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39 Things to do during Self-Quarantine - CoronaVirus Pandemic

39 Things to do during Self-Quarantine - CoronaVirus Pandemic
As schools, colleges, and universities are closed, matches are postponed, concerts are canceled and the hot tourist spots are close down, professional recommend that everyone have to stay at home even the ones who are perfectly fine and shows no sign of COVID-19 illness during this pandemic. Yeah, they are right and it’s the right time for everyone to quarantine himself. It’s a very effective way to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Pandemic means that you have to stay at home than you usually do. Indeed it’s very hard for a lot of people who do physical exercise daily. It’s time to explore things at home. 1. Completing a Crossword puzzle is quite interesting and time-taking as well. 2. You can create your own blog as per your interest. 3. You can start taking care of your skin as you have so much free time. 4. You can watch your old videos of picnic or university hangouts. 5. You can cook for yourself and your family. 6. You can post letters to your relatives and loved ones. 7.

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