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Kred - Measurable Influence

Kred - Measurable Influence

analyzing the connections between friends and followers the Standard for Influence WhosTalkin? SEO for Non-dicks - Matt Legend Gemmell I recently read an account of John McElborough’s talk at Brighton SEO 2011, wherein he advocated some ethically questionable SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tactics involving creating a private network of fake blogs. I don’t know John or his work, but this entire side of internet marketing and promotion makes me sad – and a bit angry. I fully acknowledge the value of, and need for, actual SEO; I just think that in many cases, the tactics employed under that title would better be described as Search Engine Manipulation or even Abuse. I periodically check my blog’s referrers, and there are a huge number of sites out there containing duplicate content and links, some of them extremely convincing when viewed in isolation. It’s sleazy, it’s pathetic, and it damages the internet for everyone. The key thing to understand is that the rules of SEO aren’t magic or arbitrary. Consider a few examples of tried-and-tested “SEO tactics”, and why they actually came about. And so forth.

Anonymous Blog Posting - Quick Anonymous posts to blogs and comment pages - Real Anonymity that works Finally, an easy way to make anonymous comments to blogs, newspapers or any other web page that accepts comments. Simply type in the url of the blog or page on which you want your comment to appear, enter your subject line (if applicable), type your comment then hit the SEND button. Your comment will be automatically posted anonymously to the blog or comment page! Its never been easier! Will work with any free comment page, even on sites that require a free signup! Anonymous Comment Posting Anonymous Blog Posting Over 15 years of privacy service to the online community!

Trailmeme creates retraceable, social Web history | Web Crawler SANTA CLARA, Calif.--When it comes to bookmarks, most browsers use the same system for organization: folders and tags. A new Xerox-incubated company called Trailmeme is taking a different approach by putting Web pages in a nested hierarchy that can show how they're related. The goal is to create a browsing experience with context, and one that can be shared with others. Trailmeme, which launches as part of the Demo conference taking place here this week, is not a replacement for your browser's bookmarking system though. It's more of a tool for creating self-guided trips of Web sites. As part of the 400-some person beta test, users have created some pretty interesting things. The way trails are created is not a passive process--a decision that was not made lightly. Viewing, on the other hand, is a completely different experience; anyone can view a trail without the toolbar. Trailmeme competes with a handful of other companies including Pearltrees, JigJak, and Zigtag.

Klout's New Topic Pages Reveal Content Influencers Klout has released a new feature that lets users gain insights on top content influencers as well as users who have received the most +Ks for respective topics. Only 5% of users have access to the new Topic Pages for now, but Klout — which calculates users' social influence — will roll it out for all users within a few days. "This is a big step for us in turning Klout into more of a utility around search and discover instead of pure vanity of checking your score," Klout CEO Joe Fernandez tells Mashable. "Our goal is just to understand what they are influential about and who they influence." To populate a user's Topic Pages (see screenshots below), the San Francisco-based startup analyzes the user's content created across the 10 services it measures — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Blogger, Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr. Klout will now also use +K data to rank the top +K recipients; Fernandez compares this component to a people's choice award.

TOP Google Plus Photos for September 27 Speak your mind! You can leave a comment at the Google+ post that is connected to this set of top photos: What is Plus Extract? It's your DAILY dose of TOP Google Plus photographs, which were chosen by an algorithm that combines automatic steps and manual curation. This means that the DAILY TOPs are NOT based solely on popularity, and users with a small number of followers have a chance to be featured in the TOP. We use Google+ API for the automatic steps; Jarek Klimek is responsible for curation and communication with the authors. We strongly respect the authors and their rights.