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Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Centar za poticanja osobnog rasta i psihosocijalnog razvoja djece | Psihološki centar Creatus in Parenting Research Centre The Longfellow Lecture Friday, March 13, 2009 Nature-Deficit Disorder: The Movement to Connect Our Children, Ourselves, and Future Generations to the Natural World by Richard Louv Richard Louv is an author and journalist focused on nature, family and community. His most recent book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, has stimulated an international conversation about the future relationship between children and nature. He serves as chairman of the Children & Nature Network, an organization helping to build the international movement to connect children with nature. He also serves as honorary co-chair of The National Forum on Children and Nature. Rich has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post and other publications. The Longfellow Lecture series, inaugurated in 1987, honors the memory of Cynthia Longfellow, '72, Harvard Ed.D. '79, who devoted her professional life to bettering the lives of young children.

executivefuntion1 Naslovnica - Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb Research Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) Implementation: Inquiry to Implementation Project (IIP) 2012 - 2013.The Inquiry to Implementation Project (IIP) 2013 has now been completed. The Project was designed to support VEYLDF implementation and was conducted in nine early childhood networks across regional and metropolitan Victoria from January 2013 to October 2013. As at November 2013, one hundred and thirty three early childhood professionals from multidisciplinary settings across birth to eight completed this practitioner inquiry research-based project. The range of services included; family day care, long day care, Maternal and child health, supported playgroups, early childhood intervention services, kindergarten, school sector and Outside school hours care and included early childhood professionals working in specific roles to support vulnerable families. Review and Evaluation of the IIP IIP Network locations Report from the Outcomes Project 2010 – 2011

Rethinking Childhood | Website for Tim Gill Rano Učenje | Program ranog učenja za predškolce "Oblačić znanja" Kindling: Green makes school So the cliche goes, there are lots of things Germany does well; public transport, sausages, compound nouns... actually all these things are true, but I've been discovering that in Berlin and Hamburg there are some other things that are done well; challenging, exciting and sustainable play provision for children and young people. I recently spent a week in Hamburg and Berlin with a study tour for play professionals co-ordinated by and The tour took us to scrapstores, adventure playgrounds, public parks and playspaces, community provision, waldkindergarten and green school playgrounds. On Thursday we spent the day looking at school play ares in Berlin in the company of Manfred from Grün macht Schule; Manfred described some of the changes. The play area is in a public park but the school children are all playing on it because they use the public park as their playground.

Smart Marriages moon sand recipe We love ‘moon sand’ or ‘magic sand’ for sensory sand play. You can buy it from art and craft suppliers, but it is fairly expensive. When we did a post on it a while ago, some kind people sent in the recipe so we could make it ourselves at a fraction of the cost. Mix together: 4 cups sand 2 cups cornflour 1 cup of water. We gave it a go and although different from the commercial sort … it was still very successful. The children had a lot of fun with it. When it dried out in the sun a bit, it crumbled up beautifully and was easily restored with a bit more water added to it. Tags: cornflour, sand, water

klikom do znanja Klub Toastmastera Zagreb Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Nakon što stekente CL priznanje možete dalje raditi sa Advanced Communication Serie priručnicima, gdje ćete dalje unaprijediti svoje komunikacijske sposobnosti i osvojiti ACB, ACS ili ACG priznanje. Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) Nakon što stekente CL priznanje možete dalje razvijati i rafinirati svoj liderski potencijal radeći na naprednim liderskim programima - Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) i Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Vels Aerobic Program kondicijskog treninga izvedenog kroz vesele, dinamične i zabavne koreografije. Mjesto: Zagrebdetaljnije Stranica 1 od 18<123456789>

Earthplay Radionica za roditelje darovite djece Mjesto održavanja: poslovni prostor Centra Bistrić, Palinovečka 19j, Vrbani 3. Vrijeme održavanja: prema dogovoru (Jasna Lay: 091 7676 529) Kotizacija: 150 kn po osobi S posebnim osvrtom na teme: Odnosi s vršnjacima i kolegama u razredu Neujednačeni razvoj Rasuđivanje koje zaostaje za intelektom Napredni interesi - neobični, brojni, raznoliki ili pretjerano fokusirani Problemi povezani s “vizualno-spacijalnim” nelinearnim stilovima razmišljanja/učenja Problemi povezani s “auditorno-sekvencijskim” linearnim stilovima razmišljanja/učenja Kreativnost Problemi uzrokovani pogrešnom obrazovnom sredinom ili nedostatkom razumijevanja u obitelji Odnos roditelj – dijete Borbe za moć Pretjerano upletanje u djetetov život Postupak s darovitim djetetom kao s odraslom osobom Služenje darovitošću kao izlikom za loše društveno ponašanje Manipuliranja u odnosu roditelj / dijete Prilagođavanje ponašanjima svojstvenima darovitima Nijekanje darovitosti Pitanja spolnoga identiteta Pritisci od strane vršnjaka