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Related:  USA: Rights & Liberties - Global directory of #occupy live video streams Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition Hide Download Files Download the 216-page report. 1.08 MB pdf Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency embarked on a highly classified program of secret detention and extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects. Globalizing Torture is the most comprehensive account yet assembled of the human rights abuses associated with CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition operations. More than 10 years after the 2001 attacks, Globalizing Torture makes it unequivocally clear that the time has come for the United States and its partners to definitively repudiate these illegal practices and secure accountability for the associated human rights abuses.

OccupyWallStNYC : Our victory settlement this... Occupy Wall Street | #OCCUPYCHICAGO | #OCCUPYWALLSTREET The joyous freedom of possibility. Dissent can be personal, collective, creative — whatever you want it to be. Revolt can be physical or spectral, a blackspot on a corporate logo or a digital mindbomb posted online. The revolutionary spark is the same one that lit human existence. Print & Post If you only do one thing today and during the heady days of climate protest that follow, print out as many copies of this #WORLDREVOLUTION poster as you can and tape them up on bus stops, bank and shop windows, cash machines, government buildings, everywhere in your city where people will see them. Download September 11, 2014 What will you do on the September 17th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street? September 16, 2013 Revolution is a Rhizome September 19, 2012 Tactical Briefing #38. September 12, 2012 Where do we stand? July 23, 2012 Tactical Briefing #36 June 5, 2012 Occupy morphs into a new model! May 24, 2012 The fork in the road ahead. May 16, 2012 Tactical briefing #33. May 10, 2012 April 26, 2012 April 12, 2012

Map: Occupy Wall Street Spreads Nationwide (Updated) The loose-knit protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street has stirred action from New York City to LA and spread overseas. Here we present an expanding map of protest hot spots and reported arrests, and track the movement's growth. Check back often for updates—and check out all the rest of MoJo's #OWS coverage here. Protests taking place beyond Manhattan: What began as a call for Americans to gather in New York's Financial District has given rise to like-minded actions nationwide and far beyond. Know of more locations for this map? Map production by Lauren Ellis, Samantha Oltman, and Tasneem Raja. How rich are the superrich? A huge share of the nation's economic growth over the past 30 years has gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent, who now make an average of $27 million per household. A timeline of the Occupy Wall Street movement: July 13: The Canadian magazine Adbusters makes a call to Occupy Wall Street.

Voting Law Changes in 2012 See our updated roundup of voting law changes in 2013. Ahead of the 2012 elections, a wave of legislation tightening restrictions on voting has suddenly swept across the country. More than 5 million Americans could be affected by the new rules already put in place this year — a number larger than the margin of victory in two of the last three presidential elections. In October 2011, this report was the first full accounting and analysis of this year's voting cutbacks. Download the Report (PDF) Read Voting Law Changes Summary (UPDATED 10/5/12) Download the 2011 Appendix (PDF) Download the Overview (PDF) View the Report Executive Summary Over the past century, our nation expanded the franchise and knocked down myriad barriers to full electoral participation. State governments across the country enacted an array of new laws making it harder to register or to vote. These new restrictions fall most heavily on young, minority, and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities.

NYT: City Leaves Police Official Without Lawyer to Fight Protester's Lawsuit Video taken Oct. 14, 2011, shows a police official identified in a lawsuit as Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona appearing to hit a protester. For the second time in a case stemming from Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, city lawyers are not stepping forward to defend a police commander accused of mistreating protesters, according to court papers filed on Wednesday. The commander in the new case, Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona, is named in a federal lawsuit brought by one protester, Felix Rivera-Pitre, who contends he was punched in the face during confrontations with the police in Lower Manhattan in October 2011. Amateur video taken at the time shows a high-ranking officer in a white shirt strike Mr. Rivera-Pitre. The city denied the accusations made in the complaint, which also names the City of New York. Neither the Law Department nor the Police Department immediately responded to queries on Wednesday. Ronald L. Mr. No such findings were made in the case of Mr.

HOW TO PROVIDE MEALS FOR YOUR OCCUPATION This page provides information on how to provide meals at your local occupation, suggests the formation of affinity groups and suggests strategies on how and why we should re-occupy public space. Reject the Democratic Party's effort to silence our movement. Occupy Will Be Back by Chris Hedges - June 18, 2012 Garam Masala - When Bread Becomes Butter for Protests Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now by Naomi Klein Food Not Bombs has provided food and logistical support of occupations for nearly 30 years. It has proven to be one of the most powerful forms of nonviolent direct action. The authorities know this and make every effort to reduce their impact. How We Really Shut Down the WTO by Starhawk -- December, 1999 Nonviolence vs Diversity of Tactics in the Occupy Movement Throwing Out the Master - Tools and Building a Better House: Thoughts on the Importance of Nonviolence in the Occupy Revolution by Rebecca Solnit Send your contribution to: Food Not Bombs P.O.

Obama's regressive record makes Nixon look like Che Redditor Federal Reservations has made a handy post enumerating all the regressive, authoritarian, corporatist policies enacted by the Obama administration in its one-and-a-bit terms. You know, for someone the right wing press likes to call a socialist, Obama sure makes Richard Nixon look like Che Guevara. And what's more, this is only a partial list, and excludes the parade of copyright horrors and bad Internet policy emanating from the White House, via Joe Biden's push for Six Strikes, the US Trade Rep's push for secret Internet censorship and surveillance treaties like TPP and ACTA and TAFTA; the DoJ's push to criminalize every Internet user by expanding the CFAA, and much, much more. Thanks Obama!

[UPDATE] HIV Positive Protester Says Cop Who Punched Him Should Get Tested (Christopher Robbins/Gothamist) [UPDATE BELOW] During the chaotic Occupy Wall Street march through the financial district this morning, we witnessed a protester on William Street get punched in the face by a police officer, seemingly without provocation. He says the officer hit him so hard his earring got knocked out, but he managed to escape arrest. We caught up with the protester later: his name is Felix Rivera-Pitre, and he told us what happened and how he got away. Rivera-Pitre, who is HIV positive and used to be a dancer, tells us he was walking a little bit in front of the police on William Street, and admits he "shot the cop a look." Asked how he escaped, Rivera-Pitre says, "The cops were pulling me by my feet and the crowd was pulling me by my hands, and I was suspended in the air. Rivera-Pitre said he was participating in march because "my housing has been affected by the economy." Occupy Wall Street’s “Victory” March Video from on Vimeo.