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„Larpaten Lutheria" -projekti palkittiin Helsingin Saksalaisen koulun ja Kulosaaren yhteiskoulun uskonnon ja ET:n projekti „Larpaten Lutheria" palkittiin Educa-messuilla 24.1.2014. Kaikkiaan OAJ:n, OPH:n ja Suomen Messusäätiön kilpailuun osallistui 113 hanketta. Kilpailun teemana oli oppiaineita tai keskeisiä sisältöalueita yhdistävä opetus. Larpaten Lutheria on järjestetty jo viitenä vuonna. Opetuksen ohella oppilaat ovat kehittäneet omaa roolihahmoaan, joka liittyy reformaation aikakauteen. Karoliina Käpylehto (Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu) ja Jorma Heimonen (Helsingin Saksalainen koulu) Home | Bullitt County History - 1912 School Exam This copy of the Eighth Grade Exam for Bullitt County Schools in 1912 was donated to the museum. We thought you might like to see what the test looked like a hundred years ago. Obviously it tested some things that were more relevant at that time than now, and it should not be used to compare student knowledge then and now. Note that there are several typesetting mistakes on the test including a mistake in the spelling list. Bullitt County Schools were mostly one-room schools in those days, scattered around the rural county. And remember to smile a little while reading this exam. Our staff has put together possible answers on another page for your amusement. We have received a number of requests for hard copies of the test and our answers. Bullitt County History Museum P.O.

Jokapaikan Reetta: Opiskelijaelämää Tartossa Pitkä, kymmenien vanhojen amerikanrautojen letka kiemurtelee Itä-Uudenmaan pienillä maalaisteillä aurinkoisena päivänä. Välillä pysähdytään huoltoasemien isoille pihoille juttelemaan, ... Pitkä, kymmenien vanhojen amerikanrautojen letka kiemurtelee Itä-Uudenmaan pienillä maalaisteillä aurinkoisena päivänä. Lisää Kun monet suomalaiset mieltävät Tallinnan laivat juhlimiseen ja halvan viinan hakureissuiksi, eletään laivoilla myös hyvin toisenlaista arkea. Kun monet suomalaiset mieltävät Tallinnan laivat juhlimiseen ja halvan viinan hakureissuiksi, eletään laivoilla myös hyvin toisenlaista arkea. Ennen oli laivat puuta ja miehet rautaa, nykyään asia on toisinpäin, nauraa 50 vuotta venetelakkaa pyörittänyt Keijo Saarinen. Ennen oli laivat puuta ja miehet rautaa, nykyään asia on toisinpäin, nauraa 50 vuotta venetelakkaa pyörittänyt Keijo Saarinen. Savonlinnalaisella Jyryn voimailusalilla on tiivis tunnelma. Savonlinnalaisella Jyryn voimailusalilla on tiivis tunnelma.

I Education Apps Review - I Education Apps Review Literature List | Providence Christian Academy A Reading List for Classical, Christian Students and Parents At Providence Christian Academy, our desire is not only for students to learn how to read, but also to acquire a passion for reading. The literature lists were developed to encourage reading while also allowing for individual choice and preference. Our hope at PCA is that parents and children will come to know and love some of the best authors and literature that exist, and develop a lifelong love of reading! Purpose The literature lists were designed with specific objectives in mind. Give students guidance and direction as they choose books for independent reading and as they choose books for book reports. How to Use the Literature List When using the literature list for your student’s grade level, keep the following features in mind. Reading levels are recorded as a decimal. We hope you have a blast reading! Literature Lists by Grade First Grade Literature List Second Grade Literature List Third Grade Literature List

Turning Education Upside Down Fixes looks at solutions to social problems and why they work. Three years ago, Clintondale High School, just north of Detroit, became a “flipped school” — one where students watch teachers’ lectures at home and do what we’d otherwise call “homework” in class. Teachers record video lessons, which students watch on their smartphones, home computers or at lunch in the school’s tech lab. In class, they do projects, exercises or lab experiments in small groups while the teacher circulates. Clintondale was the first school in the United States to flip completely — all of its classes are now taught this way. It’s well known by now that online education is booming. Flipping is still in the early stages, with much experimentation about how to do it right. No school has taken flipping as far as Clintondale. After 20 weeks, Green said, Scheel’s flipped students, despite their disadvantages, were outperforming the students in the traditional classroom. “We have nothing to lose,” Green said.

Converting YouTube to iPad Video If you need to convert a YouTube file to an iPad Video you can embed in Keynote, one of the best options is the app iCab Mobile, which is an alternative browser to Safari. By pressing and holding while a YouTube video is playing, you can download it, and the you can later save it to your photo roll. Remember that videos for Keynote for the iPad have to come out of your Photo Roll. Yes, this makes no sense (shouldn't movies come from Movies?), and I've shared this with the head of iOS app development at Apple directly. Strictly speaking, taking video off of YouTube is illegal, but if you want to have a file for times when you do not have the Internet present (many schools), it is a logical solution (It also works well if a TV series is on YouTube and you want that series on your son's iPod Touch for a long car ride–just saying). As a side note, I've been shocked to see how many full length movies appear on YouTube (in differing quality).

Plagiarism | Teaching using web tools Why not watch this video with your students when you meet this fall? Better to be prepared. You should be able to start some interesting discussions that might help your students both in high school and later university! More discusion topcis to be found here! Like this: Like Loading... Categories: Did you know? Mindfulness: What is most personal is most universal “What is most personal is most universal.” – Carl Rogers I’m just back from the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Mindfulness in the Houses of Parliament. This totemic ‘we have arrived’ moment is a small but significant step forward for the diverse and growing movement of people who broadly adhere to a radically sane idea, namely that some experiential awareness of the functioning of our own minds, and greater skill in directing our attention, might be important. It feels like I should give a news flash on the impressive people that were attending and the important things that were said, but the main thing I came away with was a reminder of the statement above by Carl Rogers. The panellists and invited participants included professionals in criminal justice, mental health, education, comedy(!) On the education question the main idea I scribbled down was: “You can’t get to the millions of kids unless you can get to the hundreds of thousands of teachers”… Comments

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Medium Education 3.0: How can the corporate world learn from children? Written by Roxane Liddell I recently watched an inspirational and informative YouTube video on a TED talk by Sugata Mitra on the Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE). Mitra explored the natural inquisitiveness of children and their thirst for knowledge using just a simple computer. He found children sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and teaching each other. As a former primary school teacher, I know that children in their nature are inquisitive. This way of thinking in the classroom is illustrated in Mitra’s SOLE project, and in a new programme which is evolving in communities and institutions across the globe using digital technology and social constructivism: Education 3.0. Allowing learners work to co-design learning experiences in a collaborative environmentAccommodating for learning experiences to take place through unstructured peer-to-peer learning ‘Social learning helps groups of people share their knowledge in non-hierarchical ways…’ Harold Jarche