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Trend Watch - Merriam-Webster Online

Trend Watch - Merriam-Webster Online

4 Excellent News Resources for Young Kids ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning May 3, 2015Great Websites for Kids is an excellent platform that reviews websites geared towards kids up to age 14. The reviews are carried out by members of the Association for Library Service to Children which is a division of the American Library Association. The websites reviewed are organized into eight categories: social sciences, sciences, reference desk, mathematics and computers, literature and languages, history and biography, arts, and animals. We have spent sometime browsing through these collections and we found them really wonderful for elementary teachers. Here are some examples of some very good websites that kids can use to access content, news and events written specifically for them. These websites are featured in the category Social Sciences under the tab News and Current Events: 1- DOGOnews This is a portal created by the popular news outlet CNN. 3- Scholastic News for Your Classroom 4- Time for Kids

USA Geography - Map Game - Geography Online Games "I stumbled upon your fun interactive geography games from a link on the Massachusetts Geographic Alliance Website. Since then, your games have become quite a hit with my competitive colleagues!" --Candice Gomes, Education Outreach Coordinator, Boston Public Library Sheppard Software's geography games were featured in the Boston Public Library's 2006 Exhibition on Mapping! "Terrific online educational games, especially geography." "I am a middle school social studies teacher who also sponsors a geography club after school. "Awesome site... it is the only reason I am passing my World Geography class!" "We love your interactive maps and are using them for 10th grade world history." "Let me say that you guys have an awesome website.

Visually Explore Current Events 100 Images at a Time In another post earlier today I shared a couple of ways for students to find current events stories by browsing maps. Another way to try to get students interested in news stories is to have them browse through images connected to stories. Ten by Ten is one of my favorite sites for that purpose. Ten by Ten presents visitors with a grid of 100 images linked to current events stories. Every hour the top 100 news stories from around the world are linked to images on a ten by ten grid. Two Ways to Explore the News Through Maps When teaching students about current events I have always tried to incorporate maps so that students can make a connection to the places that they are reading about. I do this if the story is about something happening in Africa or something happening twenty miles down the road from our community. Newspaper Map and the Breaking News map are both helpful in showing students the connections between story subjects and their corresponding locations. Newspaper Map is a neat tool for locating and reading newspapers from locations all around the world. Breaking News presents a constant stream of headlines from around the world. Applications for Education A common assignment in social studies courses is to have students find, review, and share current events stories.

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