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My phone number has a Toronto area code. Still. This general handyman sorta guy that’s been working on my house pointed it out to me the other day. I left the city over three years ago and I’ve been saying that I’ll change the number forever, but this might have to be the week that I actually do it. I used to have this underlying idea that some day I would go back, and for no real reason other than the possibility of it. After an emphatic conversation with a friend last weekend, I know that over time I’ve been embracing the quieter aspects of my home here.

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edible perspective - About Welcome friends! However you happened upon my blog I am thrilled to have you. This is my little space. My nook. contact Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or anything else you have to say. I am also open to sponsorship and product reviews. Let's chat! I love meeting new people. My email is Shutterbean Here’s what this past week looked like: Cinco de Mayo dinner for three. We all went a different route. Mitch Hedberg’s donut joke lives on!100 Most Important Cat Photos of ALL TIME. Meow.Little things to look for the next time you watch a Pixar movie.I needed to hear this on Monday.Did you watch Louis C.K. on Letterman?

The Bitten Word: About The Bitten Word Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We're Zach and Clay, and we cook recipes from monthly food magazines. Ten Things You Should Know About This Site So who are Zach and Clay? We live and eat in Washington, D.C., where Zach is a journalist and Clay works for a nonprofit.

Cook Your Dream There's nothing better than real home prepared food. Even the simplest dish, when prepared with good quality fresh local and seasonal ingredients, can taste like a dream. That being said, all food taste best when enjoyed in the company of friends and family. FOOD/DRINKS Last weekend we celebrated our CONSTITUTION DAY, the 17th of MAY, here in NORWAY. Ever since I was a child I have LOVED this holiday and the way it is celebrated, but these last years I've been abroad and therefore haven't celebrated it in a traditional way. It turned out that I would not this year either, even though I have moved back to BERGEN ..BUT I still feel that it was celebrated in a very traditional spirit. My sister and FRODE invited ERLEND and me to join them at FRODE's family's cabin in LUSTER in SOGN. I have not been there before, and it turned out that it is the most beautiful ..and NATIONAL ROMANTIC place with steep mountains with snow on them, beautiful fjords and fruit trees in BLOOM. Even though the weather was really gloomy with low clouds the day we arrived (something that apparently is quit common in this area) I thought it was perfect.

Golubka Kitchen Hello and Welcome, My name is Anya Kassoff. Golubka is a place where I share my ideas about tasty and nourishing cooking. I’ve always loved experimenting in the kitchen, and making dishes that are not only delicious but also beneficial to our health excites me to no end. I truly believe that the healthiest meals are the best tasting meals when approached correctly. Born and raised in Russia, I’ve been living in the United States since the late nineties. | Recipes from a Young Lawyer Blondie Layer Cake with White Chocolate Icing Caitlin celebrated her birthday last week. And in preparation of the big day, I scanned my collection of recipes and cookbooks, searching for the perfect layer cake. Last year I made her the pumpkin crepe cake.

The Wiegands: recipes Mary Beth Johnson is a photographer, blogger, and journalist with a passion for finding beauty in unexpected places and celebrating the everyday. Originally from the east coast, she now lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three children (dubbed "schooners”). From an office full of fingerprints and walls scattered with imperfect artwork, she’s writing her first book, a memoir of her parents' journey in raising 14 children, and her own lifestyle blog, Annapolis & Company. I have been on the hunt for healthy, mum-friendly meals that can translate from lunch to dinner lately. This is the time of year that gets hard. I'm completely over winter and I find myself daydreaming of bare feet, summer sangria, and fresh salads with produce from the garden, but winter is so not over with me.

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