet 9 Special thanks to British Antarctic Survey 10 for their assistance in developing this interactive map. Please note: If you've arrived at this page looking for our Frozen Planet poster, thank you for your interest, but unfortunately, demand for this item was very high and we have now exhausted our current supplies. More about Frozen Planet

5 Recommended iPad Screensharing Apps The iPad is supposed to make teaching and learning easier, right? But if you’ve ever tried to talk your mom through a new task on her computer or iPad without being able to show her what you’re doing, you can understand that some frustration might ensue as you try to get an entire class to follow along with you. Or maybe you want to show a quick video or diagram, but holding up your iPad to the class really isn’t reaching everyone. There are a lot of folks out there who feel your pain, and to ease it just a bit, they’ve created Apps to share your screen. There are a lot of them out there, so we’ve sifted through and picked out some of the better ones to give you a good place to start. If you’ve used any of these (or others) and like them, please let us know! With the viewer, you can join an online meeting no matter where you go. View someone’s screen, share ideas and collaborate in real time, for free! Air Sketch Conference Pad Team Viewer Screen Chomp Just – Record It.

Lawrence Hall of Science - 24/7 Science How fast does the wind blow? What makes things sticky? Where do insects live and plants grow? What is the best way to clean up the environment? So many questions—and so many ways to find answers! Bridge Builders How Fast Is the Wind Gooo! Filling Without Spilling Parachute Drop Crystals Bird Beaks Sticky Situations Oil Spill How Old is Your Penny? Measure Yourself Where Do Plants Grow? Bug Hunt! Afterschool KidzScience AfterSchool KidzScience™ kits are designed specifically for children in grades 3 - 5 in out-of-school settings. Check Out Science Check Out Science makes doing science with your family easy, no scientific expertise necessary. Explore Your World You don't have to trek through a rainforest, blast off for space, or dive to the deep sea to explore your world. Roadside Heritage Roadside Heritage is an informal science educational project with its origins in the stunning landscape of the Eastern Sierra along the 395 scenic byway. Save Sam! Cat Quiz Bat Quiz Whale Sounds Mr.

Creating Screencasts on an iPad It's been a while since I have added to my blog, and I thought it was about time for an entry. (I have not taught in over a week due to Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps blogging might help prevent my brain from turning to mush.) I have an ipad and writing on an ipad is easy. It is an app called "Explain Everything". So, I have some ideas for some future topics for my blog. Flipping the Classroom - Yes, No, or SometimesWhat is Math to Me vs What is Math to Parents/StudentsStandardized Tests & What Colleges WantYouTube for Schools - Accessing YouTube even if your school filters it outGathering student work using dropitto.meAssessing Standards for Statistics with Census at School Last, I have continued to post TI-NSpire Quick Tips to my YouTube channel at mathteacher24. Hopefully, I will post to my blog a bit more frequently.

Extreme Weather 2011 A year for the record books From extreme drought, heat waves and floods to unprecedented tornado outbreaks, hurricanes, wildfires and winter storms, a record 14 weather and climate disasters in 2011 each caused $1 billion or more in damages — and most regrettably, loss of human lives and property. NOAA's National Weather Service has redoubled its efforts to create a "Weather-Ready Nation", where vulnerable communities are better prepared for extreme weather and other natural disasters. NOAA forecasts, advisories, watches, warnings and community-based preparedness programs have been and will continue play an even greater role in enhancing the economy and saving lives. A Weather-Ready Nation is one in which businesses, governments and the public are armed with accurate forecasts and other critical information on which to make smart decisions to protect life and property when severe weather threatens. Get historical and current billion-dollar disaster information from NOAA's NCDC »

Comment enregistrer l'écran d'un iPhone ou d'un iPad ? (Mis à jour en décembre 2015) Depuis 2012 les manières de faire une capture vidéo d’un écran iPhone ou iPad ont pas mal changées. L’option la plus connue à l’époque pour enregistrer une vidéo de votre device iOS était d’utiliser le simulateur iPhone ou iPad de votre Mac. Voici les principales options. QuickTime Player Cette possibilité a été introduite avec iOS 8 et OS X Yosemite, et c’est l’option que nous vous recommandons. Un appareil iOS (iPhone, iPad) avec iOS 8 ou plusUn Mac tournant sur OS X Yosemite ou plusLe « Lightning cable », le cable de chargement livré avec votre iPhone ou iPad Pas besoin de jailbreaker votre iPhone, d’une app tierce ni d’appareil supplémentaire. Voici les différentes étapes: Connectez votre iPhone ou iPad à votre Mac à l’aide du lightning cableOuvrez QuickTime playerCliquez sur Fichier puis ‘Nouvel enregistrement vidéo’ Une fenêtre d’enregistrement va apparaitre. Elgato Voici l’équipement qui était nécessaire : Reflector Voici plus d’information. 11 décembre,2015

How To Capture And Record An iPhone Or iPad Screen Video? You’re ready to create an iPhone app promo video for your upcoming app? Or maybe you’d like to display a video inside an iPhone on your app website? Sometimes the only way to show how your app works is to actually record what’s going on and capture the iPhone screen as a video. Althought it might get a little technical, I feel like this info is all spread up everywhere as new solutions were created and I believe it’s a good idea to do a wrap-up. Option 1: Using the iPhone or iPad simulator on your Mac The most known (maybe because it was the first one) way to do a screencast of an app is probably to use the iPhone/iPad simulator on your Mac, while recording your screen with a tool like ScreenFlow, Camtasia Studio, iShowU, or Jing. Option 2: Record directly from your iPhone or iPad This one will require you to jailbreak your iPhone. The quality depends on the mobile device resolution and I assume on how fast the device is (for better framerate). Display recorder on iPhone 4S Some examples:

How to Record Screencast Videos on your iPad or iPhone This detailed guide describes the various options that will help you record movies (screencasts) of your iPad or iPhone screen. You can use it for capturing app demos, game walkthroughs and more. Whether you are an app developer building iOS apps and games or a tech blogger who likes to review such apps, what you definitely want is a screencasting tool that will help you easily record video demos, or screencast movies, of your mobile app. Now there are tons of screencasting apps available for your Windows or Mac desktop but if you wish to capture the screen of your iPad or iPhone, the scene is very disappointing. A search for “screen recorder” or “screencasting” shows zero results in the iTunes app store. That said, there are ways, or rather workarounds, by which you can capture the screen activity of your iPad or iPhone and convert that into a movie. Option 1. This is the quick solution. Option 2: Use Display Recorder to Capture your iPhone /iPad Screen

How to Use This Free Screencasting Tool for E-Learning You may have heard the news last week that Articulate launched a new screencasting tool called Screenr. It is a free web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. I really like Screenr. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should give it a whirl. Screenr is super easy to use and there’s nothing to download. With that said, let me share some ideas on how you can use Screenr with your rapid elearning courses. 1. Screenr gives you an embed code. Here are a couple of tutorials on how to embed the Screenr videos in Moodle and how to embed them in Blackboard. Click here to view the web object demo. 2. As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite things about Screenr is that I can download the videos as MP4 files and not have the Screenr logo in the video. Here’s an example of a Screenr MP4 file inside an elearning course. Click here to view the MP4 demo. 3. Use a tablet PC or something that lets you do pen input to simulate a whiteboard. 4. 5. So that’s about it.