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Unleash Your Genius with Mind Mapping

Unleash Your Genius with Mind Mapping
Image via Wikipedia Mind mapping is a powerful and underutilized whole brain system to solve problems, make decisions, develop plans, accelerate learning and communicate effectively with others. It’s faster, more fun and covers more bases than traditional outlining methods. Mind mapping is widely acknowledged as being developed by British psychology author and brain researcher, Tony Buzan. The core concepts and methodology of mind mapping are well grounded and supported by practical neuroscience. Despite what you may think, mind mapping doesn’t require artistic abilities. Materials Start with a large piece of paper; flip chart paper is ideal. Methodology 1. 2. a. b. 3. 4. 5. In summary, mind mapping will reveal and unleash the genius within by utilizing the power of your visual cortex, imagination and logical thinking for planning, learning, solving problems and communicating with others. It’s quite easy to strengthen your Visual sensory pathway with mind mapping. Like this: Like Loading...

Rally the Team: How to Create a Cool Office Culture If you’re a new manager, it’s now your job to motivate and inspire your team to success. Performance reviews, the hiring process, and giving good feedback might be the first things on your mind, but there’s another factor that should rank right up there: team culture. Why? But creating a good culture goes well beyond the typical perks like annual bonuses and Hawaiian shirt Friday (you saw how well it worked in Office Space). The good news is, you as a manager can create this environment for your team. 1. You likely have goals for your team, but if your staff members aren’t bought into (or even aware of) those goals, they can be pretty hard to reach. So take the group out for lunch and brainstorm on what they think it takes to succeed. Then, really listen to everyone’s feedback, and talk about what it’ll take to reach the goals you laid out. A role model for this idea is, which is almost as famous for its culture as it is for its deals on shoes. 2. 3. 4.

5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education What do you do when you have an elaborate project, assignment, or paper that needs to be quickly organized? Do you fire up Microsoft Word and whip up an outline? Do you pull out a pen and paper and start sketching? What if you could have the best of both options with a free online tool? XMind Definitely one of the easiest ways to embed a mind map into your blog or website. The biggest feature to me is the ‘Pro’ feature which lets you record what an audience (or your classroom) says directly into the mind map as an .mp3. MindMeister MindMeister is a powerful tool that is great for mind-mapping on the go. The software is now at version 6.0 which brought on the ability to ‘theme’ your mind maps so they look all the snazzier. The killer tool is far and away the ability to collaborate, though. iMindMap Sample From ThinkBuzan iMindMap Basic is a free Mind Mapping software which will get you Mind Mapping quickly and easily. Click to enlarge! Google Docs Other Mind Mapping Tools

Transcending the Matrix Control System - The Free and Open Productivity Suite the free encyclopedia For Wikipedia's non-encyclopedic visitor introduction, see Wikipedia:About. Wikipedia ( i/ˌwɪkɨˈpiːdiə/ or i/ˌwɪkiˈpiːdiə/ WIK-i-PEE-dee-ə) is a free-access, free content Internet encyclopedia, supported and hosted by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia on January 15, 2001. Openness Differences between versions of an article are highlighted as shown. Unlike traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia follows the procrastination principle[notes 3] regarding the security of its content.[18] It started almost entirely open—anyone could create articles, and any Wikipedia article could be edited by any reader, even those who did not have a Wikipedia account. Restrictions In certain cases, all editors are allowed to submit modifications, but review is required for some editors. The editing interface of Wikipedia Review of changes Vandalism Any edit that changes content in a way that deliberately compromises the integrity of Wikipedia is considered vandalism.

Improving Emotional Health: Strategies and Tips for Good Mental Health What is mental health or emotional health? Mental or emotional health refers to your overall psychological well-being. It includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with difficulties. Good mental health isn't just the absence of mental health problems. Being mentally or emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. People who are mentally and emotionally healthy have: A sense of contentment. These positive characteristics of mental and emotional health allow you to participate in life to the fullest extent possible through productive, meaningful activities and strong relationships. The role of resilience in mental and emotional health Being emotionally and mentally healthy doesn’t mean never going through bad times or experiencing emotional problems. One of the key factors in resilience is the ability to balance stress and your emotions.

MindStreet TM Question Religion —Why? Would you like to read this article in %%? Yes No Suppose you need to have surgery for a life-threatening illness. You would want to have the utmost confidence in the surgeon, since your life will be in his hands. Would it not be prudent to review his record of experience? Similarly, it is wise to examine religion carefully. Jesus provided a standard to help us view religion objectively.

Environmental Deficit Disorder: The Biology of (Not) Being Outdoors : Tomorrow's Table British kids can more easily identify Japanese cars than native plants and animals, says moderator, Robert Draper here at the Aspen Environment Forum, sponsored by the National Geographic and the Aspen Institute. American children not readily exposed to nature are more prone to depression, obesity and attention deficit disorder. This is a global phenomenon. What else happens when there is a growing disconnect between a modern society and the biosphere? Can we draw a link with this disconnect and the loss of biodiversity at an unprecedented rate? Panelists: Sally Bingham, Episcopal priest and an environmental activist Audrey and Frank Peterman, authors of “Legacy on the Land” In the days of Thoreau, the love of God was inseparable from the love of Nature. When Bingham began speaking of our responsibility of taking care of our environment and recognizing that climate change hits the poor the hardest, she was called a communist by many in her congregation in San Francisco.

iWeb2Print - Free Online Web Page to Printer Friendly PDF Convert Web Page to Elegant Printer Friendly PDFSave, Read, and Print Directly from your BrowserControl Page Size (Letter, Legal, A0-A9, B0-B10, +more)Control Orientation (Landscape, Portrait)Control PDF Mode (Color, Gray)Exclude Web Page Images or Background to Optimize PrintingNo Registration, No Email, Unlimited UsageChrome Extension - Firefox Add-On Printing TipsCheck gray scale for non color printer | Check no images to print text only | Check no background when converting dark background page to save printer toner Bookmarklet Convert web pages to PDF directly from your browser. Drag this button to your browser Bookmarks toolbar Browser Extension / Add-On iWeb2x is a plugin for both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. iWeb2x combines both iWeb2Print and iWeb2Shot. ➘ More Productivity Tools i2Clipart Royalty Free Public Domain Clipart suitable for academic presentations and project logos i2Symbol Personalize social messages, e-mails, and tweets with rich graphical symbols i2OCR iPdf2Split

Is Protest the Answer? Many well-known people have felt that protesting oppressive systems is a moral imperative. For instance, the late Václav Havel, a former Czech president who spent years in prison for his human rights activities, wrote in 1985: “[The dissident] can offer, if anything, only his own skin—and he offers it solely because he has no other way of affirming the truth he stands for.” Havel’s words foreshadowed the desperate acts of Mohamed Bouazizi and others. In one Asian country, dozens have set themselves on fire recently to protest religious and political repression. The Bible offers a solution to injustice, corruption, and oppression. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that God’s Kingdom is mankind’s only true hope for a peaceful world.

Top 10 Strange Phenomena of the Mind - Top 10 Lists | Listverse Humans The mind is a wonderful thing – there is so much about it which remains a mystery to this day. Science is able to describe strange phenomena, but can not account for their origins. While most of us are familiar with one or two on this list, many others are mostly unknown outside of the psychological realm. We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time – of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances – of our knowing perfectly what will be said next, as if we suddenly remember it! Déjà vu is the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. Déjà vécu (pronounced vay-koo) is what most people are experiencing when they think they are experiencing deja vu. Jamie Frater Jamie is the founder of Listverse.