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Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern
This Red Riding Hood cape pattern is one of Fleece Fun’s most popular. The circular half cape is perfect for going to grandmother’s house in – it’s warmth will keep the chill from nipping, but not necessarily wolves. This half cape can be made at different lengths (and materials) to get the look you want. Perfect for Halloween. Materials you will need: 2 and 1/4 yards fleece for adult – 1.5 yards for children sizes, felt or jersey knit (depending on size of pattern and if you line the hood or not) 3/4 yard Jersey knit or 5/8 yard for a child size (or two large t-shirts, optional) Yard of Ribbon Thread Assembled printed pattern scissors You May Also Like: Download the free pattern, tutorial below! You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here- it is the ONLY reader I recommend. Video Tutorial Here, Written below: 1- Assemble and cut out the Pattern You can find instructions on how to assemble the pattern here. You will need to decide what length of cape you want to make. 6 - Finishing up

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planning some plans - Mai Autumn if you recall back in february, when i started talking about designing a line of throw pillows, this post is going to sound kind of similar. i'm always dreaming up new things i want to make, and this week has been no exception. the throw pillows are still in the back of my mind, (don't you worry!) but i got to thinking what i would really love... to design a line of clothes someday. now, this is kind of just a distant, far out there kind of dream, for now, (since i hardly know how to sew, and i definitely don't know how to design patterns.. yet) but i wanted to throw it out there to see if it feels right. you know, putting it in writing and all. i mean, really, eventually, i would like to have all sorts of beautiful things available. i want to create my own little world and furnish it with everything i could possibly imagine! it's a bit insane, i know. but i think i'm going in the right direction. it feels good. and that's what matters, right? jamie and the jones

ultimate tank Supplies & Cutting Special Seam Allowance: This pattern has a 1" side seam allowance. Before you stitch the side seams, please pin fit to adjust for fit differences from one fabric to the other.Fabric: Bias-cut use lightweight silkys. Straight cut use knits or stretch (flexible) wovens. DIY cropped flannel shirt « By Hand London By Hand London Here at By Hand HQ our love of all tops cropped doesn't seem to be showing any signs of waning. Worn with a waist cinching circle skirt or a pair of high waisted jeans, that little flash of midriff is just so sexy. It may look daring, but in fact, those couple of inches below your bust and above your belly button are probably the most flawless couple of inches on your body. The least likely place to be affected by cellulite, stretch marks or pimples; showing off your upper midriff is the safest way to expose a bit of skin! Today I will show you how to crop an old flannel shirt and create a pretty ruched ruffle at the back to give an otherwise boxy top a more fitted, feminine finish. You will need:

DIY Feather Hair Extensions I've had feathers in my hair since April and I absolutely love them. They behave just like my actual hair-- they can be curled with the curling iron and dried with the hair dryer. Even though over the summer I watched every 8-year-old girl I know become my pink, orange, and blue fine-feathered friends, (I just like all feathers, actually.) :) So before these hackle feathers became a hair trend, they were used by fly fishermen for bait.

Sewing 101 Oh… am I ever so happy to introduce Kim from Retro Mama to you. For the next four Mondays, she’ll be teaching Craft Snob’s fresh ‘petite series’ on Sewing 101. Peek, snoop or loiter around her retro pattern shop and gobble up a few of these cuties… - Sara braided neckline tutorial i was actually inspired to make this tutorial when i saw someone on pinterest post a tutorial about a banana republic shirt-unfortunately they couldn't figure out how to make the neckline so the tutorial was basically sewing a braid to the neckline. but i'm pretty sure this how BR actually made the neckline-isn't it funny that i'm actually using a BR shirt for this tutorial?? so here's the inspiration: you'll need: -liquid stitch-or some other fabric glue-this will help the hole from fraying or stretching excessively -scissors -old shirt (make sure it's pretty long because you'll be cutting strips from the bottom)

Project Reimagined: The White Tee Project Reimagined is a diy challenge created by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus to inspire you to think outside the box and see things for more than what they are. For Project Reimagined, a handful of different bloggers are all given the exact same item and asked to turn it into something new. This week’s project starts with a plain white tee shirt, and it has been reimagined by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus, Katie of Lemon Jitters, Stacie of Stars for Streetlights, and Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. For this project, my original vision included lace and dye. I knew I wanted to incorporate those two things. Gift Ideas for Any Event: Photo Bracelet from Wristpix Wristpix are comprised of the most precious gems of all… your photos. Turning the photos from your phone or camera into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Wristpix have been made as keepsakes for: Birthdays, vacations, first days of school, friends, graduation, dance, Mother’s Day… The photographs are printed on 200 year archival paper and encased in optically clear plastic resin that contains no VOC’s and is UV stable. The wristpix is comprised of 10 portrait photos but can also include 1 or 2 landscape images, cropped to the dimensions of an 8 x 10 photograph.

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