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Related:  Geek Power-ups for your browser Get Started With Greasemonkey Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that gives you tremendous control over how a page appears in your browser. If you can imagine JavaScript that you wish would run when a site loads, you can make it so. Rearrange a site’s layout, hide annoying elements (ads?), or replace every occurrence of “David Lee Roth” with “Sammy Hagar.” All it takes is a few lines of JavaScript and the Greasemonkey extension. Contents What You Need Firefox web browser Greasemonkey extension for Firefox Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript Install the Greasemonkey Extension Within Firefox, go to the Greasemonkey extension page and click “Add to Firefox.” Once Greasemonkey is installed, you should see it in the bottom right of the status bar. Nothing happened, right? Here, I have a script installed for any URL on the sub-domain In the next section, you’ll add a script to Greasemonkey to see how it works before writing your own. Install a Greasemonkey Script Install the Hello World script

25 Free Computer Science Books | Coderholic As a computer scientist I'm always looking to improve my knowledge of the subject. There are lots of great sources of information available online, but nothing really beats the depth of knowledge that you can find in a book. It is possible to get the best of both worlds though, as many books are now available online in full, and free of charge! Below is a selection of 25 of the best free computer science books that I've found online, with a brief description of each one. Become An X coder A guide to MacOSX development with Cocoa using Objective-C. The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric Raymond's brilliant book about Open Source software, and its impact on software development projects. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java Also available in C#, Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, C++ and PHP versions. Dive Into Accessibility Another Mark Pilgrim guide, on creating accessible websites. Getting Started with awk Awk is the perfect tool for many system admin tasks.

Greasemonkey How To Bypass Firefox 4.0 Beta’s Incompatible Add-on Error and Install Extensions Anyway The latest Firefox Beta is rather awesome, with tabs on top, and a new menu that looks like an awful lot like Opera. It’s all very slick, until you try and install your favorite extensions that haven’t updated yet. Here’s how to force them to work. Here’s the error message we’re talking about: Side note: want to test the new beta out for yourself? Open up the about:config page, and then right-click anywhere and choose New –> Boolean. You’ll get a popup menu, at which point you’ll want to use one of the two values as the preference name, depending on the version you’re using: 4.0 Beta: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b4.0 Release: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 Then set the value to false. At this point your extensions should install just fine… Important Note: At the moment of the writing of this article, Greasemonkey is really actually incompatible with Firefox 4.0 beta, and continually opens up the homepage with a never-ending list of tabs.

Microformats SkipScreen Éradiquer la poussière d'un MacBook ou MacBook Pro en moins de 10 minutes ! Bien entretenir son matériel, c'est limiter les risques de vieillissement prématurés et lui assurer une longue vie. Nettoyage du MacBook Blanc Unibody C2D (2009 et 2010) Le concept "Unibody" ayant été appliqué au MacBook Blanc (commercialisé fin 2009), la conception est assez similaire (lire : MacBook Blanc Unibody (2009-2010) C2D), il suffit de procéder comme pour le MacBook Pro 13" C2D 2.4 GHz de notre "Pas à pas", seule différence : la nécessité de déconnecter la nappe SATA du lecteur optique afin de dégager le ventilateur, elle passe au dessus. Pour accéder au bloc de ventilation, il est impératif de déconnecter la nappe SATA du SuperDrive et de dévisser ensuite les trois vis Cruciforme (cerclées de vert). Ne pas oublier de débrancher l'alimentation du ventilateur, opération très similaire étant donné qu'il s'agit d'un connecteur de surface comme sur les actuels MacBook Pro.

O'Reilly Commons From WikiContent Welcome to the O'Reilly Commons. The purpose of this site is to provide content to communities that would like to create, reference, use, modify, update and revise material from O'Reilly or other sources. New Wiki Books This area is for original content that is written and edited directly in the MediaWiki framework. Commons Pool You will find content here that is being contributed by O'Reilly Media to anyone who would like to edit, contribute and get involved in revising or modifying content that, today, may not make commercial sense as a printed book. Community Documentation This area is intended to be for individuals who are interested in writing documentation for open source and other types of software products.

Comment augmenter l'autonomie de la batterie Constat L'ennemi de tout ordinateur portable, c'est la chaleur qu'il produit. Trois composants principaux de votre ordinateur portable génèrent de la chaleur: 1. Sur un MacBook, un MacBook Pro ou n'importe quel PC, les fabricants utilisent généralement des disques durs dont la fréquence de rotation est inférieure aux disques durs des ordinateurs de bureau. Exemple: Les MacBook Pro embarquent des disques durs ayant une rotation de 5400 tr/mn, alors que les iMac et les Mac Pro embarquent des disques durs ayant une rotation de 7200tr/mn. La raison est simple: Un disque dur tourne quasiment en permanence et comme tout matériel électronique cela sollicite la batterie et l'énergie produite génère de la chaleur. En abaissant le taux de rotation, on diminue la chaleur produite par le mouvement. C'est l'une des raisons pour lesquelles on voit se développer de nouveaux supports de stockage, qui ne sont plus des disques, mais de la mémoire flash. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

User scripts for chrome. Just drag *.js script file to chrome window and drop it. User script in greasemonkey format will be installed natively. by f_ili_n Sep 7