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LIVING MANDALA - HUB gavinkeech personal cargo phases are cycling through the increase of momentum brought on by interplay sequenced through recognition. exhausting parameters to their stretched states allow the decay values to become discovered. upon discovery, arrival of presence, flows to the environments ground. intensity of emotion, feelings entwined with realisation that the possibilities can arise more probable than initially conditioned, through emergence of understanding what is required, do vectors resonate inputs, to flow freely, in their own accord towards the electromagnetic* (resonance)+ core. state / mode as an interface ( points & flows with vectors ) personas / metaconstructs = state / mode identity / experience filter = timelines dimension / environment = interface process / mechanism = actions knowledge / repository = database timelines ( personas ) are extrapolations (verb)actions ( entanglement ) are amplifications (verb)interface ( metaconstructs ) are communications (verb) hyperphysics x_axis = time’s affinity

Fashion 2.0 | Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season − BoF – The Business of Fashion Lanvin Spoof Video | Source: NEW YORK, United States — At BoF, we’ve been ranking the top fashion films of the season since 2009, when the genre was still just coming into existence. But even back then, set against the staggering rise of online video consumption and the growing importance of engaging young digital consumers, the medium’s tremendous potential was clear. Fast-forward to the Autumn of 2011 and YouTube-friendly short videos are practically de rigueur for fashion brands, large and small. But interestingly, it’s not digital “Geniuses” like Burberry who have been creating the most compelling fashion films. But this season, it was Lanvin’s viral sensation (also shot by Meisel), featuring Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann dancing awkwardly to “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull, that proved to be the game-changer that propelled fashion film decisively into the mainstream. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

TRANSITION USA Polytopia - Our Mind Habitat in the Infoverse by I M on Prezi „Man wird ja wohl noch Israel kritisieren dürfen…?!“ » Israel, Antisemitismus, Israelkritik, Staat, Politik, Israelfeindschaft Auch in diesem Jahr veranstaltet die Amadeu Antonio Stiftung wieder die „Aktionswochen gegen Antisemitismus“, in denen in den Monaten November/Dezember bundesweit in Veranstaltungen und Aktionen die unterschiedlichsten Facetten von Antisemitismus thematisiert werden. Neu ist, dass es dieses Jahr erstmals ein inhaltliches Schwerpunktthema gibt: „israelbezogenen Antisemitismus“, besser bekannt als Israelfeindschaft. Diese Schwerpunktsetzung hat einen guten Grund: Nirgends sind antisemitische Ressentiments so präsent und so gesellschaftlich akzeptiert, wie wenn es um das Thema Israel geht. „Ich habe nichts gegen Juden, aber …“ Im Jahr 2007 veröffentlichte die Amadeu Antonio Stiftung eine Studie, die von den Sozialwissenschaftlern Dr. „working definition of antisemitism“ Da es, insbesondere in Bezug auf „Israelkritik“ eine heftige Debatte gibt, wo denn da der Antisemitismus anfängt, ist es notwendig zu schauen wie Antisemitismus definiert wird. Social-Media Dienste aktivieren

gavinkeech: Polytopia Project Map GEN010 This iteration/generation of the Polytopia Project map (derived from notthisbody's conversation mapping +) was designed by utilising the raw information distributed to me in Australia, as it emerged in Italy, during the lead up to the Polytopia Presentation to be handed out (printed) at the TransVision 2010 conference. notthisbody, wildcat, spaceweaver and starwalker over the course of the weekend (back in the day), sent live voice recordings and ongoing 'generational conversation maps' of their discussions which consisted of distilled analysis of core values for what the Polytopia Project encompasses. Working along side them over the couple of days and integrating the highly distilled, yet raw information from their live analysis of terms, fundamental values of what the polytopia project stands for, was a great experience and one i was stoked to be involved with. The Polytopia Project map gen010 can be downloaded here … (PDF) (JPG)

Wenn 147 Konzerne die ganze Wirtschaft kontrollieren - News Wirtschaft: Unternehmen ETH-Forscher aus dem Bereich Systemdesign haben den globalen Kapitalismus mit den Methoden der modernen Systemtherorie unter die Lupe genommen. Ihr Schluss: Eine kleine Gruppe von 147 Firmen kontrolliert den Grossteil der übrigen Wirtschaft. Die Forscher filterten aus der Datenbank Orbis – diese enthält die Einträge von rund 37 Millionen Firmen – etwas mehr als 43'000 multinationale Konzerne heraus, welche durch wechselseitige Aktienbesitze vernetzt sind. Gemäss «SonntagsZeitung» stiessen die Systemtheoretiker bei der weiteren Analyse von Besitz- und Machtverhältnissen auf einen Kern von 1318 Firmen, die dank Aktien grosse Teile der Realwirtschaft kontrollieren. Finanzinstitute im Zentrum Damit waren die Forscher noch nicht im effektiven Zentrum der Machtkonzentration angelangt. Ebenfalls spannend: Rund drei Viertel der Mitglieder der Super-Einheit gehören der Finanzindustrie an. Wettbewerb wird behindert Diese Konzentration von Macht behindert aber auch den Wettbewerb.

Think Global / Act Local & Communicate Digitally / Connect Analogue - A 360 Degree View of Thinque's Solutions Recently, we have had the privilege and fortune of connecting globally and locally with multinational organisations in a diverse range of markets. Technology combined with future-minded human connectedness and connection is making this possible. Recent projects we have been working on have included a national 'Thought Leadership and Social Media Marketing' roadshow for one of the world's leading financial services organisations, scenario planning with Australia's leading bank, a 'leadership styles' program with an American pharmaceutical company, employer branding advice for one of the world's thought leading HR companies, executive coaching with pharmaceutical leaders, and an international innovation roadshow with an American-Japanese printing and digital solutions provider. Given the depth, breadth and global nature of these programs, we thought it apt to visually demonstrate some of the services and solutions that we offer at Thinque.

50 Free Applications for Webmasters and Developers | Freeware Mission Select Pages: 1 2 3 Home » best freeware list, headline, Webmasters Tools by czar 4 December 2012 64 Comments After a long research, I decided to make a list of most used free applications for web developers and designers. All of them are tested on Windows XP and Vista, and most of them will work on more recent versions of Window. I’ve also added editor’s rating (level 1 to 5.One is poor, five is excellent) and level of “easy of use” (level 1 to 5.One is easy, five is hard) I will continue researching and adding more free tools to the list. JotForm

Global TEDGlobal 2012 on the TED Blog Monday June 25 Tuesday June 26 Wednesday June 27 Thursday June 28 Friday June 29 When it comes to time, there is the past, the present and the future. View article » An epidemic hidden in plain view Mararet Heffernan begins her TEDGlobal talk by telling us a story: In Oxford in ... Amy Cuddy must be proud: Clay Shirky walks on stage and promptly strikes a power pose. Where some people saw a social network too far, Daria Musk saw an opportunity. Architecture writer Andrew Blum has always focused on the physical landscape: our cities, our buildings, the places in which we ... More coverage on the TED Blog »

Off to War Woche. Heute: Die Heimkehr (deutsch) Off to War Woche. Heute: Die Heimkehr (deutsch) Sonntag, 16. In der heutigen Doppelfolge der kritischen Kriegsdoku „Off to War“ dürfen die Nationalgardisten endlich nach Hause. Public Intelligence Blog Die Grosse Comedy-Woche. Heute: Serdar Somuncu „Hassprediger“ Die Grosse Comedy-Woche. Heute: Serdar Somuncu „Hassprediger“ Montag, 17. Oktober 2011 Diese Woche wird’s in dieser Rubrik nicht bloss lustig, sondern extrem lustig. Extrem, weil es sich bei unseren Lieblingskomikern meistens nicht um Menschen handelt, die politisch korrekt sind.