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RON PAUL: 30 YEARS OF SANITY - America's Last Hope

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Absolutely BEST quotes ever! - Page 165 According to the "interpreted" history dispensed by the Federal Reeducation Department, some have been lead to believe that Pilgrims were thankful for those wonderful red brothers who fed the starving Pilgrims (White Folks can't feed themselves?). In truth, the participants at the first Thanksgiving were thankful that they had not been cruelly butchered by bloodthirsty Asian savages, the way so many of their brethren had been. Just as our Ancestors beseeched thee old Lord, for deliverance from the savages which afflicted this, your land, we beseech thee for deliverance from that immoral godless bloody beast known as the Federal Government; may its destruction be swift and soon! Amen Quote: Real News Can He Walk The Talk? A Privacy Agenda An Innovation Agenda A Transparency Agenda Obama is presented by the media as a hero, a savior, a catalyst for real change, and even a modern day JFK, but is that who he really is? Can politicians be trusted?

Famous Quotes Astoria Brown Psychic Readings Socrates Athens, Greece » How The Government & Media Cheated Ron Paul Alex Jones Hidden Agenda Behind Rise Of "Domestic Terrorist Label" Flashback: "Obama Lone Wolf Will Be Sovereign" Reid Calls Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists Homeland Security Says Your Children Are Terrorists Smart Guns Endanger Children 35 Inspiring Quotes from Albert Einstein Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955), the famous theoretical physicist, developed the theory of relativity and is considered the father of modern physics. The nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer shared his impressions of Einstein by saying, “He was almost wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness . . . There was always with him a wonderful purity at once childlike and profoundly stubborn.” Due to his brilliance Einstein was often called upon to offer opinions on topics beyond the realm of physics; thus the wide range of inspired quotations. “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” “Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler.”

How COINTELPRO really works and destroys social movements: Open letter from former Tea Partier to Occupy Wall Street protesters I don't expect you to believe me. I want you to read this, take it with a grain of salt, and do the research yourself. You may not believe me, but I want your movement to succeed. From a former tea partier to you, young new rebels, there's some advice to prevent what happened to our now broken movement from happening to you. I don't agree with everything your movement does, but I sympathize with your cause and agree on our common enemy. You guys are very intelligent and I trust that you will take this in the spirit it is intended.

105 Powerful Health and Fitness Quotes to Inspire Greatness Enter name and email for free blog updates A quote is powerful. Although merely a collection of words and phrases, a quote can sometimes be the tipping point that inspires and cultivates greatness in an individual. It can lead to action. And action can lead to change. Completely corrupt Portland city council secretly met with fluoride lobbyists before voting to poison Oregonians' water (NaturalNews) Did Portland City Council members secretly meet with lobbyists representing those who seek to force area residents to be poisoned with fluoride? Opponents of the effort seem to think so, and with good reason. The lobbyists did, in fact, meet with all five council members in July or August, they have said, but only one of those initial meetings appears on public calendars and only then under a vague heading, according to local Oregon media. If there was other contact, that could cast a pall over the entire council because such meetings would appear to violate the city's lobbying and reporting requirements.