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Flying People in New York City

Flying People in New York City
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5min - Find the best how to, instructional and DIY videos – Life Videopedia John Oliver's Spoof Book Becomes Bestseller John Oliver released a book about Mike Pence’s bunny being gay and it’s topped Amazon’s bestseller list. On his show, “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver stated, “This is actually a book for children. Drzach & Suchy: shadow cloud A shadow cloud is a three-dimensional object, consisting of multiple shadow-casting elements semi-randomly arranged in three dimensions in such a way, that depending on the direction of illumination the overall shadow of the cloud displays various images encoded in it. A shadow cloud can be viewed as a generalization of shadow casting panels, but of course the basic idea of multiple shadows from one three-dimensional structure is already present in well-known GEB-triples. However, in contrast to GEB-triplets, a shadow cloud can encode up to four arbitrary images and display them under appropriate illumination without any distortions. The idea of shadow clouds can be summarized as follows: the shadow cast by flat, thin elements depends on their relation to the direction of illumination: elements perpendicular to illumination cast clear shadows, while the shadows of elements parallel to illumination are practically invisible. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4.

Steve Jobs Was Not God Thank you for this. This sums up my feelings in a very neat package, though it fails to mention several things. Jobs may have been a great innovator of technology and kept the industry moving in terms of developing newer and better product and cutting edge technology, but he wasn't the greatest tech genius alive. He wasn't even a very nice person from the reports of several magazines and the general talk around Silicon Valley. He cut the philanthropy programs at Apple when he resumed control in 1997. He was also indicted (but never found guilty) of fraud and embezzlement for shady business practices that occurred at Apple. He kept a tight control over the workings of Apple and belitttled his employee for failing to achieve the high demands he consistently set. Even when his products were not the best around, he still attempted to spindoctor the product's image to keep it important. Jobs and Apple have a much darker side that everyone has overlooked in the wake of all of his i-devices.

Mind-Blowing Installation Makes You Feel Like You’re Walking On A Cloud I waited in line for two hours Saturday to slip on a pair of hospital booties and spend a few minutes, maybe 5 minutes tops, milling around a white room. And you know what? It was totally worth the wait. That’s because Doug Wheeler’s new installation at the David Zwirner gallery in New York is the closest I’ll ever get to satisfying a desire I’ve had since childhood: to float on a puffy white cloud. The installation is called rather unromantically SA MI 75 DZ NY, and it’s precisely what I’ve described--a white room and little else. The effect dies after a moment (turn around and you’ll notice a bunch of mood-killing lights and--eek! SA MI 75 DZ NY is Wheeler’s fourth so-called “infinity environment”--expansive, all-white rooms that evoke the sensation of entering an infinite void. I suspect that what drew people to Irwin’s artwork decades ago is the same thing that inspired legions to wait two hours (or more) at the David Zwirner gallery on Saturday.

la casita de wendy [Abri][Fini] Couture : Les Tarps (Page 1) / L'Atelier des Bricoleurs Dossier tarp en cours de réalisation, je vais certainement encore faire quelques modifications TARPS : conception et réalisation Formes et dimensions des tarps :Toutes les réalisations en photos en bâche bleue car ce sont des essais 3 formes : Forme 1basique : (rectangulaire)2m40 par 1m50 (1 personne)2m50 par 2m (2 personnes)2m80 par 2m40 (2 personnes confort) Exemple : Tarp 2 personnes forme basique 2m50 par 2m Forme 2trapèze : gain de poids, meilleure protection pluie(trapèze)2m40 par 1m50 et 1m20 pour le côté le plus bas (1 personne)2m50 par 2m et 1m75 pour le côté le plus bas (2 personnes)2m80 par 2m40 (2 personnes confort) forme 3évoluée : gain de poids, meilleure protection pluie et meilleure tenue au vent(trapèze et couture courbe)2m40 par 1m50 et 1m20 pour le côté le plus bas (1 personne)2m50 par 2m et 1m75 pour le côté le plus bas (2 personnes)poids 350g en bâche bleue 85g/m2poids estimé 250g en silnylon.2m80 par 2m40 (2 personnes confort) relever le deuxième bâton, Images annexes

12 Fun and Creative Umbrellas Collection of unusual and creative umbrella designs that will protect you from bad weather in style. LED Umbrella Blade Runner inspired umbrella available in black with white LED’s, and red with red LED’s from ThinkGeek. Standing Umbrella The Stand umbrella is a creative umbrella that stands up by itself. SENZ Umbrella Due to its smart design, the SENZ umbrella effortlessly slices through the wind, from a summer breeze to a heavy storm. Shoulder Umbrella Shoulderbrella is a flexible accessory that wraps around your body to hold your umbrella for you while leaving your hands free to do other things. Umbrella Stool Cool umbrella designed to be used as a stool when there is no rain. Nubrella Nubrella protects you against rain, wind, sleet, snow and extreme cold. Golf Club Umbrella Hybrid of a golf club and an umbrella by Sebastian Errazuriz. Pet Umbrella Keeps your pet dry and comfortable in rain, sleet or snow. Handbag Umbrella Inside Out umbrella by Seung Hee Son folds into a small handbag.

Mystery of the wishing trees studded with coins that ¿can take illness away from the sick¿ By Emma Reynolds Updated: 06:07 GMT, 13 September 2011 They say money doesn't grow on trees. But it certainly appears to do so on the mysterious coin-studded trunks dotted around the UK's woodland. The strange phenomenon of gnarled old trees with coins embedded all over their bark has been spotted on trails from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands. Tree-mendous: A money tree with copper and silver coins hammered into the wood near Ingleton, North Yorkshire The coins are usually knocked into felled tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hope it will bring them good fortune. These fascinating spectacles often have coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark and warped by the passage of time. The tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years, but this combination of the man-made and the natural is far more rare. Tin and timber: The coins make tree trunk look almost like a heap of treasure

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