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Bell_hooks-feminism_is_for_everybody.pdf (application/pdf-tiedosto)

Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon by Louis Althusser 1968 Louis Althusser 1968 Written: February 1968;First Published: in L’Unità, 1968, this translation first published in New Left Review, 1971; Interview conducted by Maria Antonietta Macciocchi;Transcribed: by Andy Blunden. 1 Can you tell us a little about your personal history? What brought you to Marxist philosophy? In 1948, when I was 30, I became a teacher of philosophy and joined the PCF. My interest in philosophy was aroused by materialism and its critical function: for scientific knowledge, against all the mystifications of ideological ‘knowledge’. It was politics which decided everything. First I had to find them and understand them. Once I had a better understanding of Marxist-Leninist politics, I began to have a passion for philosophy too, for at last I began to understand the great thesis of Marx, Lenin and Gramsci: that philosophy is fundamentally political. 2 Can you be more precise: why is it generally so difficult to be a Communist in philosophy? A first – political – difficulty.

Racism in the English Language Racism in the English Language Robert B. Moore Language and Culture An integral part of any culture is its language. Before beginning our analysis of racism in language we would like to quote part of a TV film review which shows the connection between language and culture .2 Depending on one's culture, one interacts with time in a very distinct fashion. A Short Play on "Black" and "White" Words Some may blackly (angrily) accuse me of trying to blacken (defame) the English language, to give it a black eye(a mark of shame) by writing such black words (hostile). The preceding is of course a white lie (not intended to cause harm), meant only to illustrate some examples of racist terminology in the English language. Obvious Bigotry Perhaps the most obvious aspect of racism in language would be terms like "nigger," "spook," "chink," "spic," etc. We've always welcomed good colored people in South Boston bat we will not tolerate radical blacks or Communists . . . . Color Symbolism Passive Tense

The Feminist Theory Website: English Introduction The Feminist Theory Website provides research materials and information for students, activists, and scholars interested in women's conditions and struggles around the world. The goals of this website are: 1) to encourage a wide range of research into feminist theory, and 2) to encourage dialogue between women (and men) from different countries around the world. Hopefully, this will result in new connections, new ideas, and new information about feminist theory and women's movements. The Feminist Theory Website has three parts: 1) various fields within feminist theory; 2) different national / ethnic feminisms; and 3) individual feminists. All of these parts are updated and expanded regularly. Dr. The Feminist Theory Website was initially published on the Internet on 6 November 1997. The Feminist Theory Website contains: 5425 bibliographical entries 0593 links to internet sites 0684 paragraphs giving information

The Feminist eZine Contradiction and Overdetermination Contradiction and Overdetermination Louis Althusser (1962) Contradiction and Overdetermination Written: 1962;Source:Notes for an Investigation, part III of “For Marx”Translated: by Ben Brewster;Publisher: Penguin Press;HTML Markup: Andy Blunden. In an article devoted to the Young Marx, I have already stressed the ambiguity of the idea of ‘inverting Hegel’. It seemed to me that strictly speaking this expression suited Feuerbach perfectly; the latter did, indeed, ‘turn speculative philosophy back on to its feet’, but the only result was to arrive with implacable logic at an idealist anthropology. I could go further, and suggest that in the well-known passage: ‘With (Hegel, the dialectic) is standing on its head. How should we really understand its use in this quotation? Let us look a little closer. Even in the rapidly written lines of the afterword to the second edition of Das Kapital Marx saw this difficulty clearly. Lenin gave this metaphor above all a practical meaning.

Towards a Model of Intersemiotic Translation | Joao Queiroz Themainmethodologicaldifcultyisrelatedtothecomparisonbetweenradicallydifferentsemiotic systems. As we know, a translation is not committed only to ‘semantics’ (Campos,1972), to which ‘meaningful dimensions’ of semiotic processes are usually attributed. Itseems theoretically natural to describe an interlinguistic translation by establishing directcorrelations between comparable semiotic layers of organization – morphological-morpho-logical,phonetic-phonetic,rhythmic-rhythmic(seeJakobson&Pomorska,1985).However,an intersemiotic translation does not exhibit the same principle of corresponding layers (seePlaza, 1987).Here we propose an approach based on Charles S. Peirce’s model of sign process, to provide a preliminary conceptual framework to the phenomena emphasizing hierarchical properties and aspects. Intersemiotic Translation Model Translation as Semiosis or the ‘Action of Sign’ , and form is nothinglike a thing. shape

What is feminism in our post post structural… A Year of Feminist Classics | Because they're better together :)