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Help & Support Underprivileged Children in Creches

Help & Support Underprivileged Children in Creches
Challenge Thousands of children of migrant laborers, construction workers today lead such an unnatural, inhuman life, as they struggle to survive. Parents typically earn meager income for hard physical labor. They face illness, accident, monsoon rains, crippling debt, loss of spouse, inadequate housing, a bad diet & not enough to eat. They are illiterate and not able to provide nutritious food, personal care to their children due to poverty. Malnutrition & lack of care for children below 6yrs in our area. Solution This program provides pre-primary education through Educational Charts, Play items, Rhymes & gives nutritious food, recreation, personal care to impoverished & malnutrition children at day care centers. Long-Term Impact The uncaring & malnutrition children of deprived sections will have bright future. Additional Documentation This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Excel file (projdoc.xls). Resources

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Donate Online for Charity Causes SERUDS is registered as a Society, established for charitable purpose, under the Andhra Pradesh Public Societies Registration Act, XXXV of 2001 (Reg.No.264 of 2003 dated 21st April 2003). Seruds Children’s Home is a registered Child Care Institution (CCI) under sec. 41 (1) and 50 (1) of the Juvenile Justice Act (CPC) 2015. SERUDS received Intellectual Development Award -2010 for social development in recognition of sterling merit, excellent performance & outstanding contribution for the progress of the nation on 4th November 2011 at New Delhi.

Help Migrant and Dailywage Workers during COVID-19 Challenge This disaster frightening everyone's life, but it is very dangerous and difficult for people belongs to vulnerable, mainly older people, senior citizens and underprivileged kids attacking immediately. Dailywage, agriculture workers lost their income due to lockdown. Donate charity it helps to feed the hungry homeless, elders, daily wage workers and to provide groceries kit, medical supplies, sanitizer, masks. Migrant workers are suffering with starvation and there is emergency need to feed them.

Donate to oldage home of 20 poor oldage people in India Project backgroundPoor old aged people undergoing great difficulties lacking & logging in love and affection and always are into mental stress, strain, for this reason, we started "OldAge Home for Poor Elders" with humanity and service to cater to the needs of such unfortunate elders. In Oldage Home, 20 old aged people are living and getting food, shelter, love, proper care, and other basic needs. We sponsor elders boarding & lodging facilities with breakfast, lunch, dinner, Medical care, T.V for recreation. ChallengeDue to poverty, family disputes, endemic diseases & poor maternal health care, all are contributing to turning a large number of old aged persons into impoverished every year.

Midday Meals for Destitute Elders In all busy, public places like railway stations you will find them very old and destitute people begging or simply wandering around. Have you spared a thought as to how they survive how do they get food and shelter for the cold nights? Most sleep in pavements and survive on alms, neglected by their family. If a poor and destitute old person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life.

Sponsor Education & Food of Orphan Children in India This orphanage home aims to provide care, support and protection for 50 orphan & street children. This home has 6 Care Takers, One Teacher. All the orphan children are being provided with 3 times nutritious food, one set of books and 4 sets of uniforms. Every child has opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies. All orphan children goes to school every day & progressing good in their studies. Donate for COVID-19 relief in India by SERUDS NGO India has been in lockdown since 25 March to control Covid-19 pandemic, causing mass layoffs and heavy job losses. Millions of desperate migrant workers, particularly daily-wage earners, facing starvation after losing jobs are fleeing cities on foot to return to their villages. Help promised by state governments in terms of cash transfers and free ration kit distribution has not reached many sections, due to the sheer numbers involved and lack of ration cards with migrant guest workers.

SERUDS Orphanage in Kurnool SERUDS started Orphanage in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool in December 2012. Today the Children’s Home shelters 60 boys and girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years. These abandoned orphan, street children come from different family backgrounds like a father who died of AIDS, mother who committed suicide, alcoholic father and mother left children and is living with other person, or both parents died. In this critical juncture These kids were found by Seruds in streets or volunteers brought the children to SERUDS Children Home. We believe that if these children are not taken care of they may become anti-social. We have rescued them and provided a safe shelter, education support, counseling and extracurricular activities like sports and games. Donate for Child's Education in India 32 million poor Children are denied education. You can send a child to School Today! SERUDS NGO Child Education Program has lasting impact. Donate for School Fee for a Child Quality of education in Government and Municipal Schools is poor and deprives students of good career opportunities.