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Unleash Your Genius with Mind Mapping

Unleash Your Genius with Mind Mapping
Image via Wikipedia Mind mapping is a powerful and underutilized whole brain system to solve problems, make decisions, develop plans, accelerate learning and communicate effectively with others. It’s faster, more fun and covers more bases than traditional outlining methods. Mind mapping is widely acknowledged as being developed by British psychology author and brain researcher, Tony Buzan. His mind mapping contributions are an integrated approach, combining key words, visual images and symbols into a free-flowing “tree” emanating from a central idea, concept or subject area. “Trunks, branches and leaves” are the associated key points forming the “tree.” The core concepts and methodology of mind mapping are well grounded and supported by practical neuroscience. Despite what you may think, mind mapping doesn’t require artistic abilities. Materials Start with a large piece of paper; flip chart paper is ideal. Methodology 1. 2. a. b. 3. 4. 5. Like this: Like Loading...

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5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education What do you do when you have an elaborate project, assignment, or paper that needs to be quickly organized? Do you fire up Microsoft Word and whip up an outline? Do you pull out a pen and paper and start sketching? What if you could have the best of both options with a free online tool? It’s called ‘mind mapping’ (“Mind Map” is a trademark of the Buzan Organization .) and it’s basically a fun and intuitive way to visually organize your thoughts. Thanks to a recent article , I received an influx of mind-mapping web tools that I wanted to pass along to the Edudemic audience.

Abstract This chapter summarizes a theory of intellectual organization and development that attempts to answer questions such as the following: What is the general architecture of the developing mind? What is the condition of the various functions and processes at different phases of development; how and why do they change with age? What are the factors responsible for individual differences in cognitive architecture and development? The theory postulates that the mind is a three-level architecture involving (1) general processing potentials and representational capacity, (2) general self-monitoring, self-representation, and self-control processes, and (3) specialized systems of thought such as categorical, quantitative, spatial, and causal thought.

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Freie wissenschaftliche Software - List of free statistical software RStudio, written by JJ Allaire, Joe Cheng, Josh Paulson and Paul DiCristina, integrates the comprehensive state-of-the-art statistical package R with a superb user interface, available both as desktop application and as a browser-based server application. We are impressed especially by the web version of RStudio, which seems to be a great opportunity for research advisors and IT-departments to bring custom R-applications to their intranets without much hand coding. We think that RStudio server has the potential of becoming a very popular linux research application. Anyone interested in supporting a demo server project (we are currently testing this, hardening the rstudio server behind an Apache proxy against attacks is the main point to be considered), please contact Tobias Gabele (tobi at mathsim dot com). SciGraphica, developed by Adrian E. Feiguin, is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics.

30+ List We all need to organize our thoughts sometimes, and there seems to be no better way to do it than in a visual fashion. We've got 30+ mind mapping tools to help you do just that. And since we know some of you are on a budget, we've got free and paid suggestions for you. Don’t forget to check out our post where you can suggest future toolbox topics! Pricing & plans Create nodes for free for any use imaginable, while contributing to the exchange of meaningful information on the Web. The SpicyNodes logo will be displayed on your nodemap. Seamlessly integrates with your site and has more visual styles. Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix Pretty much everyone (myself included) has been reading Google+ wrongly. Because it bears many superficial resemblances to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter - you can "befriend" people, you can "follow" people without their following you back - we've thought that it is a social network, and judged it on that basis. By which metric, it does pretty poorly - little visible engagement, pretty much no impact on the outside world. If Google+ were a social network, you'd have to say that for one with more than 500 million members - that's about half the size of Facebook, which is colossal - it's having next to no wider impact. You don't hear about outrage over hate speech on Google+, or violent videos not getting banned, or men posing as 14-year-old girls in order to befriend real 14-year-old girls. Do people send Google+ links all over the place, in the way that people do from LinkedIn, or Twitter, or Facebook?

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Text to mind map There are several programs that allow you to produce a mind map, concept map or network from some structured text. Click on the images to see full-sized versions. Text2mindmap Text2mindmap is probably the best known. 15 Great Mindmapping Tools and Apps Mindmapping is the process of drawing up diagrams that show relations between various ideas, tasks or information. For many of us this shows to actually be a way of taking notes that can be more useful than just writing down keywords or sentences like we do on a to-do list. By drawing mind maps you actually visualize your tasks and how each task can influence each other in a better way, making your brain remember more easily and/or come up with new ideas. The Tools

Graphviz+Jessyink as a Latex-Style Potential Alternative to Prezi and Mindmap Presentations (How to Beat MS PowerPoint) - Chao-Kuei's Notes For those of us who prefer spending more time with content than visual effects and prefer fiddling with texts than mouse/button/graphics, graphviz and jessyink could be a latex-style potential alternative to Prezi and Mindmap presentations -- if a few improvements are made. Please click on the picture and then use arrow keys to navigate thru the "slides". Having blogged and given speeches (mostly in Traditional Chinese) a lot about FLOSS, open file formats, any browser campaign, free culture, and government transparency, I come to see a big picture of how the Internet is transforming our society. So I drew this picture: "the Internet Phenomenon Map" and wish to make it into the presentation "slides" for my future talks. I would love to talk about the content of this picture (I did already in Chinese), but for this post we will concentrate on the technicalities of its creation.

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