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Archive Free Font

Archive Free Font
Archive is contemporary free font constructed with strong geometric forms. Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. Designed by Slava Kirilenko - a graphic designer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. You can view more projects from Slava on behance network: This post is tagged archive font, archive free font Related:  tipografia

25 Free Chunky & 3D Fonts If you are looking for some new fonts, you have come to the right place! In this roundup, we have put together some of the best 3D fonts for you to download and use in your projects. Headings, titles, posters, graphics — no matter what the purpose be, you will find fonts that can prove useful for a varied set of usages. Green Piloww Pointy Solid Alpha Wood Chunky Walk Around the Block Chocolate Drops Font Block Tilt Font Corn Fed Font Cubicle Coming Soon Block Buster Heavy Rotation Action Jackson Sans Poster Bold 3D Stoney Billy C Rial Hot Dog Caveman Ricks American Cafe Font Blog the Impaler Pijamas Augustus Beveled Decade 3D Font Blox Pin Down X-BRK Retro Sign Die besten Fonts 2013 Die besten Fonts 2013 The best fonts of 2013 Bei einer Bestenliste ist es wie bei einer Fußballmannschaft: Man sollte nicht die besten elf Spieler, sondern die beste Elf aufstellen; also die Spieler, die als Mannschaft am besten harmonieren. A Best-Of list is just like a football team. Font microsites 2013 More lists Ein großes Dankeschön … wie immer allen Designern und Foundrys für die freundliche Unterstützung! As always: Many thanks to all designers and foundries for the support!

7 Rules for Mixing Multiple Fonts in Good Web Design Sep 07 2009 Typography can be one of the most creatively rewarding parts of web design, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Working with just one or two fonts can be challenging enough for most web designers, yet some still insist on using three, four, seven, or even more fonts in their designs. 1. Multiple fonts work best together when they have similar proportion and scale. Fonts don’t necessarily have to be identical in scale and proportion. 2. If you throw up six different fonts on your site, with ten different colors, and four different styles, you’re probably just going to give your visitors a headache (if they stick around that long). As far as colors go, try to stick to colors either in the same hue or saturation level. You have a bit more leeway with font styles, but make sure that the styles you choose make sense with the existing weight and emphasis of the particular fonts you’ve chosen. 3. You can compensate for heavier or lighter fonts in a few ways. 4. 5. 6.

Editions 205 : Accueil Best Free Fonts of 2012 It’s that time of year again, time to recap the best about the year ending and prepare for a new year. Last week we kicked off our “Best of…” series with the Best Best Free UI PSDs of 2012. So for this week, we will show you the best free fonts we saw here in 2012. Villa Didot Blanch Arvil Manteka Metropolis Cassannet Silverfake Nougatine Magna Bariol Kocoon Light Acorn Typeface Nexa Maven Pro Sreda Oranienbaum Benthem Sahara Moby Barkentina About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts 1060 shares Best jQuery Plugins of 2012 Nearly 6 years after the initial release of jQuery, it’s more popular than been. Read More 540 shares Best Free UI PSDs of 2012 It’s that time of year again, time for our “Best of…” series, where we look back over the past year and pick our favorite freebies and resources.

My Favorite Handwritten Fonts Tons of new websites are being created everyday and it is noticable that if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd you need to find creative ways of using type, pictures and other design elements in any kind of work you produce. For that reason I would suggest you give a try on handwritten fonts. Handwritten type are the perfect choice if you want to add some charm and personal touch to your work. In this collection I would like to present you my favorite handwritten fonts. Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting License: Free for a personal use. Jenna Sue License: Free for personal & commercial use. Christopher Hand License: Free for personal use. Honey Script License: Free. Angelina James Fajardo Journal License: Unknown. Hand of Sean Throw My Hands Up in the Air Rolina Note this! Post-it Penscript Mawns Handwriting FFF Tusj License: Free for personal and commercial use. Jenny Luna Bar License: Shareware. Just Me Again Down Here License: Free for personal use. PopStar Autograph Carefree CAC Pinafore Pirmokas

Abstract Fonts (13,662 free fonts) Fonts gratuites et professionnelles à télécharger L’utilisation des fonts est un facteur trop important dans le design graphique ou le design web pour être pris à la légère. Ceci étant dit, où trouve-t-on de belles typographies sans payer une fortune? Vous trouverez dans cet article, une liste de 6 sites web incontournables afin de trouver des fonts de qualités totalement gratuites, pouvant parfois même être utilisées pour le web grace à la propriété CSS @font-face. The League of Moveable Type Plusieurs typographies de qualités vous sont offertes sur ce site web totalement gratuitement. Lost Type Ce site web propose plusieurs typographies gratuites à télécharger. Font Squirrel Ce site contient une tonne de polices de caractères compatibles avec @font-face pour utiliser sur le web. Impallari Le site ne contient pas beaucoup de typos, mais celles-ci sont très intéressantes pour ajouter à votre boîte d’outils. FontFabric DaFont Merci à Jad Limcaco du site web DesignInformer pour ses suggestions de sites web de typographies gratuites!

BAT - Bureau des affaires typographiques 100 New And Free Cool Fonts A Designer Must Download With more and more designers in the world, cool free fonts are released even quicker than usual which makes us more than happy. Download these free fonts and you’ll have a rich typography toolbox with which you can make a solid impression in your future designs and projects. You’ll see that there are various styles in here, from serious and rigid ones to fancy and creative examples of typography. Jura Hero Fat Vodka Guayule Say it fat Per4m Practique Kilogram Matilde Raleway Sketchetica Tiwo CR21modern Doughboy Puhl Maddie’s font Deibi Piron original FONT 2 Retro Matey Base Prociono Gembira MSD.10 Typeface Rubber Paranoid Sertig Code Solgas Aerofrog High Five St Transmission Teardrop Lobster Fabianstem Circled Color Lines Luco Badabing Cardo Tenderness St Marie SMD Black Days typeface ElementalEnd Block face Null Droid Dekar Riesling

50 Beautiful and Fresh Free Fonts As you will already know, there are thousands upon thousands of free fonts available, so choosing that perfect font can be very, very difficult. Its tedious business constantly scouring through countless font directories and foundries to hopefully find what you are looking for. Hopefully, with this post, we can make your search that little bit easier by rounding up 50 of our favorite beautiful free fonts that have been released in recent months. So, whether you design web pages, t-shirts, posters or just seeking some typographical inspiration, we have no doubt that you will the perfect font for your perfect project in this round-up. Please note, licenses to have a tendency to change so please double check before usage. My Fair Cody (ot) Download Page: My Fair Cody Downloads → License: This font is free to use for both personal and commercial projects. Musa Ornata (tt) Download Page: Musa Ornata Downloads → Planer (ot) Molengo (tt) AW Conqueror (tt) The Olney Font Family (ot) Geomancy (ot) AGE (ot)

Download Free Fonts Les ligatures dans les navigateurs C’est quoi une ligature ? Avant de rentrer dans le vif du sujet, rappelons brièvement ce que sont les ligatures typographiques. Pour faire simple, une ligature typographique consiste à lier [1] deux glyphes pour en former un nouveau. Les ligatures des langues en alphabet latin sont, grosso modo, de 4 ordres [2] : les ligatures obligatoires, Les ligatures ordinaires, les ligatures esthétiques et les ligatures spécifiques. Ligatures obligatoires Il s’agit de ligatures locales, liées à une langue précise et qui, si elles ne sont pas faites, consistent le plus souvent en une faute d’orthographe. Ligatures ordinaires Elles sont des ligatures optionnelles (mais vivement recommandées) qui correspondent à des pratiques issues de la typographie au plomb. C’est quand même mieux une fois que la ligature est réalisée. Ligatures esthétiques Ce sont, elles aussi, des ligatures provenant de la typographie traditionnelle au plomb. Ligatures spécifiques Comment ça marche techniquement Eh oui !