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MailDrop YouTube Converter - Daily Writing Tips Fake Password spamgourmet ZumoDrive - Enjoy your media and documents from every device Announcing Google Drive Site Publishing Would you like to programmatically publish some web content? Or let your users do so in the context of your Drive app? This is possible now with Google Drive. Your app can now insert static web assets in a publicly shared folder, and then serve those files directly to users via file names in a relative path. Publishing from Drive is a simple, two-step dance: create a public folder and use a link to the root folder — the webViewLink — to publish its contents. The folder containing site assets must be public. It’s important to emphasize the added simplicity provided by a webViewLink: using this link as a starting point, you can extend the path to any web asset in any subfolder without worrying about retrieving the exact file ID. To see Google Drive site publishing in action, check out this example site served from Google Drive at The ability to publish files this way opens lots of possibilities for Drive app developers.

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